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Worst 90s Fashion Trends – RANKED

August 19, 2019

Today we rank the worst
90s fashion trends. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– While a majority of you were being… …born or worse, we were living it up
back in the 90s, becoming men… – Yeah.
– …with fashionable, uh… …ideas and practices that we weared upon
our people. But often questionable practices,
because it was the 90s. – Yep.
– And that’s what we’re going to be… …doing today: celebrating the worst
fashion choices of the 90s. – It’s time, again, for Ranked.
– (whooshes and crunches) – ♪ (distorted electric guitar) ♪
– (Link) Worst 90s fashion trends. Okay, in order to make an impartial
decision, we have asked the crew to present what they think is the worst
90s fashion trend. And then we will be ranking those after everyone has
made their argument. Yes. And this will be definitive, and we
will be settling this debate forever. – Yeah. Once and for all.
– This will be done. All right. We’re kicking it off with Drew, who’s
going first. I wonder what it’s gonna be. – You can’t tell?
– A turtleneck. – Yes.
– Can you smell what the Rock’s neck… …is cooking? No, because there’s
a turtleneck over it. – I am wearing a turtleneck…
– (Rhett) Yeah. …as you can see. The turtleneck saw
its rise in the United States during the 1950s. In the UK, it’s known as
a polo neck, and in Australia it’s called a skivvy. But it’s not most
commonly known as, “Hey, you in… – …the bushes.”
– Ohhhhhh. – Ohhhhhh,
– (crew) Ohhhh. – (laughing)
– (Rhett) Okay, right. – So it’s pretty good.
– (Rhett) I get it. – It can go all the way up.
– I’m definitely getting a “Hey you… – …in the bushes,” vibe from you.
– From you, especially. – (laughing)
– (Link laughing) Oh, man. Okay. But, I mean, the Rock. Even he’s not
pulling it off. (Rhett) Well, no. The Rock actually
recently commented on this picture on his Instagram. I remember. And he
said he looked like a lunch lady. And he admitted it. And he does look
just like a lunch lady. (Link) And this is not good. Anybody
gonna say that this is amazing? Well, I mean, I’ve got some
arguments for it. – You do?
– I mean, first of all, I’m not a… …scarf guy. I don’t like the scarf
because the scarf can get caught in tractor wheels. The point of a
turtleneck is to warm the neck. The point of a scarf is to warm the neck.
It’s like having the advantages of a scarf built into a totally
safe structure. – Mhm.
– It doesn’t look great, but when… …you’ve got a cold neck, it’s a great
way to heat it up. The scarf, you end up breaking your neck. It happens on the
regular. It’s not a good fashion choice, though. But it does have a
purpose. That’s all I’m saying. – (Rhett) It does have a purpose.
– Anybody else love it? But don’t you just wanna punch me in
the face when I’m wearing this? – No.
– (Rhett) Yep. – Just wanna, like, punch me in the face.
– (Rhett) Yep. I think you’re a great person and your
neck looks really warm. – I mean, yeah, I like it.
– (everyone on and offscreen laughing) – I like it, too.
– Kevin and Alex like it over here. – What an endorsement. What an endorsement.
– All right. Kevin and Alex like it. All right, so… (stammering) That’s in consideration. We’ll be ranking
these at the end, but for now, Stevie is gonna tee up the golf visor.
Is it it really? I mean, look at the way it’s worn here.
The reason that that photo is there is because I just thought it was time
that Devon Sawa got on the show. (Stevie) Because it’s been a while
for the guy… – I don’t even know who Devon Sawa is.
– (gasp) He’s only from the posters… – …in my room when I was, like, 10.
– (Rhett laughing) – (Daniela) Casper.
– Yeah, he’s Casper! Thank you! – (Link) The friendly ghost?
– Yeah, that [kiss] meant everything to me. His body’s really wide, or is that just
the angle? – (laughing)
– I think he’s doing one of these… – (Rhett) I think it’s his shadow.
– …which looks better when… …I wear it like this. Um, I mean, the
visor is for somebody who wants to shield their face but wants to have
a tan scalp, which… – Who? Who does that?
– (Link) Who doesn’t? – Well, no. It’s for a golfer.
– No, Devon was not a golfer. – And I’m not a golfer. And look at it.
– That is a Ping hat, though. (Rhett) Link is right about that. That’s
a golf brand. But he wasn’t a golfer. – He was just a Casper-er guy.
– He was a Casper-er. How did a golf trend become a mainstream,
boy-band fashion trend, or whatever this… – …kid is?
– Well, they also sold them at… …Abercrombie, and I remember
specifically because they were, like, pre-distressed. Which doesn’t really make
any sense. They were ripped on the edges… – …like something really bad had…
