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youtube Most used video editing techniques

November 17, 2019

the main reason you want to create video
is to tell a story and editing is about building that story so in this video I’ll be showing you the most used video editing techniques on YouTube and now you can apply them in videos like a professional hey guys it’s “DESSYCLEF FORI” welcome to my channel if you are new here, i do reviews
upload educational content while entertaining at the same time,
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and you wouldn’t miss anything i upload. ok? alright!!! now the first technique i want to introduce you to is called the talking head. this is… one of the most common formats used on youtube and it involves someone talking slightly away from the camera or directly into the camera like i am actually doing right now. people watching videos online get distracted easier than a curious baby. every now and then, you need to snap like
THIS SNAPPING. IS YOUR WAY OF drawing back the baby’s attention to you. in the case of your audience, the video of you, TALKING to the camera without any other supporting footage isn’t ENOUGH to keep them engaged,
so you need to spice things up you need to make it tasty . you know! you need to add a little salt here
a little pepper there. whuuuuff! you need to support your story the B-ROLL technique B-ROLL b-rolls are footages that provide visual,
visual, visual context for what is being said to make your video more interesting to watch. it doesn’t necessarily have to be about what is being discussed. for example, i could use a close up shot of my hands movement as i am speaking right now to cut away from the shot of me just talking
talking talking TO THE CAMERA and this close up shot will serve a supplimentary purpose that helps to rekindle your interest in the story i’m sharing. mind you, a b-roll should not break your story. it should rather add to the story you are visually depicting. just like the salt and the pepper reference , you don’t need too much of it. unless you are using the VOICE OVER TECHNIQUE now voice over technique is so cool but how cool is it? it so cool that it allows you to create great contents for your audience without them necessarily seeing your face. the voice over technique is definitely a great editing trick for keeping peoples attention. with just a microphone and a place to record, you can transform youself into whoever you want to be, by just getting into character and expressing you inner fantasy like its no ones business. oh and with the voice over you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes while recording because all unwanted parts can get cut out later in edit, leaving you with that perfect audio you can now add footages, slides and even music unto to make it “una bellezza da apprezzare”. wuuu!!, my italian is so good now everybody on youtube is cutting. “jump cut” “match cut” “standard cut” well, just cut! cut out the unnecessary parts of your video. lets say you need to speed up a sequence. use a ” jump cut”.
that is, show the beginning of you doing something and immediately
move to the shot of you finishing that thing. you can use a “jump cut” to hide your bloopers too. cut out the … cut error out and zoom in a little on the joining clip to make it look like you are using two cameras. hahaha fake it till you make it. right? now go, go create some contents. and use these editing tricks to turn that good content into a woah content. and
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