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YHL 2018 National Photographic Competition

October 17, 2019

Your Health Link Photographic
Competition is a health literacy program that’s run by the Mid North Coast Local
Health District and it also forms part of our art and health program. The
competition is open nationally and we have four categories Open, Mobile Primary and High School. This year we’ve received over 800 wonderful photographs from
every State and Territory in Australia and the standards been outstanding. The National Photography Competition is
really important in terms of people aligning with health messages it gets
people thinking about healthy life healthy you what does that mean to them
and so particularly for primary school children and high school children it
makes them think about well what you know what do I do in my life that keeps
me healthy for keeping active eating well and looking after themselves
generally. The judging goes for a few rounds. We go
through one round where we make sure there’s a nice strong health message in the
image and then the other round is we look at all the photography skills that
are used in a particular photo and make sure we’re picking you the best of the
best and it’s always a very difficult process because there are so many
amazing photos each time. Well it’s about really spreading the message getting the
community to understand what making healthy normal is all about what healthy
eating is all about and I think what really excited me about this year’s
competition is that we had so many entries from young people the primary
school category and then the secondary school category absolutely incredible
the photography that was displayed here tonight and a wonderful exhibition
congratulations to all the winners.

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