– (Link) Like jeans. – …happened on the golf course.
– Like you played a lot of golf. – (Stevie laughing) Yeah.
– You played gold while rubbing… – …your face against a brick wall.
– (Stevie) Yeah. Well actually, I had… – …a few of these, back in the day.
– And you wore ’em like you’re wearing… – …it now?
– I actually remember wearing them… – …like this a couple times.
– What was the look on your face when… – …you wore those?
– (Rhett & Link laughing) (Rhett) Wow, what’s a
great look, Stevie! – (Link) It all comes together.
– No, it’s not! It’s a bad look. – It’s the worst look of all the looks.
– (Link) This is stupid. – (Stevie laughing)
– Unless you’re a golfer, this is stupid! – (Rhett) But, okay.
– (Link) I’m telling you. I mean, golf… …has their own fashion thing. It’s like
a dead end for fashion. Like plaid pants: it ended at golf.
Visors. Pajamas incorporated plaid sometimes,
though. – Mm.
– Yeah. Let’s move on. He can’t even hold his head straight up.
All right, next up we have Alex. – Are you ready for…
– (Rhett) Oh, I recognize that. – (Link laughing)
– (Alex) I think you guys might be… – …familiar with this trend a little bit.
– Okay, where’d you get this photo? – Well, lemme just demonstrate
something a little bit. – You guys see this?
– (Link laughing) – Oh, you have them on.
– (Alex) Yeah. Oh, thank you, Kevin. – Do you mind showing [it again]?
– (Rhett) That’s a good… – Whoa, whoa!
– (crew laughing) You could hide a full-grown labrador
retriever up one of those legs. We tried earlier. That’s actually
not true, but… – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Now, the official name for these… – …you can tell ’em.
– Well, there’s a couple different… …kinds of names. They’re called pipes,
right? – Uh-huh.
– Pipes. JNCO is a specialized brand… – (Link) Yeah.
– …that liked to deal with these. – I loved these!
– I mean, JNCO basically kind of… …popularized them, right? And so that’s
what we called them. Because just in case you hadn’t noticed yet, this is
me and Link. That’s who this is, jumping up in the air, very athletically, in
college. When we actually wore… – …these jeans.
– I like how your purple sweatshirt is… …popping up to reveal the ultra-tight
waist and then ballooning crotch which leads into the smokestack
britches legs. – They’re comfortable, aren’t they?
– No. – They’re not?!
– They’re so heavy. It’s like wearing… – …30 pounds of pant right now.
– But don’t you feel so free inside there? (laughing) No! If these things got wet,
I don’t think you’d be able to walk. (Link) But your calves were
so breathable. – (Rhett) Oh, yeah. Yeah.
– These jeans that we’re wearing now… …they’re so tight. It’s like my calves
are restricted. I think my calves would be the size of cantaloupes if I would’ve
kept doing that. Yeah, yeah. The calves naturally grow to
fir the size of the pants. – Right, of the jeans. (laughing)
– (crew offscreen laughing) – Everybody knows that.
– Right. How much longer do I have to wear ’em
’til they expand outward? – And you look great in ’em, dude!
– Well, that’s everything, Link. – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– I mean, that says nothing. They still would look terrible on a
normal human. (Link) And by the way, they make you
float. Look at us. We’re floating. How can they be heavy when we’re in
mid-air, Alex? Well, it kinda looks like we’re struggling
to just do that little jump. – (laughing)
– Honestly. Yeah, you look like you’re about to
fall over there. (laughing) This is gonna be a tough sell to
demote our 90s selves… I think you gotta take a hard look
at yourselves there. – …up the rank.
– Next up we’ve got Daniela and… – …the popcorn shirt.
– (Link) Baby shirt. What? It’s popcorn shirt or the magic bubble
shirt. Lemme just pull it out of my overalls, the best 90s trend. And it’s
not a baby shirt. It just expands. – Lemme just throw this on.
– I don’t remember this at all. (Daniela) And the guys are not gonna
know, but the girls will remember this trend. – (Stevie) Oh, yeah.
– Please do not show a picture of us… – …in the 90s wearing these.
– It’s called a popcorn shirt because… …of the really cool texture. I think the
90s were obsessed with the future, because of the millennium and Y2K.
So they were like, “Let’s invent a material that they will wear when we
live on the moon.” – (laughing)
– And this is what they came up with. It’s funny because to me, it looks
like my grandma’s couch. – It’s it spiky, or is it soft?
– (Daniela) Yeah, this is not soft. – (Link) Oh.
– It’s, like, made out of plastic… – …I feel like. It’s like synthetic.
– (Stevie) Yeah. I remember this. You can’t sweat. It’s like you would
wear this with jelly shoes and you… – …were just… sweaty.
