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Why You Should Become a Freelancer (LIFE CHANGING!)

January 15, 2020

– What’s up, everyone. Welcome to Josh Burns Tech. It’s no secret that becoming a freelancer changed my life forever. My life, three years ago today, was so drastically
different than it is now. I was working in my full-time job and grinding so hard, working on developing my skill-set. Then, I started freelancing. Beginning on, and then transitioning over to Upwork. Just three years later, I’ve made over $500,000 freelancing, worked with over a hundred clients, been featured in Upwork
marketing campaigns as a top freelancer in the
IT and networking category, and developed my skill-set
at a rapid and insane pace. All because I took a chance
and became a freelancer. If you are even the
slightest bit interested in becoming a freelancer, then do yourself an immense favor and watch this entire video. It’s time to stop thinking
about how your life could be, knowing deep down that
you’re meant to be successful and do big things, and start taking action that’s going to take you
wherever you want to go in life. Now, all this is coming right up. (upbeat music) Now, this channel has helped
tons and tons of freelancers to earn life-changing money, have complete job flexibility and develop high-paying skill-sets. And all that I’m asking in return from you is smashing the like button
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promoted to more freelancers who can benefit from the content. Becoming a freelancer is a
lucrative financial opportunity that can drastically change your life. My overall income has
went up significantly every year since I started freelancing. Why? Because as a freelancer you are in control of what you make. You set your own rates. You don’t have to rely on an employer to give you raises, to get pay increases. You are in control. If you produce high quality work, get great reviews and
feedback from your clients, then you can charge for
that level of quality. And trust me, there are
tons and tons of clients that want to pay for the top talent. They’re willing to pay the higher rates because they want high quality work. For example, back when I
first started freelancing, my rate was between 30
and 50 dollars an hour. Now my rate on Upwork is $100 an hour, and I’m consistently getting projects and clients for that rate. Let me give you some math
behind making over six figures as a freelancer versus
at a salaried company. If you eventually work your
way up at a salaried company to making over $100,000 a year, then you are likely working at least 40 hours a week for that pay, probably more than 40 hours a week. For me, right now, as a freelancer, I just have to work 19 to 20 hours a week to make over $100,000 a year. So, you can imagine how
lucrative that it can be when you’re working, let’s
say, 30 to 40 hours a week as a freelancer at those rates. And, trust me, it’s definitely
not all about the money. But I can promise you
that it’s a great feeling having extra money to cover the things that life throws at you. And it allows you to
experience amazing things with the people that you love. Unlike a traditional job, when you’re a freelancer, you are exposed to
numerous different types of businesses and jobs, as well. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve worked on over a hundred
different jobs on Upwork, and that doesn’t include
my personal clients and ones that I also
had on As a freelancer, you are not limited to working with local clients. You can work with anyone that you want, all around the world. Personally, for myself as a freelancer, working on SQL Server DBA,
SQL Server development and data engineer jobs, my skill-set has grown so insanely faster than it ever would have just working at my salaried position. After freelancing for three years, my skill-set is so far beyond
what I ever expected it to be at this point in my career. Becoming a freelancer allows you to build an impressive online resume and portfolio, which leads to other opportunities. Freelancing has allowed
my to create my business, Josh Burns Tech, and also pursue content creation through YouTube and my blog, as well. Now, we’ve all heard the saying, “Scared money don’t make no money.” Freelancing can give you the
financial means to take risks which are needed to grow
and reach new levels. I’ve also personally been featured in tons of Upwork marketing campaigns. I’ve been on the main
page of their website. I’ve been on their social media accounts. I’ve been in their blog posts. That has given me tons of
exposure to so many clients. Just one year ago, I had been freelancing for
about two-and-a-half years. I was working one day, and I get an email from someone at Upwork. The email asked me if I would be available the following week to fly out to San Francisco
for a photo-shoot, to be featured in Upwork’s
marketing campaign as a top freelancer in the
IT and Networking category. Of course, at first I was like, “There’s no way this can be real. “This is someone spamming me.” However, the email was from someone at Upworks Marketing Department. I ended up flying out to San Francisco. And those photos from that photo-shoot have been featured all
over the place for Upwork. And what did I do to
earn that opportunity? I started freelancing and
I worked insanely hard. I sacrificed so much. And I can promise you
that all those sacrifices that I made to work extremely hard and become one of the top freelancers, they were all 100% worth it. Putting in consistently
really high levels of work, and doing things that most don’t. So, again, it allows you to build a really impressive online
resume and portfolio. Consider your own personal resume. You have a resume, probably on a PDF, saved somewhere on a computer, maybe printed out somewhere. You have a resume, and it’s
that one sheet of paper. So, now, let’s go ahead
and take a quick look at my Upwork profile and portfolio. So, here we are on Upwork. And let’s take a quick look at my profile. When clients first come to my profile, they can see some really
high-profile clients that I’ve worked with in the past. Fortune 500 company, Stanford University, those are some really
high-profile clients. I’ve worked tremendously on my overview and profile in general, so that when clients come to my profile, they can see tons of reasons
why they should work with me. Compared to a traditional resume, when a client comes to my profile, not only can they see my work overview, they can also see the rate I charge, how much I’ve earned on the platform, how many jobs I’ve worked on, and hours as well. Now, that’s what a client sees when they first come to our profile. If they scroll down, this is the most important part to me. Work history and feedback. So, traditionally, applying for a job, you’re probably going to be
asked to give references, right? The employer will typically
