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Will It Pumpkin Spice? Taste Test

October 30, 2019

Today we ask the question
on everyone’s mind this fall: – Will it pumpkin spice?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good mythical morning! We ask you to ask us for advice on
Facebook, and Twitter, and the like, and we read those.
We pick some too, – then give the advice.
– Yeah. Like Allen Bowman, who asks,
“What is the essence of Autum-nuh?” Great question, Allen. – Allen. (laughs)
– Allen-nuh. Allem-nuh. The essence of Autumn, Allem,
is…pumpkin spice. Yeah, living in LA, there are no seasons. – The weather doesn’t even change.
– Whoo! The only way I know that
it’s fall or Autumn-nah, is when they start throwing
pumpkin spice into everything, which brings us to our second question
from Emma Kunneman: “Will it pumpkin spice?”
Which, I think– – Only one way to find out, Emma!
– Hoo! It’s time to ask…and answer: (Rhett and Link) Will It Pumpkin Spice? We each have our own pumpkin
spice thingie here. – It does smell good.
– Will pumpkin spice pumpkin spice? – It smells like Autumn-nah.
– Whoo! Or fall, depending
on how you pronounce it. That is good. Right off the bat,
I got some pizza here. (Rhett) Will it pumpkin spice? You know, people sprinkle
all types of stuff on pizza. Why not pumpkin spice, right? – (Rhett taps hard on shaker)
– (Link) I’m sure this isn’t happening. Oh, oh boy.
It’s raining pumpkin spice. Alright, here we go. Hmm… (chewing) Its hard to mess up pizza, y’all. – Hmm.
– You gotta be careful when you breathe in because the pumpkin spice
will go into your lungs. – It’s a powder.
– It is. Somebody’s already doing this.
Surely Pizza Hut’s doing this. They do everything.
They put cheese in the crust. – Will it pumpkin spice?
– Of course. – Of course!
– Yeah. Well, you already knew that though. (ding) Let’s take it up a notch.
Let’s go with everyone’s favorite condiment: – Unbranded mayonnaise
– Heh. (Link) Will it pumpkin spice? You woke up this morning asking yourself,
“I wonder if mayonnaise will pumpkin spice?”
We’re here for you, girl! – Or guy!
– I got some pumpkin spice pepperoni – in between my–
– (loud thunk) (Rhett) Go easy over there, Link. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Alright, here we go. You realize that what you dip out
is gonna have to down your throat? (Rhett) Yeah, but it’s gonna
be pumpkin spiced. Oh my goodness.
Alright, here we go. (Link) The combination of colors,
the off-whiteness and the pumpkinness, – really looks good.
– Yeah. Come on. It’s fall. Ah! Boy, that’s some good mayonnaise. – You know what?
– It was nasty in the mouth, – but it tasted good afterward.
– It tasted good in the throat? – What do you even mean by that?
– (Link chuckles) – There’re no taste buds in there, man.
– The aftertaste was good. There are no tastebuds in the stomach.
I gotta say, the only way to make a spoonful of mayonnaise really good
and perfect for Autumn is some pumpkin spice.
I’m gonna say, without a doubt, this pumpkin spice is for me.
You should be doing this. – Will it pumpkin spice?
– Heck yeah, it will! Yeah. (ding) What else is on your mind? Bugs. Now, I understand that these are
dung beetles, but I’ll let you smell ’em. Oh my goodness.
We’ve had these before, but we haven’t had ’em pumpkin spiced. (Rhett) Will it pumpkin spice? – Let me spice this thing for you.
– They really smell like dung. (Link) Dungs. You’re getting a lot
of pumpkin spice on the table. I’mma pumpkin spice expert.
A professional. Alright, so I’m gonna use
the little bit of mayonnaise that’s left here to stick to the dung beetle. (Rhett) Get lots of spice
and a little bit of dung beetle. (Link) Here we go. (crunching) (Link) It seems like a bug
that’s dressed up for Halloween. Yeah. Ew. Ew! – It really gets bad, don’t it?
– When you get through the pumpkin spice and you get to the dung beetle–
if we’re concluding if this is good… (coughing) Here it comes.
There, it happened. – I can’t get this down.
– Are we concluding if this is a good experience, or if
the pumpkin spice made it better? ‘Cause the pumpkin s–whoa! (gagging) Oh god. (Rhett) Pumpkin spice made it better,
but this does NOT pumpkin spice. It doesn’t anything. (buzzer) I really need some liquid,
so we’re gonna go to some unbranded green soda, known as–
what’re we calling this? The Residue of the Big Hills. (Link) Will it pumpkin spice? Might know it
has something else. – (Link) Byoop!
