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You Suck at Photoshop – Covering Your Mistakes

September 3, 2019

DONNIE: Hi. My name is Donnie, and “You
Suck at Photoshop.” Let’s waste another five or six
minutes of my life, and see if we can do something about it. What we’re going to do today
is, we’re going to reel it back from the last tutorial. It was a little tricky,
I think. We’re just going to do some old
school Photoshop stuff. We’re going to remove a
foreground object off of its background, and replace the
background, make it look like it disappeared. And then we’ll throw
a lens flare on it. It’s going be one of those
awesome old Photoshop tricks. So let’s start by opening
up bridge. You need to get a photo that
you think you can pull the background off, so maybe some
consistent, like a texture that you can recreate. Maybe you’ve got a picture of a
friend or somebody that you want to trick up a little bit,
you want to have a goof on– or maybe you’ve got a picture
of the cat your wife rescued without talking to you first,
and brought it home, and made your house a cat toilet. And then when her emergency
business meeting came up this weekend, she refused to let you
take it to a kennel, and that you’d have to watch
the cat this weekend. Do you have that photo? I do. So let’s open that up. So here’s our photo. And basically, what I want to
do is get rid of the cat. The first thing I’m going to
do is organize some layers. Let’s start a new layer group
called new carpet, because what we’re going to do is– I know what you did. Hey, I saw it. You went over to the clone
stamp tool, didn’t you? Wrong. Put it down. We’re going to go do it. That’s Bush league, and we’re
going to do it this way. We’re going to just go grab some
carpet samples, and we’re going to drop them in,
and we’re going to rebuild the carpet. Everything’s going
to be all right. Just settle down. All right. So we’ve got a layer called
new carpet, a layer group called new carpet. Let’s copy the background, so
we come back and see what we did later on. And then we’re going to start
grabbing some carpet samples. Now you’re going to grab the
marquee tool, and you’re going to start selecting– hold on a sec. What? MALE SPEAKER: Hey, bitch shits–
are you going to log on and do this raid
with us or not? DONNIE: Hey, listen. I told you that I
had to do this– MALE SPEAKER: No,
hold on a sec. I need a rez. DONNIE: I can’t– MALE SPEAKER: Nobody
can give me a rez? DONNIE: I can’t go
out there right– FEMALE SPEAKER: Donnie. DONNIE: Hold on. MALE SPEAKER: She’s going
out, isn’t she? DONNIE: I can’t– FEMALE SPEAKER: Donnie. DONNIE: Hold on. MALE SPEAKER: Is she wearing
those leather chaps, those assless chaps? Oh, dude, that is not a business
meeting– not. DONNIE: I’ll call you back
in a little bit. Cockgobbler. MALE SPEAKER: I’m still on. Assless chaps is not
a business meeting. DONNIE: All right. I’ve got to go for a few hours,
so finish covering up the cat with carpet, and
I’ll be right back. OK. I’m back. I guess if you took the time to
cover up the cat with the carpet, it probably looks
something like this, or probably not as good. You’ve probably got a lot of
problems, and if you do have a lot of problems, than what we
need to do is figure out a way we can cover up those
mistakes. So let’s do that now. We’ll create a new layer,
and make a stain. In our house, that’s not
going to be a problem. I mean, these things are
all over the place. So just sort of create kind
of a stain shape. And let’s pick– maybe your cat actually
pees shit, which is what our cat does. It’s kind of weird. So let’s get, like,
a pee-poo color. And fill that in there. And we want to just take this
layer, and we’re going to select all. We’re going to do a little
Gaussian blur on it, just to soften up the edges, just a
few pixels, not too much, because it had time to really
bleed out on the carpet, and kind of make its mark there. Now for this layer, let’s set it
to multiply, and we’ve got a good stand now. We need to pull the opacity
way down, and make it look like it’s been there
for awhile. Yeah, now it’s starting to
look like my carpet. Let’s grab our eraser tool
again, get a nice sized brush, and we want to just start
clicking and modeling it a little bit, because no stain is
super geometric like that. So we’re just going to kind of
take away some of the edges, and maybe some of the pee-poo
was just a little thicker in places, because Bridget Jones,
the cat, just happened to have, like, some canned
food that night. That looks like a good stain. That kind of covers up our
trouble, and you can move it around wherever it might
serve you best. So that’s looking pretty good. Now all we have– fuck. Give me five more
minutes, please. Stop, stop. MALE SPEAKER: Grow a sac. Grow a sac. DONNIE: So what do
you have now? The cat is still here now. If you want to, you can use
the cat somewhere else. You could take the cat. I think maybe you, like– maybe we could put the cat,
like, up in the bag, just whatever strikes your fancy. If you’re using– drop your tool down, and just
kind of rough these edges out of here, just the cat kind
of smashed in the bag. And the cat never really did
anything to me– just came in at a bad time. And so I’m not saying that I’ve
got anything against the cat, exactly, but that maybe it
just came into my life when I needed some attention. And I needed to be able to walk around, and mark my territory.


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