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You Suck at Photoshop – Patch Tools and Levels

November 22, 2019

My name’s Donnie, and you
suck at Photoshop. But whose fault is that? Yours. So I was able to brea– get back into my landominium. And it’s time to return to
some serious Photoshop. We need a challenge. A lot of people have probably
sent you photos that needed to be fixed, or they wanted
something done to the photo. They wanted to put Nicole
Richie’s head on a corn dog. Or they wanted to put boobs on
their brother, or they wanted to put boobs on their Nicole
Richie corn dog. But I’m talking about
a serious challenge. And I’ve been sent one. Lets go take a look. This viewer writes Donnie,
my marriage broke up like yours, right? And I need to be hip deep in
college boy beef loaf ASAP. Can you help me hot up my
Facebook pic please? Sandy. So, let’s, let’s take a look. I downloaded this photo. Let’s open it up. And what Sandy wants is she
just– we need to figure out how attractive we can make
Sandy, honestly. And Sandy, I think, wants to be
a MILF, a Mom I’d Like to Facebook, and we want to make
her the kind of MILF that somebody would really, really
want to Facebook. So, let’s– I mean, we got a lot to
work with here, to be honest with you. And I think the first thing you
probably grab for, I know, is that the Spot Healing Brush
tool, and I’m not to say anything about that because
you know how bad you are. That’s the whole reason why
you’re watching this. And the Spot Healing Brush tool
isn’t the worst choice. But once you start getting
into– did you see what happened there? Once you start getting into
these wrinkles, I mean, this face is road-hard and
put up what– covered in asphalt and– and little pieces of burlap. I mean, this thing is
in rough shape. So, we can’t get away with the
Spot Healing Brush tool. So we’re going to do something
a little bit different. I’m going to use
the Patch tool. I really don’t even think I
should be showing this to you. Um. It’s much too complicated
for you. In fact, I don’t even think
you should watch this. So just turn away for a second
while I do this. But basically, we’re gonna take
the Patch tool, we’re gonna find the area that
we want to fix. And we’ll make sure the patch
is set to source. We’re going to drag to another
part of the image that we can sample from a smoother
piece of skin. And we’ve got a nice clean
up of the divots there. And if we need to, we can even
go up to Edit, Fade, Patch Selection and Fade that a little
bit to make it look more natural. But, you know, I mean, looking
at this, it’s just– I’m awesome at Photoshop,
but– this, I mean, I don’t even know
really honestly where to start to make this work. So I think we’re going to try
a different technique. I’d like you to come out here,
and what we’re going to try to do is just change the lighting
a little bit to enhance or dehance the features. So we’ll go to Image, Adjust
Levels, and this is a tool that you’ve never used
before, and, again, probably never will. But enjoy this while I do it. We have control over the
shadows, the mid tones, and the highlights of the image. And basically, we’ll start with
the mid tones and just see if we can begin to,
you know, start to bring some of the– [SIGH], yeah, that’s not really,
really doing much. I mean, you know, you look, you
look at those eyes and– and you start to, you start to
see something, don’t you? Huh. I don’t know, It’s just
a loneliness. Just a horrible, horrible
loneliness, like nobody’s going to want you. Nobody will ever be able to deal
with your issues, that kind of loneliness that nobody
will ever understand the thing that happens to you
after you’ve eaten Thai food, you know. That you have to be able to help
somebody understand that or why you’re scared
of turtles. And nobody’s ever going to
see the you inside you. You know what, Sandy? I don’t– I don’t want anybody to see the
you inside you, because they won’t appreciate it. And also, I’m never going to
be able to fix these teeth. So let’s come back out to our
levels again, and let’s bring it up to the point where– that’s pretty good. I think this is Sandy’s
best chance.


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