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Will a Second Monitor Really Make You More Productive?

October 24, 2019

(mellow contemporary music) – So for the longest time I had been doing most of
my computer-based work with two computer monitors to the point where even when
I traveled with my laptop I now travel with an external, USB-powered
secondary display. So it could be said,
without overstating things, that I am a huge fan
of using dual monitors but the question still remains, does using two monitors actually
make you more productive? Do you need a second monitor? Well that’s the question
I hope to answer for you in this video and we’re gonna
give you the pros, the cons, and also go over some
alternatives to dual monitors that might actually fit the bill based on the kind of work that you do and to just spoil things up front here the answer is it depends
on the work that you do. I’ve actually gotten some comments in previous YouTube videos
from people asking me why I would ever use a dual
monitor, it’s a distraction, it’s extra money, why
would you ever do it? And my answer to those
people is actually a question and that question is have you ever done
professional video editing? Because for professional video editors and for other people like programmers and UI designers and Photoshop jockeys, is that an actual job? They have jockey on the job listings for people who use Photoshop? – [Tony] I don’t know, maybe. – Either way, some types of
jobs, some types of work require or at least are very, very benefited by extra screen real estate. So when talking about the pros for adding a second monitor to the main was that for certain types of work it adds a lot of useful space and that lets you do some useful things and let’s use video editing as an example. My editor Tony is right
over there and he uses, actually how many monitors do you use? – [Tony] I got three now. – You have three, okay you have three
monitors for video editing. So when you’re using a
video editing program like Premier Pro you actually have several
different little windows inside that main program that
you’re accessing all the time and if you’re working on an
itty bitty little monitor that preview window and
all of your other windows are gonna start getting
really, really small and it gets harder and harder to use them. So when you have a bigger monitor you have more space to get things done and adding a second monitor just expands your capabilities even more and it’s not just video editors. Let’s take programmers or web developers for a secondary example. If you were building a website
you could use one monitor to have a column for your HTML file, a secondary column for your CSS file, and then the other monitor could be purely dedicated
to the browser window so you could actually preview your work by refreshing the page and the same could be
said for UI designers. When I do UI design I have a program called
Figma open in one monitor and that program really
needs a lot of space to work well and then I’ve
got reference material or inspiration or notes
open in a second monitor that I can easily look at
just by turning my head or moving my eyes. So that’s really the main pro
of having a second display. You get more screen real estate to do work either with a single application that can benefit from
two different displays or with combination of applications that you wanna have open
at the same exact time. Though we also can’t fail to mention that two monitors on your
desktop just looks cool and that’s a pro as well. So what about the cons? Well the main con that I see with having more than one
display for your computer is that it really encourages multitasking. When you have a ton of screen real estate you can feel tempted to put a ton of different
programs up at one time or you can go overboard
like I did in college and start using desktop
customization programs like Rainmeter to have your
computer’s temperature, and your calendar, and like the time in
Singapore on one window which is really just pointless and from a cognitive perspective the way that your brain pays attention to one specific task or
stimuli in its environment is not just like shining
a spotlight on one thing. It kinda works like that but there are also filtering mechanisms. Your brain actually works actively to not pay attention to everything else that’s going on in your environment. That’s why you can pick
out a single conversation at a crowded party. Your brain is actively working
to block out everything and not really pay attention to all the other extraneous conversations but the more things that are
going on in your environment or the more windows you
have open on your screen the harder your brain’s
attentional muscles have to work. So by putting all of these
things up on secondary displays you can make it harder to pay attention to the one task that you need to be doing and that’s really the main drawback of multiple monitors, that temptation. Of course there are also more practical considerations
as well such as the cost. When you have to buy another monitor that can be a hit to your wallet. Also if you’re anything like me when it comes time to upgrade monitors you’re gonna have to upgrade two displays because well you can’t stand
having mismatched displays on your desk and speaking of the desk, you also need to have a bigger desk to accommodate multiple displays, especially as they get bigger and bigger and they also take up more
of your desktop space. Now I will note that I’ve kind
of gotten around that problem by using monitor arms that
clamp to the back of my desk but still the desk has to be wide enough to accommodate those monitors. So when it comes down to it the question you need
to ask yourself is this. Will the work that you do benefit from the addition
of a second display and will those benefits
outweigh the drawbacks? And before you try to answer
that question for yourself I do wanna give you a couple
of different alternatives. The first one is to try
using virtual desktops. Windows, Mac OS, and most Linux
