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Where to Buy First Copy Shoes in Delhi // Majnu Ka Tilla VLOG

September 3, 2019

what’s up guys, good morning! and, this is our second video now on the channel i’m kind of sleepy till now so today’s gonna be an interesting day we’re heading out to Majnu Ka Tila which is a small Tibetan market in Delhi not many people know about it it’s a great place for shopping, eating, and just exploring Delhi It has a Gurudwara there So today, we are about to head out for a photowalk So, if you’re in and around delhi and interested in photwalks Be sure to join the group in the description, it’s a facebook group, called Keep it RAW and now, let’s head out. someone hold this! Ok, So, we’ve reached Majnu Ka Tila, and I’m not used to Vlogging So let’s move on? So basically, Majnu Ka Tilla is a small Tibetan city, call it a market, call it whatever you want. On the outskirts of delhi, this is near the Delhi
University, North Campus. and it’s a great place for people to come, eat, enjoy and it’s more of a shopper’s place a shopper’s place on the cheap So people like her, can enjoy. How much are these for? 2500 show? Nike…Adidas SPLY 350 How much are these for? 2500? 2500 How much are the superstars for? (1500) 1500 so, superstars are basically for 1500 and, the adidas yeezy are for 2500 so that’s Majnu Ka Tila for you, pretty much. So, enough of me blabbering and let’s just film this place, shoot this place. and enjoy the video. The store here is selling really interesting shoes, have a look for yourself. So, this is like really good quality it looks like genuine leather it must be a reject piece or whatever but I bought the same thing for 2000 and these are for 200 So, we’re pretty much done with the photowalk and are now planning on eating something. So basically, we’re done here and are planning to head back home but unfortunately it started raining. But let’s finish with a group video


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    can you please help me with the name of the shop exactly or the number of it, or anything else that can help me to reach the same store that you went at the starting of the tour.

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