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Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive?

October 30, 2019

– Today we’re going to show you some crazy expensive
stuff you’ll never need. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) Good mythical morning. – There’s a website
that caters exclusively to the most exclusive of exclusive people. It’s the what’s what for who’s who and it’s call Hammacher Schlemmer. – Hmm, never heard of that. – But the rich people who use it call it Hammacher Schlemmer. Hammacher Schlemmer, now you know it. – Hammacher Schlemmer. – We thought what better way to talk about the most luxurious gifts in the world than to dress Chase up like gator. It’s time for less than or gator than. – [Link] Hammacher Schlemmer edition. – Welcome to the Good Mythical Swamp. I’m your host slash swamp
guide, Rhett McLaughlin. Let’s bring in our first
contestant, Link Neal. Link Neal, come on down. – I’m already down. – Oh, hello.
– Hi. – Welcome to the swamp. – Thank you. – There’s skeeters. Okay, as you can see,
– Get this. – We have a real life
gator in the studio today. He hasn’t killed anyone over 100 lbs so you’ve got nothing to worry about. Only pets so far. Here’s how this is gonna work. I’m gonna present to you two options that come from the
Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, you will place Chase’s snout towards the one you think is gator than and then we will reveal both of them. If you are right, Chase will eat the money that holds the price and if you are wrong, you will eat the money that has the price. – Eat the money.
– Eat the money. – Not keep the money. – Eat the money. You have one life line, it’s a gator-aid. I will actually reveal one of the prices and if you get three correct, you get what’s in the
mystery box or a dollar. Are you ready? – Okay, do I have to eat the dollar? – Possibly, that’s an option. – I’m ready. – Okay Mr. Neal, here
are your first two items. First up we have the selfie drone. This smart phone controlled drone captures and shares stunning first person photos and helps you record
bucket list adventures, party hi-jinx or daily
happenings on the fly. The selfie drone is great for
people who love technology, but love themselves even more. And we also have the best
children’s ATM bank machine. The best children’s ATM bank machine lets young account holders
use their own ATM card and interact via a push
button control panel. With the best children’s ATM bank machine, you can tell the tooth fairy to suck it. – Don’t add the motion. – That was you know, for emphasis. Which one is gator than. – Selfie drone, well first of all, that woman doesn’t not
need a selfie drone. With a strong jaw like that, you do not need the high
angle of a selfie drone. – Oh wow. – She’s got a jaw going on. – She does. – Could cause head injuries, but I think in order to purchase this, you would already have a head injury. – Ooh, really. – I would not put my money in this. I’m tempted to buy that,
but I think in order to, I don’t know, in order for
this to work with real money, it’s gotta be high dollar. – Okay. – You know, so I’m thinking that this ATM machine is gator than. – Okay, gator. Do you see how docile he was? – He’s so gentle. – [All] $69.95. – [Rhett] And $29 – What? – $229.95.
– Drones are cheap these days. – Link, eat. Which one does he eat? – I eat this? – It doesn’t matter which one you eat. – Is it edible?
– Yeah. It’s paper man, paper can’t hurt you. – It smells like vinyl. – Yeah, go for it. Just put the whole thing in your mouth. Just ball it up. We have found that balling up the money and eating it all at
once is the best method. – It does dissolve pretty quickly. You could have gotten
the flavored kind, boss. – Oh look at him go, he’s like
an ATM machine in reverse. How is it?
– Needs salt. – Your next two items. We have the climbing wall treadmill. This climbing wall treadmill
is a vertical treadmill that has a continuous revolving face letting climbers scale to
the height of Mt. Everest. With a climbing wall treadmill, you’ll get caught between a
rock and a rock hard abs place. – That’s totally safe, I’m sure. – And the seven person tricycle. The seven person tricycle
is the only tricycle that accommodates seven adults. Each seat has a set of peddles that riders operate simultaneously. Hop on to the seven person tricycle, aren’t you tri-curious? (laughter) – Both of these are great. This one is really crazy. – Yeah, I mean this one
makes sense on some levels. – This is something you’d see in the basement of like Silver Spoons. You remember that guy? – Seven dwarves would
be all over that though. I mean can you see them on it. – No, I know what would happen here. My family would be like oh let’s get that. And then I’d be the only one peddling. Period. – Yeah, I’ve done that at Venus Beach. – Yeah, which direction does it go in? But that is awesome. – Which one is gator than. – This one is obviously
motorized, which adds cost. This one is self motorized,
which is personal cost. Man this is tough, I was so off last time. – You have a gator-aid for
one of these rounds, Link. You can reveal the price
of one of the items. – Oh.
