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Work from home earn income building websites

October 31, 2019

Hi Guys this is Jamie from and have you ever wanted to break into the exciting
fast-growing well-paid world of web design well if you have we probably got
just the thing for you we’ve just launched a brand new course although
udemy platform it’s fantastic and it can help you through this process from start
to finish we’re going to show you how to build awesome fast loading bootstrap
websites with no coding knowledge required and we won’t be using the
WordPress platform we’re going to cover absolutely everything from sourcing
bootstrap material will show you some great free stock photo sites where you
can download free stock photos to using your website’s will be showing you where
to get a free graphics editor for editing the images you want to use and
we show you how to use that also will be using a free text editor to actually
edit all this information and put it in our new site and of course we’ll be
using an ftp client that’s file transport protocol client to upload the
finished project to a live hosting environment all of this software and
imaging will show you where to get for free because we want to get you up and
running as quickly as possible in this course we show you exactly what to do
from designing the logo adding the images and text to your new site will be
using some fantastic features like sliders call-to-action buttons some
progress bars testimonial carousels and of course a fully working contact form
which is essential for today’s website and these websites they’re fast loading
and they’re fully responsive fully responsive means that they will work
equally as well on a cell phone or tablet as they do on a large desktop and
nowadays that’s a big deal because google actually penalizes you if your
website is not responsive and of course I’m sure as you all know so many people
nowadays browse on their cell phones or iPhones I know I
certainly do finally we’ll show you how to upload the finish site to a live
hosting server and test the contact forms so get started today it’s a great
course it shows you absolutely everything and it’s a lot easier than
you may think if you’ve ever been put off by not wanting to learn coding this
will make life very easy for you because there’s no need to learn any coding we
show you exactly what to do but I guarantee you’ll want to learn to go
after taking this course for a limited time we’re offering this at sixty
percent off if you click the link below so it’s a great deal so get started
today work from home and earn income by building some great websites it’s a lot
easier than you may think and the income potential is fantastic thanks for
watching this has been Jamie from system 22 and great web design com have a great

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