– (Rhett) But we’re gonna pumpkin spice it. – And, again, this the kind of thing–
– We’re gonna pumpkin spice it. I can see on the shelves. – (rapid tapping)
– (Link) Oh, wow. (chuckling) If I were you, I would stir
it with a handle. You wanna make sure that the color
changes, get some of the fizz. (Link) I want some mayonnaise in mine, too. – Oh! Listen to that.
– (soda fizzes) Wow, this might kill ya’. – It sounds like the ocean.
– Oh, smell that. – Probably smells just like yours. (laughs)
– Wanna smell mine instead? – (Rhett) Here we go.
– Hey, this is exciting! To long life and happiness. (glasses clink) To superstition and stupidity. (Rhett) It tastes like a pumpkin patch
on the side of a mountain. In the morning.
When there’s residue. – (Link burps) Excuse me.
– Emphasis on the “dew”. – It just tastes like cider–
– Spicy cider. Which I think is probably a thing.
Yeah, this does it! Yeah. Add a little dung beetle,
doesn’t hurt. And a little mayonnaise
doesn’t hurt either. – Will it pumpkin spice? Yes!
– Absolutely. (ding) We’ve said that Sriracha, in the Sriracha
challenge, makes everything better, so what if we reversed it? (Rhett) Will it pumpkin spice? The pumpkin spice Sriracha
seemed like a good thing. (Link sings octaves) – Your whole body shakes.
– Heh. – To long life.
– To stupidity and happiness. (snickering) – That is conflicting.
– Yeah! (crew laughs) There’s not a lot of good things
I can say about that. You know what? You probably need
some spicy pumpkin dew to– (crew laughs) I’m gonna, “Does it pumpkin spice
or will it pumpkin spice?” No. (buzzer) Now we’re gonna get
a little bit creative here. Antiperspirant deodorant. (Link) Will it pumpkin spice? [inaudible] (Link) You lick it first,
and let me know how that goes. I think it’s just for the underarms.
If you apply enough to cover one good underarm. – Oh.
– (crew and Rhett chuckle) Hey, if it ain’t on there
anymore, it’s on there. – Whoa!
– I’m going through the shirt. (sniffs) Mmm. I hope that brown is from
the pumpkin spice, and not from something that was already on my armpit. (Rhett) Smells like Plymouth
Rock under there. (crew laughs) (loud sniffing) – It says it’s scentless deodorant.
– It’s not bad. – Not bad at all.
– Well, that’s fashionable. There’s a little tingle.
It’s stinging a little bit under this one, – the one I put the pumpkin spice under.
– You smell like a scarecrow. (laughs) Will it pumpkin spice?
That’s a tough one, bud. – Yeah! Pumpkin spice deodorant.
– Of course! Why not? (ding) Alright, now I am not excited
about this next one. But if pumpkin spice does what
we’re starting to think maybe it can do, – like, have magical powers–
– (chuckles) Well. We’re gonna find out with this next one. There’s magic happening
under my left underarm. Pickled pigs feet. (Rhett) Will it pumpkin spice? Ooh, my goodness. Oh my gosh!
That’s bad, man. (Rhett) I thought they’d be harder.
Like a hoof. – I get ’em.
– (Link retches) Oh my nose. No, no, no. – What about with pumpkin spice?
– (retching) (Rhett) Oh god…oh. – Oh man–
– Hold on! You’re pre-emptively barfing? – That is the grossest thing.
– (crew laughs) Here, rip off one of those.
I’m leaking over here. – My pigs feet is leakin’.
– Oh my gosh, man. (Link) You’re gonna put
all that in your mouth? (Rhett) No, I’m gonna cut it with my fork. Oh, it cut with a spoon! – Yeah.
– (crew) Gross. And now I’m pumpkin spicing
it with a shaker. I don’t want to fail you guys.
I’m gonna really try. Yeah, just give it a little bit.
(stammering) – (Link) Oh my gosh, guys.
– (Rhett) Do you want me to pumpkin spice – that for you?
– Spice it. Pump! Here’s the pumpkin spicing station. – I’ve eaten things worse than this, right?
– All right. Let’s not put this in front of me. Come on, get it down.
For the sake of Autumn-nuh. Can you say,
“You can do it, Serpent King.” You can do it, Serpent King. Ew, it’s so mushy! Just remember,
it’s a pig’s foot. (chuckling) (crew joins in) (Rhett) Tastes like a pig that got lose
in a pumpkin patch. And then we cut his feet off. – AAARGH!