– Keep that in mind. One time. – I just thought I got
to drink a Gatorade. – Nope, not a sponsor. – I want to save it because, man, even though this looks crazy,
I think this costs more. Because of the motorized parts. – Okay, Chase gator, reveal the price. $9,950 and $20,000. – What? Why am I so wrong? – Yeah $20,000! Think about the money you’ll save on gas. – It’s just a welded bike. – Eat it Link, eat it! – Well, I’m buying one of those, man. – Eat it. Well okay, Link, just keep in
mind while you’re eating that, that if you do not get
the last three correct, you don’t get what’s in
the mystery box, I do. – And I get sick. – Yeah, how many of those
you think you can take? – No more. – Okay, next up we have a hot tub boat. This is an electric boat with a hot tub built right into it’s deck. It fits six adult bathers. With a hot tub boat,
you’ll be saying yeah buoy. – I keep thinking that I’m winning these. Like whenever you show it to me, I’m like, I could win this. – You can’t, you can not win it. We also have the
self-contained hootenanny. This self-contained hootenanny is an autonomous mechanical band with 17 instruments built
right into its oak cabinet. Once you’ve listened to this
self-contained hootenanny, you’ll forget all about
Hoot-enanny and the Blowfish. (laughter) Remember them? No you don’t. – One can not simply contain a hootenanny. – Oh, hmm. – I do not want this, but I do want that. That’s like Real World, Boat Edition. – My question is, where are the controls? – Who needs controls when it’s a hot tub? I think you just swim around and who cares, man that’s awesome. – My fear is that the controls
are somewhere in the area and you gotta watch out when
you’re driving that sucker. When you six adults in there. – I mean how could a boat, not cost more than whatever a hootenanny is? – Yeah, right, that’s
what you would think. – Gator than. – Okay, reveal. $42,000 for the hot tub boat. And the self-contained
hootenanny is $54,000. – No! No! – Link, I’m not
– No! – I’m not taking you shopping with me. – No! – Eat it, Link. – No!
– Oh, gosh. You’re real bad at this. Okay Link, you’re O for three, but because I’ve got a big heart, I’m gonna say if you
get the last two right, you can still have what’s
in the mystery box. – Thank you, Rhett. And in my defense, the pricing is stupid. This is all ridiculously stupid. – We’ve got the Finnish grill house. Made from Finnish pine,
this authentic grill house replicates the all season
back yard cooking huts found throughout Scandinavia
and accommodates ten adults. – Wow. – With the Finnish grill house, you’ll finishing your dinner in style. We also have the celebrity robotic avatar. This adult size celebrity robotic avatar, is the only robot ever to be admitted into the Screen Actor’s Guild. It has appeared in
movies, TV, music videos and entertained royalty world wide. His life like movement,
smooth dance moves, and engaging personality add celebrity star power to any event. The celebrity robotic avatar. I thought it was a joke, but it’s not. – First of all, the scale can’t be right. This is photo shopped. – It is, I saw a video. – He’s not that big.
– He is that big. – He’s that big? – He’s got a big personality too. – And he’s not a celebrity robot. What movie has this robot been in? – I’m not sure. – Maybe that’s it. He is a great actor. I haven’t recognized him in
any of the movies he’s been in. – He’s been playing humans, okay. – He’s like Daniel Day Lewis of robots. – I doubt it. – Does the Finnish grill house cost more because there’s an extra L in grill? Or is that just a typo? – That’s how they spell
grill in Scandinavia. – No it’s not.