distros all have a feature that allows you to create
multiple virtual desktops that you can switch between. For example on Mac OS I have
probably four of these set up at any given time and I could
easily switch between them by swiping either left
or right on track pad with four fingers. And while I definitely
do prefer having apps on multiple displays where
I can just move my head and see them both at one time, being able to switch between desktops is at least a heck of
a lot more convenient than trying to switch
between overlapping apps on one desktop. Of course there is a way to make sure those apps don’t overlap which is to use the Windows
snapping features in Windows to have apps sitting
right next to each other, each filling half of the screen. Now on Mac OS there are no
built-in window snapping tools but you can spend two bucks and get a really nice
utility called Magnet which basically gives you
all that functionality and even adds in some extra tools like being able to snap
Windows to the corner or to thirds of the screen and there are even keyboard shortcuts. The third option is just to use your phone or a tablet like an iPad or Tony, what’s the one you have, an S6? – [Tony] Tab S6. – Tab S6, yeah either one
if you already have a tablet or a phone sitting around could function as an additional display. Obviously you’re not gonna
get as much screen real estate but for some uses just
having a little display that costs a heck of a
lot less than a monitor could be really, really useful. Now obviously it’s not gonna
work for single applications where you wanna put
say Premier Pro Windows onto a second display but
say you’re writing a paper on your regular computer monitor you could easily have
reference material or research up on your phone or for another one if you’re editing a video and you have a checklist of items that you need to check off as you go you can put that on your phone as well. Option number four would be to consider an ultra-wide monitor instead of two regular monitors and this is actually
what my editor Tony uses. Though again you have three monitors so it’s one ultra-wide
and then two more monitors because you’re ridiculous. – [Tony] And one is vertical so like I can see my Slack messages. – Okay, so one’s vertical as well. So with these ultra-wides you don’t get that
annoying gap in the middle that you would have with
two regular monitors and again you do get
more screen real estate but it’s important to know that with most ultra-wide monitors, even though they are called ultra-wide they’re really only kind of ultra-wide. The aspect ratio on most
ultra-wides is 21 by nine or actually 64 by 27, but most people don’t wanna
remember those big numbers, so 21 by by nine is close enough while regular monitors,
regular, have a 16 by nine or sometimes 16 by 10 aspect ratio. So what this means is that an ultra-wide, even though it looks super wide, is not going to double
your screen real estate. It’s more like a 1.3 times increase. The one exception to this rule are the ultra-ultra-wide 49-inch monitors and those literally do double
the screen real estate. I think they have like a
5,120 horizontal pixel count but those are pretty darn expensive and yeah my friend Ali
Abdaal actually does have one on his desk and I’ll link
to his desk setup video in the description. But for my money two 27-inch
normal 16 by nine monitors works a little bit better. I can get them in 4K and
they are a bit cheaper than buying that one huge
honkin’ 49-inch monitor. Now there is one other alternative that you should probably consider if you’re still using a 1920
by 1080 or 1080p monitor and that’s to instead of
getting a secondary monitor simply upgrade your main display to what’s called a QHD monitor which is gonna have a
resolution of 2560 by 1440 or it’s called 1440p. That might be all you need. And I will note that the
monitors on my editing desktop are 4K which is even bigger resolution but I found that having
those at native resolution actually makes text and all the desktop elements
way too hard to read to be productive. So I actually have my
windows scaling set to 150% which makes it effectively 1440p. And yes, the text
rendering is a bit smoother but that’s probably not
worth the price increase you’re gonna pay for 4K monitors. Now a couple of things that
you might wanna consider in case you do decide
to add a second monitor. First, if you are a programmer or you’re somebody who likes
to see lots of lines of text then you might want to get a
monitor that has a swivel mount which allows you to turn
the monitor sideways and then set your desktop to
portrait mode on that monitor. Now if you have a monitor
that has a VESA mount on the back which allows you
to put monitor arms on it and the stand you get by
default doesn’t matter because most monitor arms
you’re gonna get on the internet are gonna let you rotate a display. So that might be something to consider. Additionally, if you do any
kind of color-intensive work; photo editing, video
editing, that kind of thing; you’re gonna wanna make
sure you get a monitor that is highly color accurate
and there are very expensive color accurate monitors out there that I do not own and that are
probably not worth the money unless you’re like a professional
movie color grade person but you’re at least gonna wanna look for what’s called an IPS display which is gonna be a
lot more color accurate than cheaper TN displays. Most gamers will use TN displays because they’re great
for a fast refresh rate and that kind of thing
but for serious color work like photography editing, that
kind of thing, go for IPS. But of course the main consideration that you should be
making is asking yourself whether or not adding a second monitor is going to distract you because your ability to focus on one task for a long time and put
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into your phone screen if you’re watching there ’cause the touch screen is on there. Thanks for watchin’ and I will
see you in the next video.


