Wow Lightroom on a ChromeBook

September 9, 2019

so a few weeks ago I did this shoot and I
developed the images exclusively in Lightroom mobile and I did this on my
iPad because I was on the move a lot and then I realized that I could do it in a
Chromebook so I downloaded the Adobe Lightroom mobile app for Android onto my
Chromebook and I’m going to give a review today of how good Lightroom is on
a Chromebook so first of all all these images were taken in RAW on a canon 20
megapixel DSLR I imported them into my iPad and because Lightroom mobile works
on a syncing basis these have synced across my devices so they’ve appeared
here in this version of Lightroom mobile and I should say that I’m using a mouse
for my work today plugged into my Chromebook and I’m using an external
monitor so I’ve got two monitor setup so these images have imported through my
cloud storage but I can actually save the original file dng or the original
raw file to my device otherwise I’m working with proxy files which is very
useful so this is a picture I’ve not developed yet so the develop module is
over here and the develop module works pretty much like it does in the desktop
I’ve got my histogram here that I can add or remove and in terms of lights I
can adjust things as such sometimes it can be a bit tricky doing this on the
Chromebook I’m not sure why I guess it’s setup for touch and it could just be a
little bit tricky you can see as I move things things are adjust ever so slightly
let’s have a bit more high contrast let’s take these down a little bit let’s
bring the exposure down quite a lot to make it quite dark moody bring the
shadows so this works pretty much the same as it does on the desktop I can put
it black and white like a can the desktop let’s increase the vibrance and
let’s drop the saturation and change the white balance here let’s go for auto I
like that that’s giving it quite cooler look
I can add in things like texture, clarity, dehaze and vignetting one think I quite like to do is enable
lens correction so I can enable a lens here so I shot this on a sigma 50
millimeter that’s correct and on a canon so I’ve enabled that
lens profile that’s made some slight adjustments so I always like to use the
lens profile and I can do that here let’s look at cropping next so cropping
we can lock the aspect ratio we can select different aspect ratios I’m going
to keep it the same I always like the straight tool on
Lightroom it just seems to straighten it so you don’t have that level where you
draw across cropping is very very similar to what it is on the desktop we’ve got presets here and one thing we
can do is we can create a preset from the settings we’ve applied but I don’t
really use presets very often and like I said we can save to the device here as
well so and we can copy settings between photos just like you can on the desktop
I can zoom in like I can on the desktop healing tool and the brushes don’t work
as well they are a little bit fiddly so let’s say I want to add a brush click up
here pick my brush now bear in mind this is designed for touch so what I have to
do is I have to move up and down to select the size the brush to click on
here and move up and down for the Hardness I’m going to go for quite a
hard brush in this case on the face first so obviously if I was editing I
wouldn’t do this another thing to note is you don’t have Auto masks in the
mobile version you do have the eraser so that’s not great but I’m going to leave
it as it is and I’m going to go to effects and I’m gonna reduce the clarity
on the face now I’m going to click done and I’m going to zoom back out I’m gonna
do some healing and I’m just gonna get rid of some of these leaves just to show
healing it’s really difficult to tell the size of the brush with the healing if I click there that’s quite big and I can move the healing around so I
can click on it but I have no idea how big my brushes which is a bit of a
disadvantage and it picks the right one and I’m quite happy with that yeah quite
happy with that but it is quite fiddly and it’s not quite as good as the
desktop in my experience because I’m doing quite large things if I’m doing
very small things or trying to remove things like spots or blemishes on the
face is much more tricky much more difficult so another thing we can do
just like on the desktop is we can add metadata like a title caption and
copyright we can give this image a star rating we
can flag it we can look at the details and we can add key words like before and
if we go back to the main page we can perform searches and we can filter by
this metadata we’re adding this button here shows the before and after it
doesn’t work particularly well on a Chromebook so you’ll see I’m clicking it
doesn’t really do anything I did find I had to hold down to get it
to work but this is something that just doesn’t work very well another downside
of using and the mobile app compared to the desktop app is when you go and share
the photo takes quite some time to share it so it would decide what it can share it
with so it can share it with Snapseed and my two video apps on my Chromebook
or we can save it to files so if we save it to files we can only save it as a
JPEG and we can only save it to our internal storage we can’t specify the
size unfortunately and so that’s a bit of an annoyance certainly on the
iPad app I can pick small or I can pick large but here I can’t seem to pick
which setting I want it to save as and I don’t actually know if it saves as a
large or a small I have no idea so let’s just go back to the main menu we’re
actually within an album and you can create albums and you can import images
for albums or for just import them generally so we can start to filter our
images by star by camera by location by keywords flagged or not which is rich so
you can do in the desktop app which is really useful and we can do searching
for images as well but I’m not going to delve into that too much today we can
invite other people to the album and we can do a slideshow again this is not
something I’m gonna do we’re going to look at today the desktop application
many more features but the Lightroom mobile on Chromebook will probably be
suitable for 90 to 95 percent of my Lightroom workflow it’s not particularly
going to hold me back I’m not going to do any advanced printing I’m happy with
the limitation of the export I will need to have to export the whole
thing I can’t pick and choose my size and my resolution like I can on the
desktop the cloud storage is really good and for the price you pay to get the
cloud storage is very good one thing I need to do if you’re going to get this
on a Chromebook is your need to have a Chromebook that can run Android apps and
certainly running this on a Chromebook is significantly cheaper than needing a
PC or a Mac so you can get Chromebooks from 99 pounds or 200 pounds or 200
dollars and while they are basic they do a very good job and I’ve edited video on
a Chromebook and now I’m editing photos in the Lightroom on a Chromebook you

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