Your problem: You can’t open your camera raw files. Here’s how.

January 18, 2020

[Music] Hi there it’s Marlene from and in this week’s video blog post I’m going to talk about what happens if
you shoot RAW files and they won’t open. This happens when you have a new camera,
or a fairly new camera, and you have slightly older (not even that old)
software. So I’m going to show you what to do when your RAW files don’t open.
This can happen whether you’re using Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw, whether
you’re using Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Aperture, iPhoto, anything that
you use to open RAW files. You have to keep your raw software up to date. The
reason is is that camera manufacturers haven’t come up with a standard raw file
format. Well actually they have, but very few camera manufacturers are using
it. It’s called the DNG file format, which stands for digital negative. Pentax uses
this file format so their files will open up in any software even older
versions. But Canon and Nikon and Panasonic and all the other popular
brands, often you’ll get a disparity. You have a new camera and older software. And
I’m going to show you steps you can take so that you will be able to open your
RAW files even if you have slightly older raw software. It is recommended
though that you keep your software up to date and that you don’t use a software
that’s too too old. One of the reasons is there’s so many great new features and
newer versions of software and you’re going to want to take advantage of them.
Alright let’s have a look at the software. So this is what Photoshop
Elements looks like when you have no files open. And to see if you can
actually open your RAW files, just go under File, Open, and navigate to a folder
that has RAW files in it. And you can see that in this case it lets me open this
file. However I’m going to navigate to a folder that doesn’t have files that will
open. I have a new Panasonic camera and you can see that the JPEGs open no problem.
But if I look at the other files RW2, those are raw files, my Panasonic RAW
files. They’re grayed out. So I know that I need to upgrade my Adobe Camera Raw
plug-in for Photoshop Elements 9, which I have here. And I know that my plug-in is
not up-to-date for this software. So I’m going to show you how to do that now. So
how do you know if what version of Adobe Camera Raw you’re using? All you do is go
under the Photoshop Elements tab and go About plug-in. Go down to Camera Raw. Click
on it. And it will tell you what version that you’re using in the Camera Raw
plug-in. So in my case it’s I know
from just checking the Adobe website that the latest plug-in version is
actually 6.3, so now I know why my files won’t open. I’ll have to
update to version 6.3 first. If you’re using a Mac, and you have Adobe
products installed you can just go up to the top right corner of your top menu
bar, and you see this A symbol and in my case it has the number 4 here. If I
click on that, it’s actually going to open the updater, the Adobe updater. So
now the Adobe updater has popped up. And, I can see that I have lots of software
to update so all I do is I hit “update” and all of my camera RAW plugins will be
updated. I have a Photoshop version. I have an Element’s version. I have Bridge
here that needs updating. And Adobe Photoshop CS5. So I’m just going to
update all those, and I’ll come back to you when that’s done. When you’re all
done your updates it should look like this. Now let’s see if we can open up
those RAW files. So now let’s try to open that raw file again that wouldn’t open
before. So go under File, Open, go to our folder where those test images are, and
now you can see that the RW2 file isn’t grayed out anymore. So we can click on it
hit Open. There we go, there it’s open, and it’s showing us the Adobe Camera Raw
window. We’re off to the races. And just one more thing I have a page on
my website with information on all the links and where to look and how to find
the latest version of the Adobe Camera Raw software. So have a look in the video
description below. Click on those links it will take you to my website, and there
you can get further detailed information as well as a step by step instruction
guide on how to actually open your files. Leave me a comment. Subscribe to my You
Tube channel. And see you soon. [Music]

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