– Yes! What happens if you stretch it really
far, like… I could probably — I bet me and Stevie
could wear this together. – It’s… yeah.
– (Rhett) You know, it is a bit futuristic. – All right do it.
– (Daniela laughing) – I’m gonna have to take this off.
– She’d have to, like, go under. (Rhett laughing) It’s novel, though.
It is very unusual. And you kinda get the idea that there’s so much material
there that it could be expanded to house groups of people. Look at how
small it was when she took it out. Then she put it on, and it got that much
bigger. It can still go. I mean, that’s an article of clothing with a lot of
potential. I don’t know how I missed… – …this one completely in the 90s.
– (Link) Even this particular picture… …is kinda creeping me out, because she’s
wearing one, yet she’s holding one for… – …her dog or something.
– But it’s not. It’s the one that… – …she has on. She’s like, “Look at…
– It’s the same one. …how this could be for a small person,
but it’s actually also for me.” (Link) Is she about to put that one
on, too? Because she’s really gonna sweat. (everyone on and offscreen laughing) – Did you ever put double on?
– No. I mean, I always had a turtleneck… …underneath, because my mom always
put me in a turtleneck, so… – (laughing)
– …I was just, like, doubling up on… – …the bad trends.
– Wow. You had a turtleneck and one… – …of those things?
– Turtleneck under everything. – (Rhett) And you’re still here.
– Yeah. – You made it to 2016.
– I did. I could fit, like, 40 of those
in my pants. – (crew laughing)
– (Rhett laughing) That’s true. All right, this one’s tough. How did
I miss this in the 90s? Okay. And… from Kevin we’re hearing
about goggles. – Betcha didn’t miss these, huh, Link?
– I saw that you were wearing goggles… …but I do not recall any of my friends
wearing those in the 90s. – Well, did you have any hip hop friends?
– (Rhett) Oh! You have exposed me, Kevin. I did not
have any hip hop friends in the 90s. – (Link) Dang it!
– These were made popular in the 90s… – …by hip hoppers. I wrote down a few.
– (Link) All right. – (Kevin) So you’ve got DMX.
– (Link) Oh! – (Rhett) Ok.
– He wore these. Naughty by Nature. – Mase. Puff Daddy
– (Rhett) Yes. – I don’t know what it was in the 90s.
– (Rhett) Both of them? – (Link) They were together.
– P Diddy? Uh… – Puff… Puff, uh…
– Piddy? I don’t remember. Something. – (laughing)
– I don’t think it was ever Piddy. – (Kevin) And Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC.
– Right. Not really hip hop, but really… – …trying to be.
– So the coolest guys from the 90s? – (laughing) The coolest guys.
– Now, all the pictures that we’re… …seeing of these, they’re wearing them
as you are. In other words, they’re not… – …functioning at the moment.
– They are working as a hairband. – They work really well for people like me.
– (Rhett) Mm. Okay. – I’ve got a lot of hair.
– Did you work this in the 90s? – Uh, I did not. No.
– Pull ’em down. Let’s just go… – …motorcycle with it.
– Let’s see them actually functioning. – (Rhett) Yeah. Oh, whoa.
– (Link) See, now. Oh, yeah. – Something like that, probably.
– (Stevie offscreen laughing) – (Rhett) Now you’re talking.
– (Kevin) They’re a little loose, but… – (Link) You look like a fly.
– …they get the job done. I feel like I should throw
something at you. – Or swat him. I don’t know.
– (Rhett) Alex, just kind of backhand… …him in the face a little bit.
Just, just… – (limp thump)
– (Rhett) See? – Hurt you, didn’t it?
– Ah! Yeah. – (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
– (Link) The delayed hurt. Now that I thought about it, it’s like,
“Yeah, that really hurt.” – (Link laughing)
– I’m actually kinda talking these up. – I should — they’re terrible.
– (everyone on and offscreen laughing) Yeah, they’re horrible in front of
your face, right? – Yeah, awful.
– (Link laughing) Yeah, you forgot the… – …point of your argument.
– Well, is it a good thing or a bad… …thing for people to think that you’re
about to do something that requires… – …goggles?
– These are skiing, I think. Right? – (Link) Yeah, you could…
– Right? – You’re constantly ready for skiing.
– I’ve never skied before, so… – …I just assumed.
– (Link) Now that you’ve got those… – (Kevin) I’m ready to go.
– …you should hit the slopes, man! I mean, I think the real problem with
them is that it does set an expectation that you’re about to do something that
requires goggles. And that’s a… – …conversation that you don’t…
– Wanna have. Yeah. …wanna be in. You don’t wanna be,
“No, no, no. I’m not doing anything. Im just going to the mall.” For a lot of
these other ones, there’s a way out. “Why do you have on a turtleneck?”
“‘Cause my neck is cold.” “Why do you have on a visor?”