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    Graphics cards tend to be among the easiest upgrades you can make to a desktop computer, but you could easily end up paying more for the graphics card than the new monitor. I built my computer out of decent-but-budget parts, and I think my monitor was between $100-$200 and my graphics card was $200-$250. (It's been a while and I don't remember what brands/models they are.)

    Finally, one more second-monitor alternative (which is actually more expensive but potentially more useful): a screen tablet. I have a Gaomon PD1560, which currently runs $290 on Amazon and is generally considered comparable to the cheaper Wacom Cintiqs. It's not huge but the resolution is great and it's big enough to use for coding, or for displaying your ebook textbook while you do homework on your main monitor, when you aren't doing digital art.

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    If you do any artistic work you'll have tutorials to follow along with, or reference material on your second display whilst the main one being the actual program you're painting/scultpling/modeling in. If you're testing out a new computer build you'd likely have a game open and something like HWinfo64 /MSI Afterburner to monitor the voltages, Temps, etc. of the system whilst you're testing for live data. If you're a gamer it's more common to see many have music in a separate window or YT videos (thinking from a productivity point of view you may feel inclined to say gaming is not a productive activity. However you must not dismiss the fact there's actual jobs and self-employed markets where playing games is not only profitable but actually integral to finding bugs & instabilities. Adding music or video on the side simply helps to not burn you out over the prolonged amount of hours that usually are put into it.). Accountants.. I think this one answers itself lol.. IT, it's a mixed bag because we can usually do whatever we want however we want it; we can have monitoring applications send alerts to our phones or have critical stats displayed on a wide range of displays, along with the usual do whatever you want – troubleshooting tutorials, online courses, etc. This is a field where it's both work & learning in a form that never ends nor has a "cap" ; akin to being a MD.

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    The "little display" would cost a ton more than a additional full size monitor.

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  • Reply Jordan Robson October 23, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    Learning through osmosis would lead to the white space of the book or screen moving into your brain, not the text as osmosis is the movement of a solvent (eg water or the screen background) instead of the movement of a solute (eg salt or the text on the screen).
    Learning via diffusion would be a more accurate phrase. Apologies, rant over!

  • Reply Vinicius Raphael October 23, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    It's up to the person who uses it. I have worked with 2 monitors since my first job and some tasks would never be completed if I had to check in just one.
    In my new job I started with one and most people work with one, but now that I got a 2nd one I believe the time I spend on tasks is way shorter than before.
    But as said, it's up to you. If you don't like what you are doing, probably this won't improve your productivity and will be just one more tool for distraction.

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    Also, thanks for always having awesome subtitles! My hearing just went out this last year in one ear and I heavily rely on them. 🙂

  • Reply Odai Rahme October 23, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    Thomas: Will a second monitor increase your productivity?
    While using an iPhone that's lacking multi-tasking / Multi window capabilities retarded "Smartphone"

  • Reply Doctor Soul October 23, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Being a digital illustrator, it gets HEAVILY tedious to constantly switch between references, commission descriptions, internet searching, and the actual illustration at work all on one monitor. I always ran double monitors until I got a Cintiq Companion which does act as a 3rd monitor. But now it seems im not entirely sure if the use of multiple monitors helps raise productivity rather than it just thins it out over multiple things.

    All I can say, being a person diagnosed with ADHD and gets anxious at multiple things not being initiated, you better have your focus priorities set straight on what you are trying to get accomplished and ensure that your work zone is better structured to at least make a good chunk of progress in whatever is important (and sometimes urgent) to you.

  • Reply Eric Ling October 23, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    It can be productive, if you use it properly. My work involves remote desktop support so we need to be able to handle multiple windows at the same time as sometimes both the pc and their network device are having issues so we need to reconfigure both.
    If you handle lots of content, having your workspace on one monitor and file explorer and other things on the other can be rather useful to easily see and access the files you need.

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    edit: some writers might find it advantageous if they have to do heavy research. I was thinking about other writers like novelists when I wrote this.

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  • Reply Gaunter O'Dimm October 23, 2019 at 8:26 pm

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