– (Rhett) Yeah! It’s not bad. Listen, I gotta say, I never
could’ve gotten that down if it wasn’t lovingly covered
in pumpkin spice. Yeah, will it pumpkin spice? – Yes!
– Yeah! (ding) What’s the only way to recover from
eating part of a pickled pig’s foot? – Eating some pumpkin spice covered soil.
– Yeah, dirt. (Link) Will it pumpkin spice? Are there worms or anything in this? – (Rhett) You sterilized it, right?
– (Link) There’s roots in it! – What do you mean, you sterilized it?
– They microwaved it for a while. (crew laughs) (Link) I wanna put anything
in my mouth just to cover up – that pickled pigs feet.
– (Rhett clicks tongue) (Link) This is gonna be like heaven. (deep sigh) Here we go. Oops. Lost a little bit, but that’s okay. Okay. (through mouthful) Tastes dry. (muffled) It’s not meant to be eaten. – Very pumpkiny though.
– (crew chuckles) We’re supposed to eat things
that grow in the soil, NOT the soil. – Very earthy taste.
– (crew laughs) (laughter) I can’t do this, man.
I’m afraid to get it down. Here you go. Oh. (both spit) (Rhett) Pumpkin mud. Ooh, look at that, guys. (spitting) Ugh. (Rhett) Oh! – Gross!
– That was very dark, – what came out of my mouth.
– All right. See, now you don’t have to try that because now we have
determined, “Will it pumpkin spice?” Absolutely not! (buzzer) But you know what, Link?
We can’t forget… (strums guitar) (singing) You know what day it is. (harmonizing) It’s Thursday,
and Thursday means mail. Oh my goodness. – I don’t feel–
– (splutters) – I don’t feel well.
– Um… But I almost had to use this–
check it out, guys! – Oh, god.
– I’m burping and retching. Link’s Mythical Barf Bucket.
I almost needed it today. I was fighting using it
because I didn’t want to reveal that it existed before we talked about it.
Where’s the letter? Over here? – Go ahead.
– That’s nice. Go ahead and spin that around. “Dear Rhett and Link, my name
is Mandy Meter from Minnesota and I’m 17 years old.
My family and I have been watching your show since season one,
and we love it. I even showed an episode
to my English teacher, and she was impressed
by Link’s large vocabulary.” Wow. – (flirtatiously) Hello, English teacher!
– What grade are we talking about? – Elementary?
– You like those big words, don’t ya’? “I noticed that Link sometimes
get a bit squeamish with some of the things you guys
have to eat, so I made a personalized mythical barf bucket just for you, Link.
You must leave little bits from the show all over it.” I’mma see little bits
of whatever I barf all in it. (crew and Link laugh) This is very sweet!
Thank you! “Best of luck to all y’all,
and your team. Thanks for the laughs,
Mandy from Minnesota!” Thank you, Mandy. (pretends to barf) I’m sure it’ll get plenty of use.
Plenty of use in the future. Now, I’ve never actually barfed.
Just for the record. I’ve retched a lot,
but it’s good to have a target. Wait, you’ve spit quite a bit.
I mean, I spit quite a bit today in my unbranded non-mythical beast
made-out Rubbermaid bucket! I’ll share this with you.
Thanks for liking and commenting – on this video.
– Remember, you can support the show by checking out,
where you can find thousands – of online video tutorials!
– Video, photo, f– – What’s something else…music.
– (Rhett laughs) Anything that you wanna learn how to do,
do that. – Free trial!
– You know what time it is! – I’m Coby.
– I’m Leela. – I’m Kaveena!
– And we’re from Elk Grove, California. (girls) And it’s time spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! Thank you, Mandy, for the barf bucket.
You get a signed Good Mythical Morning poster, available to everyone else
at…store…store! Also, click through to Good Mythical More,
where we’ve got some treats from the Philippines. We’re gonna see if these crackernuts
will pumpkin spice. – (goofy laughter)
– Crackernuts. Rhett brings his imaginary
friend to the set. – Hey, Link. I got someone.
– Hey! Ready? I got someone… Shh! I’m doin’ it. Can’t you tell?
Are you stupid? – Don’t be this way.
– Rhett? What…is happening? Shh, I got somebody.
Listen to– (bangs table) DADGUMMIT! Why don’t you just let me introduce you?!
I try to do this all the time, and you wanna have
a certain way that I do it! Just let me do it.
I was in the middle of it! I got somebody I want you to meet.
He’s a real jerk. (Link and crew laugh) Who? Marvin. [Captioned by Sara:
GMM captioning team]


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