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Why We Love Superhero Films? | Video Essay

October 23, 2019

So guys, if you follow this channel, So it means you keep interest in super hero comics and movies. But did’t you ever think why so love superheroes so much Superheroes now a important part of entertainment pop culture whether we talk about that fan who spend hours in comics or the viewer who has first time seen a superhero movie So, there are chances that average a person knows a superheroes or like him or her, or why not Superheroes movies are guaranteed blockbusters from year 1970 from released 100 superheroes movies 46 movies had dome business of more than 100 millions $ So, lets talk about this topic in details So guys i am Aman Sinha and today we are going to talk about why do we fans love super hero movies. So without considering any spoilers Let’s Start So what happens to the people, that every year for a superhero movie they gather around theater in crowd (Even though you can get online tickets very easily) So, Does audience love actions packed story-line Or does they love to people wearing tight spandex suit So, most probably happens because Superheroes movies are filled with 2 hours of epic adventure but if we look closely the case more than basic need of entertainment even though superheroes have super powers , Special Ability or a lot of money. But with all of this these superheroes show a another level of humanity We, viewers would only be able to connect with superheroes when we see them dealing with the basic human problems. So that’s viewers were able to see a image of themselves in these superheroes and this makes these characters so relatable and inspirational. Every human has its own origin story, whether i talk about you or me or my uncle Every person carries a unique past and experience with him/her this past and experience set the character and behavior of that person In an article of Smithsonian magazine, Robbie Rosenberg has talk about the topic that The origin stories of the superheroes make them so much inspirational that how a character goes through from a big change in his life. And here the viewer find himself and start knowing the superhero It is a rocking point. But the the topic does not end with the origin story. Other than origin Superheroes overcoming worst condition also works as motivation But viewers become fan of the superhero when they see his superhero took a breathe taking decision An event in which even though having so much power deal with the event like a normal person Seeing a super powered being taking a ways out of the box connects the audience with the superhero So superheores are not different from a normal person if you take super power of superhero and they become a normal person and then they have to do struggle. Even the non human superheroes are not away from the light of humanity. And everything start from the origin stories. but the one thing whch remains consistent in every movie is HUMANITY. Let’s take example of some superheroes First talk about the Batman aka Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne didn’t have any power but he is rich and physically well trained. Earlier Bruce frightent from the bat cave which is near his house and also he lost his parents in an accident when he was a child. After which he covert his fear into his strength and became Batman protector of Gotham. Bruce became Dark Knight but his weakness is his love from his close one’s . Due to which he became weak against his many villains. but due to being a human being he can’t be everywhere like god So it is not possible that every situation is under his control. A surprising fact is that many time emerges as a bad person in front of people of Gotham, but still he never pulls back from helping the people of Gotham , “this is humanity” Now talk about tony stark aka Iron man Tony is a human who has build his Armour using his intellect and with help of it he saves life of many but all before of this when tony was kidnapped by some in-sergeant in Afghanistan then with help of his partner ho Yinsen made iron man Armour and make himself free. but in this Yinsen sacrifice himself. with telling tony whatever happen don’t let your life get wasted. Due to this tony closes his weapon manufacturing company and made his life in helping and protecting others life. But the weakness of tony is that he is a human and he is vulnerable without his Armour But the surprising fact is that in Avenger this human pick up a nuke at his back and take it away from the Manhattan. So the humanity part here is that tony is completely ready to sacrifice himself to save million of people Now talk about the CAPTAIN AMERICA. Steve Roger is a modified human who get his power from a super solider program. even though before this program Steve Roger has shown the superhero trait before the program. But with the influence of super Soldier Serum he can now serve for the people betterly Steve’s influence is due to the people around him . He didn’t trust on S.H.I.E.L.D. but with the influence of Peggy Carter there give their complete Focus in S.H.I.E.L.D. and with this he never loss trust on his friend Bucky. But Steve weakness is that he is in sleep for 70 years due to which he miss a lot and ended the hydra with his full potential but still he is surrounded by Hydra. So he is not able to control all of this Albeit the surprising fact is when both S.H.E.I.L.D. and Hydra was against him he didn’t step back he knows the value of freedom and he is ready to pay the cost. Lets now talk about the spider-man. Spider-man aka Peter Parker is a modified human. who got is power by being bitten by a radioactive spider. Even then he didn’t become a superhero he become a superhero on that day when uncle Ben tell him with great power comes a great responsibility. with Uncle Ben peter as an emotional influence of Mary Jane from whom peter is ready to do any thing . Due to this reason Mary Jane is also the weakness of peter and his control of situation losses when due his identity his friends are in danger. people got Astonishment when Mary Jane come closes to Peter. But peter goes away from her because he know if he come close to MJ this could put her in danger. This is the sacrifice of spider-man toward his work. Now lets Talk about superman Superman aka Kal-El is a kryptonian whose parents sent him on Earth when Krypton is in danger plus Earth’s atmosphere make Kal-El stronger Due to which he faces difficulty in living like a normal person . But with the help of his earth parent he was able to live easily. So in real means Kal-EL is the alone kryptonian But when people of his planet come in front of him he has to choose any one from earth or his people of his planet. And Kal-El chooses people of Earth and protect them. But the weakness of superman is kryptonite. whenever it is around him the effect of earth atmosphere around him dimnish and he become weak. Superman is very strong and this is the reason that he has to keep control on himself. If talk practically he is living in a world made up of Cardboard where if he lost even a little control can cause a lot of Damage Even though people get astonish when to save some humans superman killed is Uncle Zodd. this thing is highly difficult for superman but still he do that. So in all of these Cases we see that even though all of these superhero are highly powerful but there Emotional influence decisions related to humanity forces us to relate to them. And this is the most inspiring thing of superhero movies. Normal people everyday falls and make them self to rise and start doing their work back without any super suit or any super gadget. this thing tell us that we are not less than any superhero and that’s why i always say’s You are Super Super PEACE!! [Music]


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