“Because I want my hair to breathe… – …and I don’t want sun.”
– (Link)”Why are your pants so big?” (Link) “‘Cause I’m hiding a family
or raccoons up there.” (Rhett) Right. And then, “Why do
you have on this popcorn shirt?” – “Because I like the idea of popcorn.”
– (laughing) Yeah, that’s feasible. – “Yeah, I’m always hungry.”
– But yeah. The goggles, they invite an… …awkward conversation that never ends
well. and you know how much we hate that. – On this show. (laughing)
– (laughing) – Okay, so we gotta make a decision.
– Right off the bat: the Rock. I don’t know. The Rock cannot go to the
number one position with something that’s been around since the 60s. So I’m gonna
but the Rock right in the middle. I mean, this is kind of a working kind of
a thing here. – I’m just — I’m sweating.
– Oh, yeah. I like that. (Link) I’m just gonna… you know.
I don’t hate the golfers, but keep it… – …in the golf world.
– (Rhett) I mean, this is definitely. (Rhett) This is competing for the top.
The purposeless nature of that. – Right. And I mean —
– We gotta go to the bottom, man. – These guys look amazing.
– We look great. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– (Link) Please bring this back… …fashion powers that be. Before we —
I’m willing to do some switch-erooni… – …here, I think. I’d say that and this.
– Yeah, come on. Because do you know… …why? People still wear
turtlenecks, like, today. – (Link) Yeah.
– (Daniela) Yessss. Do it. – (Drew) No. No. Link, wrong way, man.
– Oh, am I going the wrong way? – (Daniela) Oh, no. No. What? No!
– (Drew) Yeah. – Look! I look so much worse than you.
– What are you talking about? – In the popcorn shirt!
– (Rhett) Yeah, popcorn shirt is worse. – I don’t wanna get in the middle of this.
– (Link) You’re going the wrong way. – I mean, I look worse than Stevie.
– I wanna be at number one! – Oh, you wanna be the worst? That’s right.
– (Daniela and Drew) Yeah! – I forgot.
– (everyone on and offscreen laughing) – (Rhett) “You wanna be the worst?”
– (Drew) No, I’m fina at 4. – (Link) This is good. This is good.
– (Drew) No! – (Link) This is great, man.
– (Daniela) I think I should move up. – You look great.
– Who? Are you talking to the Rock… – …or are you talking to me?
– Both of you. – Thank you.
– (laughing) – Are we locked?
– I think this is it. I think this is… …the definitive worst fashion trends
of the 90s in order. (Link) And hey, if you wanna start your
own fashion trend, get the limited edition “Put That on a T-shirt” t-shirt you
voted for. Let the tigers tiger. Available at
for a limited time. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. – You know what time it is.
– Hey, I’m Sarah from Kinver, England. And its time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! Remember, you can get an exclusive
bedtime story from us if you complete the Good Mythical Facts Trivy pack
on the Trivy app, available at the – App Store.
– Link in description. Get that bedtime… …story. Also, click through to Good
Mythical More. We’re gonna play the – …giant generic Jenga… game.
– “Yeah, game!” – It’s a tower. It’s over there.
– Ohhh, there it is. It’s much taller when we move it up.
Somebody’s gonna get hurt, is what… – …I’m saying.
– (Rhett) But not before we explain… – …the science of science! Gather round!
– Round! – Science… is not what you think it is.
– It’s pretty complicated, but it… – …starts with a little sapling.
– And then the sapling turns into… – …a slightly bigger tree.
– That grows a billboard on it… – …that starts to… it has an “S.”
– And then it says “Sixty miles… – …to South of the Border.”
– And when you get there… – When you get to South of the Border…
– You’re like… “Pedro.” This is on I-95 in South
Carolina if you’ve never been there before. – Right.
– He says… – “S-cience.”
– “This is science.” – He actually just says, “i-ence.”
– “I-ence.” And he’s like, “The ‘S’ is back there on
that sign.” – I love it when he does that.
– “Why didn’t you bring it?” Yeah. Right. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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    I HATE TURD L NECKS! Always have always likely will . . .

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    I remember goggles being worn by nerdy kids when they played sports, mainly basketball. Were they to protect from being poked in the eye?

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    The Beatles wore turtlenecks so turtlenecks are cool.

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    For me the goggles were always a Goth & Steampunk trend.

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    Was because of rap music?

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