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September 16, 2019

JOE FIDUCCIA: This is the only fan built replica
that’s out there. There is only two other trucks like it and those are the trucks that
are owned by Paramount. JOE FIDUCCIA: My name is Joe Fiduccia. I am
the owner of the world’s first fan built replica of Optimus Prime from Transformers
– Age of Extinction. COMM: This is 36-year-old father Joe. He has
built a full size replica of Optimus Prime – one of the most renowned vehicles from
the Transformers movies. Taking more than 4 billion dollars at the box office, Transformers has fast become one of the biggest franchises in the world. JOE FIDUCCIA: In the 80s, he was the leader
of the Autobots, he still is leader of the Autobots. He is that character that has the
strong morals, the strong ethics. He is always looking after the little guy, always making
sure that everybody else is taken care of. COMM: But that wasn’t the main reason why
Joe decided to built the giant replica. JOE FIDUCCIA: The inspiration behind this
truck was for my son. Ryan loves the Transformers just as much as I do. He has probably got
hundreds of characters in his room stocked away and to be able to build something like this
for him I mean he was the main reason I did this. RYAN FIDUCCIA: I love Optimus Prime. It’s
just so cool having in your yard. COMM: With the help of close friends and external parties, Joe worked tirelessly day and night
to complete the job and own the world’s first fan built replica. JOE FIDUCCIA: In total there was probably about 25 people including myself that were
involved with this build. One of the first things I had to do or actually chose to do
was get legal permission from Hasbro to build it and we had our legal team contact them
and about a month later we got a letter in the mail from Hasbro saying that they approved. COMM: Weighing around 21,000 pounds, the spectacular truck is 30 feet long and just under 12 feet wide and that means another
tough job for Joe. JOE FIDUCCIA: Unfortunately, there is no car wash big enough to take Optimus Prime through.
Washing Optimus Prime is a full-time job in itself. Especially during the winter time
when all the salts from the roads kick up and just a little drive around town and all of a sudden I have got five hours of cleaning ahead of me. JOE FIDUCCIA: We actually ended up lowering
it by about two inches because the original Optimus truck was much higher but that creates
a hazard for us when we’re driving. JOE FIDUCCIA: The truck alone has a Detroit DD 15 motor in it. It’s a standard Detroit
motor. No fabrication or modifications have been done to the motor. Optimus is maxed out
at 65 miles an hour. He can’t go any faster than that. JOE FIDUCCIA: The paint scheme on this thing is quite intense. He has got the red and blue
warrior colours on. But he also has a bunch of Autobot logos all over him. Between the
front and the back there is over 16 logos. JOE FIDUCCIA: Obviously one of the big things that you notice right off the bat is the big
Autobot logo here on the front of the truck. This was actually a solid block of aluminum
that was custom cut to fit the contours of the hood here and that was one of the most
complicated pieces we had to make. COMM: Joe admits now the truck is complete, he gets attention wherever he goes. JOE FIDUCCIA: Everybody’s got their cameras
out; everybody is pointing. PITMAN SWEN: It’s larger than life. I am a huge fan. When I first drove up, I thought
it was the real thing. RYAN FIDUCCIA: I am really proud for my dad making this. It took him a lot of time, a
lot of effort. It was worth it in the end. JOE FIDUCCIA: I could not have built Optimus Prime without the support of my family. It
makes a big difference when you go up to somebody and you tell them no matter what’s going
on in your life, no matter how impossible something seems, whether you are a kid or
a grown adult, don’t ever be afraid to try, you know. Don’t ever be afraid to pursue
what seems impossible because you never know. One day you could be in the driver’s seat
of Optimus Prime.

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