choose to call those references and ask about you. Now, on Upwork and other freelance sites, you have your work history and feedback, so clients and employers can
easily see reviews and feedback that you’ve received on
jobs similar to theirs. And if we scroll down and look at a few, you can see how they stand out. You can see these five-star
reviews that I’ve received. I put so much work and time in
over-delivering on projects, to make sure that I got these reviews. But when clients come to your profile and they see all these
reviews and great feedback, you are going to stand out
over other freelancers. And, like I said before, I’m consistently getting jobs at a hundred dollars an hour now. If we take a look at some of the jobs I have in progress in open contracts, you will see tons of them at
a hundred dollars an hour. And then, also very important, we have the Portfolio section. In this section, it’s your portfolio. You get to go in-depth and
create portfolio objects related to work you’ve done. You can add whatever you want in here that would look great
for potential clients. For example, you can see
that I have a portfolio item from when I was featured in
the Upworks marketing campaign. And this is a screen-shot from when I was on the front
page of And then I also had portfolio
items from my YouTube channel, my website, SQL Server
projects I’ve completed. You can add anything in here
that looks great to clients. And then, at the bottom of my profile, you can see the employment history. So, this is what
typically see on a resume. On a traditional resume, you have all your jobs listed out, and a brief description of those, as well. On a freelance site like, Freelancer, Fiverr, any of those, you have so much more than just what a standard resume offers. Freelancing gives you the
freedom to work from anywhere. You can work from your home, traveling around the world, or even on a beach with
an internet connection. It’s amazing the different types
of places that you can work using a hotspot. So, if you are already a freelancer, down in the comments section of this video let me know your favorite place
to do freelance work from. Mine, personally, is
definitely from my home. I can get the work done that I need to, and then I can spend time with my fiance and all of our animals. We have way too many! More and more companies
are adopting freelancers and remote workers. This year, in 2019, 57
million Americans freelanced, which is 35% of the entire US workforce. And since 2014, that number has grown by
four million freelancers. Companies are using
freelancers more than ever, realizing the benefits of being able to easily and quickly find top talent. Advancements in technology have made it so easy to work remote. For example, this past summer, I went on vacation to San Diego, and on the flights back
home I did freelance work. Now, otherwise, this would
have just been a time where I watched a movie
or attempted to sleep, key word being attempted! But instead I choose to freelance and recuperate some of the
money that I spent on the trip. So, how do you get started on a path to be successful
long-term as a freelancer? Be patient and play the long game. Listen, the main reason why I see freelancers give up too early, complain about Upwork or
other freelance platforms and throw in the towel
before they even get started, is a lack of patience. We live in a world today where everything is
right at our fingertips and expect it to come
immediately and easily to you. Being a successful freelancer is something that takes immense patience. You have to have a skill that
has somewhat of a demand. And that means right now. If you don’t have a
skill that’s in demand, then you have to put the work in. You have to put the grind in. And you have to put the hours
into developing that skill. Personally, I went to college. Not that everyone needs to. That’s just my personal route that I took. I went to college, and then I worked insanely hard. I grinded insanely hard
to develop my skills in SQL Server and databases. I spent countless hours
watching SQL content, going through training courses, practicing on my local computer and studying the top
people in my industry. I put in so much of my time to work on my goals and
dreams consistently, and make progress on them. I could have been relaxing and hanging out with my
friends all the time, but I chose not to. Now, I still did those
things when I wanted. However, I consistently chose to work on my goals and my dreams, which is why I am in the
position that I am today. Now I’m in a position
today where I have the life that I always dreamed
of having, growing up. I have the financial means
that I always wanted. I have my dream car. I have great work-life
balance that works for me, and I get to enjoy life
and spend a lot of time with my amazing fiance. But the work and the
grind have to come first to allow you to live
like most never get to. Ask yourself, what do
you want out of life? What ambitions do you have? Whatever those are,
pursue them relentlessly, because there is so much satisfaction in achieving your goals and dreams. Let me promise you one thing. If you surround yourself with people who have
similar mind-sets as you, they have similar goals and ambitions, they reflect positivity, and, most importantly, they
support your goals and dreams, rather than trying to tear them down. If you do that, you’ll be more motivated
than you’ve ever been. You’ll be more successful
than you’ve ever been, and you will reach your goals
and dreams insanely faster. So, ask yourself, “Am I
putting in the time and effort “that it takes to reach
my goals and ambitions?” And, listen, be honest with yourself. Look inward and think
about how you are choosing to spend your time. Do you really want to be
a successful freelancer, make an impact and make
life-changing money? If you do, then now is the time to start
making changes in your life, and start pursuing your
career as a freelancer. There’s people similar to
you all around the world, with similar goals and ambitions, who are choosing to put in the time and grind insanely hard to work towards their goals and dreams. Are you going to sit back and watch them have all
the success that you want, or are you going to make changes? Start giving this
everything that you have, and outwork everyone. Freelancing is a long game. Everyone starts out on the bottom. And those with immense
patience and work ethic make it to the top. Personally, I keep this mind-set: Life does not owe me anything. It’s up to me to go after what I want and put the work in. Only you can change your life. Being a successful freelancer just doesn’t fall into your hands. You have to go out and get it. So let’s get to work. On this end screen, I recommend checking out these videos, and be sure to hit that
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and until next time. ♪ Ninety-Eight ♪ ♪ Yeah, jungle mandit juice man ♪ ♪ I can feel the heat yeah ♪ ♪ I can feel the heat man ♪ ♪ I can feel the heat ♪

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