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You Suck at Photoshop – Paths and Masks

September 17, 2019

DONNIE: My name’s Donnie, and
you suck at Photoshop, and when are your going
to get better? Let’s just, I guess, just strap
on your stupid, and let’s get at it. This time, we’re going to do,
we’re going to advance this lesson a little bit and stop
doing some of the baby things we’ve been doing and do some
big boy Photoshop work, and that means we’re going to use
some heavy duty tools. And this time we’re getting
an, a photo ready to go up on– on eBay and so we want to add
a nice background into, uh, the object. And this is the object I’ve, or
the background I’ve chosen, to, you know, create a spirit
or mood for the piece that we’re using, and in this case
it’s a wedding band that I won’t be using anymore that
we’re going to sell up on– on eBay. So let’s open that up and, you
know, copy paste it in here. Now, there’s a lot of
things we could do. We could clean this ring up,
clean off some of the dirty shame and unfulfilled dreams,
but I think all we really need to do is concentrate on getting
the background out. Now– uh, I saw what you– you did. You went, you went for the, the
eraser tool and were going to erase the background off. Don’t ever use that again. We’re going to do this the right
way, which means we’re going to use this, we’ll
use the path tool. That’s this tab over here that
you’ve never clicked on. And we’re going to draw some
paths, because you’ve only been using about $75 worth of
Photoshop and this is going to open you up to at least,
like, $250 worth. So let’s click the Create a
New Path button over here, create a new path, get your Pen
tool, and all we’re going to do, it’s very simple,
we’re gonna– we’re gonna select– we’re gonna click a point
and make a path. You click a point, drag, bezier
curve, and you keep the path going. You see how easy this is? It’s just like what everybody
does from the day they’re born, just making a path. You, you’re plotting
some points. If you get a point off, you can
Command click and drag it into place and then keep, keep
drawing your points. You have points on a path. You know, everybody makes
decisions in their life, and just points on a path. For you, maybe this path is that
you’re going to turn over a new leaf, and you’re going
to learn some new tools, whereas maybe my new path is
that we’re going to make another path for the
inside of the ring. You know, maybe my path is that
I’m going to deal with the fact that some of
my tools don’t work. And maybe one of my problems
is that my, one of my most important tools doesn’t work,
and that maybe that tool is supposed to make baby-making
man batter, and mine just doesn’t, whereas maybe she
decided she needed to go find somebody who has baby-making
man gravy and lots of it. Alright, we’ve got both
of our paths now. [RINGING NOISE] Hold on a second. Hey. MALE SPEAKER: Log on, man. Log on. DONNIE: I’ve got to start it– MALE SPEAKER: Hold on. We’re all going to
roll need on the Legplates of the Tiger– DONNIE: I’ve got to
start an auction. MALE SPEAKER: In Orgrimmar? DONNIE: No, in the fuck– in the real world. MALE SPEAKER: OK, man,
but, you know, we’re not going to wait– DONNIE: I’ll call you back. OK, so now we’ve got our paths,
so what we want to do now is make a selection
out of our paths. So we’re going to go back to the
first path, right click, make selection, and then we’re
going to go right click on the second path, make selection,
except this time we’re going to subtract from selection,
because it’s in the middle. And now we’ve got our selection,
we can go over to our layers, and this
is the cool trick– go down here to the bottom and
click Add Layer Mask, and guess what? You just got rid of the
background, but it’s, you didn’t have to use
your eraser tool. And now, heh, we’ve
got this awesome background, and I just– let’s just export this
to a .jpeg and get it up to, um, eBay. Just get this up to eBay where
hopefully we can get rid of it once and for all. Um, so we’re going to just
upload the photo– oh, god, this feels really
liberating like a big sack of hurt has been drained. OK, so now we can just go down
here, save in preview, and list the item, and that’s it. It’s, oh, my god,
it’s up there. I, I gotta, I don’t
know that, um– MALE SPEAKER: Come on,
man, we’re waiting. DONNIE: Hey, hey, yeah, listen,
how do you cancel, how do you cancel an auction– MALE SPEAKER: The ring? DONNIE: No, listen to me. How do you cancel an
auction in eBay? MALE SPEAKER: Uh, this
a real auction? No, man, no, you gotta,
you gotta get rid of that ring, man. DONNIE: No, I made a
terrible mistake. How do I cancel it, I
want to cancel it. MALE SPEAKER: Sell the ring! DONNIE: I want to cancel it! MALE SPEAKER: Sell the ring! DONNIE: Aaaagh!


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