– Yeah it is. – Not it’s not. – They add Ls cause it’s so cold. – Listen, just say that
your show has a typo. – Grilllll – Just say it, man. This is a racket. – Link, I can reveal the price. Again, you suck at this game. Remember, you have a gator-aid. – Give me the gator-aid for this. – Okay, reveal the price of
the celebrity robotic avatar. – $345,000?
– $345,000. And this is a small hut
that holds ten people. Just take that into account. – There’s no freakin’ way that anything that I can think of anywhere costs more than this celebrity robotic avatar. – Okay, here we go. – Gator than. – Okay, Chase, reveal the other price. Link, you got one right! You got one right! You can do it. – I can. – That means Chase has to eat the price. – [Link] Eat it, buddy. There you go, there you go. Bring it all in. – [Rhett] Look at that. – Keep going. – This is the only way we feed the gator. – Right into the uvula. – Usually people are a
little bit better at the game and the gator gets more sustenance, but he’s been starving. – He’s been hungry, sorry. – We’re gonna have to feed
him a poodle after this. Okay Link, final round. You gotta get this right to
get what’s in the mystery box. – Yes sir. – Or the dollar. We’ve got the submarine sports car. Inspired by the submarine Lotus driven by James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me, this submarine sports car is the only car that navigates underwater and across land. With the submarine sports car, you can drown your mid-life
crisis and possibly yourself. (laughter) Also, we’ve got the Wild
West town amusement park. This Wild West amusement park
is a fully operational town built in Northwestern Illinois in 1979. It has 14 buildings and features
a working steam locomotive, a 12 person silver mine
themed roller coaster, a hand cranked powered cart track, and a carousel centered
in the town square. Finally, a place to put your
self-contained hootenanny. Enticing. – You buy this, but you can’t move it. It’s not like it’s delivered to you. – You’ve gotta go to Illinois. But hey, it’s Illinois. – Pretty great, right.
– That’s right. – I’ve been there.
– Yeah. – Land of Lincoln. I think Willie Nelson has
one of these on his land. – He does, outside of Austin. – Yeah.
– Haven’t been there. Willie, still waiting on the invitation. – Submarine sports car. What?
– Yep, exactly. – This is tough. I’m just flabbergasted that that exists. – But there’s a lot of features in that Wild West amusement park. – You know I think down
there where you drive that thing around, they use GPS waves. – Oh, I get it. – GPS waves.
– I understand. – Dap.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – But here, what do you use here. – Tokens. – Here’s the thing. You said something that makes me think I’m getting the mystery box. This has a locomotive. This is basically an
underwater locomotive. But this is a locomotive plus the town. – Don’t underestimate the
technology of the sports car. – And a merry-go-round. – Okay. It’s your world. – I’m going with submarine car. – You sure? – This is a whole town. – Yeah you’re right,
it probably has a car. – Gator than. – Okay, reveal the Wild
West amusement park price. Seven million dollars.
– Yeah. Ain’t no way that’s seven million dollars. – Two million dollars.
– Yeah. Eat it, gator, eat it. And you know what. – As Chase eats that, Link,
you get to make a choice. – You know what, I’ll take… – I gotta hold my microphone,
you won’t be able to hear me. Do you want what’s in the
mystery box or the dollar? – Give me that dollar, mystery box. All right. – Link, those are the sound
pulsing LED rave glasses. The only thing we could
afford from the catalog. Because they were on sale. – Are they working? – There’s a switch. Oh, there it goes. Look at that, whoa, look at that. He’s at a rave in Illinois. – Hey come to my Wild West town, I’ll show you around
in my submersible car. – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – My name is Petev Kleij from Netherlands. But now I’m in Ireland in
front of McLoughlin’s Bar. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – And nothing ridiculous
or expensive about our Book of Mythicality themed T-shirts, available at – What are they Rhett? – There’s one of me and you on it, and there’s one with a
cool animal from the book. – Click through to Good Mystical More because we’re gonna test out
these glasses to the limits. – QTMBA, question that must be answered. The question that must
be answered today is, – Any of it, because none of it’s gray. – Oh. Where you lookin, man? – Body hair, just my body. – Look at your body on your own time. – I made a decision,
I’m proud of the gray. Thanks for clicking subscribe. – [Rhett] Click on the left to watch our show after the show,
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