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Who is CAPTAIN MARVEL? | SuperSuper

August 27, 2019

So guys, in 2014 marvel studios had announced .that in 2019 we get to see a Captain Marvel movie but Since 2014 and now we only get to know about very few details regarding to the movie Marvel studio has confirmed that this movie is going to based on the controversial marvel character Carol Danvers . Many fans knows that Carol Danvers get the title of Captain marvel recently in 2012 Before this she was know as Ms. Marvel So guys I am Aman Sinha and today we are going to talk about the movie releasing in 2019 Captain Marvel So, Considering the spoilers lets continue Number 1 In Marvel comics there are more than one Captain marvel and Ms marvel Carol Danvers is a part of Marvel Comics since 1972 and she works under the tile of Ms marvel since 1977 to 2012 and become captain marvel in 2012 even though in this period many captain marvel and ms marvel had been seen In marvel Comics original captain marvel was Marvell A male Kree Alien Carol Danvers Got his power from him (Marvell) when DNA of Carol mix with the DNA of Captain marvel in a Psyche-Magneton device explosion. there are few more female Character who has taken the mantel of Captain Marvel like Sharon Ventura Karla Sofen and recently Kamala Khan becomes the most famous Ms. Marvel, Marvel’s first first Muslim Superhero Number 2. Carol Danvers was a Service Woman in US Air Force In Comics when Carol Danvers was introduced , she wasn’t a superhero, rather she was a member of US Air force. Carol joins military at the age of 18 and later on get the rank of Major. but after that Carol take job of editor in Daily Bugle ‘s woman Magzine but instead of writing about Fashion and lifestyle writes more about Woman leadership Due to which J Jonah Jameson kick out her from the job Number 3 Captain Marvel is the link between Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy After the site Magneton fusion Carol becomes a living example of human and Kree fusion Genetics Due to which she get her power becomes Ms. Marvel Captain Marvel is a space traveling Superhero due to which she is the link between Guardian of the Galaxy and the avengers But recently the Screen play writer of Captain Marvel reveals that In movie the origin story of Captain Marvel would be modified So at this point it is not clear that what would be the origin story of Captain marvel and would their be a talk of outer space in that story Number 4 Captain marvel is a part of many super hero teams. Carol Danvers has worked with many superhero organisation In Earth and in Space also Carol Danvers has been a member of Avengers New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Defenders X-men , Guardian of the Galaxy and Star Jammers Currently in Comics she is the member of Ultimates A superhero task forces which find out about the threat of the galaxy Number 5 Captain Marvel has powers more than limits Carol Danvers has many powers. Before having any super power She was a great pilot and a awesome military person these things get more Enhanced when she got her super powers Captain Marvel has super Strength flight Super sonic speed psychic powers Energy Absorption Energy projection She Can Even survive in Space Captain Marvel is the Strongest Avenger Number 6 Title of Ms. marvel is also important Until 1968 Carol Danvers was in a supporting role but in 1977 Gerry Conway makes Danvers Ms. Marvel A super hero which will support the woman empowerment Ms. is her name Signifies that she is an independent woman Ms. Marvel is a feminist super hero who has promoted many female superheroes in Marvel Comics Number 7 Captain Marvel would be the first MCU female Lead movie On seeing the history of Carol Danvers it is confirmed that Marvel’s first female lead movie would be on her Many Fans are happy with this but Many fans wants that first female lead movie would be on Black Window Even though their are chances that Black widow would get a movie but their are no announcement until now. But this year released movie wonder woman can only be tackled by only one female marvel superhero i.e. Captain Marvel Number 7 Rogue has stolen the powers of Captain Marvel Carol Danvers already has many problems with the a future seeing mutant tells mystique that Carol Danvers could Kill rogue When mystique tell this to her daughter she attacks captain Marvel, and stole her powers and memory. thats why for some amount of time Rogue was able to do all that which Carol can do. If you have seen Rogue in cartoon she has the power of flight and super Strength but Rogue of the movies didn’t have these powers Number 8 Civil War Comic Series In Civil War comic Series Carol danvers was a part of team of iron man i.e. Hero registration act. But in Civil war 2 not only she was against iron man but she was leading the opposite team also In Civil war 2 the motive of Captain Marvel was that we should stop the problem even before it start happening but iron man was against him {To know more about it you can watch our super comic series Civil war 1 and Civil war 2 } Number 9 Brie Larson In 2014 when this movie was announced every fan start thinking which actress would get to do the role of Carol Danvers Many feels the Sicario’s Emily Blunt or Rebecca Ferguson of misson Impossible would be perfect for this role But studio has already decided something bigger Oscar wining actress for movie Room Brie Larson is chosen for this role. which she confirm through her twitter post. Number 10 Best writing team Last year Marvel announce that Nicol perlman and Meg LeFauve, would together prepare the script. Nicol Perlman is the co writer of the Guardian of the galaxy Meg LeFauve is known for the pixar’s famous movie inside out. with that the director of the movie are Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck. These two are known for the Half Nelson and Mississippi grind Captain Marvel would released one month prior to Avenger’s fourth untitled movie which means that we could see Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel in Avengers 4th untilted Movie So guys this the 10 thing about Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers If we have missed any detail or you know any new fact please tell us in the comments down below So guys if you like this video please press that thumbs up button and don’t forget to follow our channel for such super Content Thank you Guys. This is Aman Sinha and you are Super Super Peace !!!!


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  • Reply Suresh Dave May 12, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    captain American is died.
    why thenos go ?

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    captain American is died.
    why thenos go ?

  • Reply Suresh Dave May 12, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    captain American is died.
    why thenos go ?

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