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Where is Soul Stone? | Last Infinity Stone | Explained in HINDI

September 7, 2019

Intro Music Five down One to Go So Guys till now Marvel Cinematic Universe has Shown us all 5 infinity stones with ease. But We don’t know why Marvel Studios is becoming so predictive about the Soul Stone The Phase One of M.C.U revolved around the Tesseract But in Phase 2 Marvel showed us 3 infinity stones simultaneously And only the time stone has turned up in Phase 3 Many of the fans were sure that we would be surely witnessing the soul stone in Thor Ragnarok But that did not happen So now the question arises where in the universe is soul stone?? So Guys I am Aman Sinha and today we will talk about Soul Stone We will discuss about the location of Soul Stone With Spoilers Alert Let’s begin Heimdall’s Eyes Heimdall is presently the Number 1 contendor for Soul Stone. As we have seen in Thor the Dark World Heimdall clearly says that he can see every soul in the Nine Realms. Moreover we have seen in the Age of Ultron that… Thor in his vision sees that Heimdall has become blind and whole Asgard has been destroyed This vision was clearly refrenced to the Ragnarok And Heimdall becoming blind clearly meant that Thanos would take out the soul stone from his eyes And this theory resembles the popular THANOS theory Because according to this theory the last infinity stone would be in an object or with a person whose name starts with ‘H’ BUT In Thor:The Dark World we have also heard Lady Sif and Volstagg that keeping 2 infinity stones in Asguard would not be safe So, here they are talking about tesseract and ether Which means that Soul Stone is not with Heimdall in Asguard Now Let’s talk about Heart Of Wakanda After seeing the trailer of Infinty Wars Many fans speculate that the last Infinity stone is in Wakanda Or else why would Thanos send his army to Wakanda But the thing does not end here The Recently Launched Black Panther trailer We have heard T’Challa saying that if anybody comes to know what they posses Then that might end the world We know that Wakanda has vibranium is a rare metal but it being related to the destruction of world does not satisfy us Moreover we have also seen this mystic world in the Black Panther trailer Which us know us Jalia but it is quite probable that this is MCU’s Soul World which is inside the soul stone in comics So these all things indicate that the soul stone is in Wakanda Now lets talk about Adam Warlock In Marvel Comics Adam Warlock is the sentient who posses the soul stone He is the same Adam Warlock whose cocoon was seen in the post credit scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 That is why many fans speculate that Adam Warlock will only be the one who would posses the soul stone in MCU too In Comics Adam teams up all the avengers to fight against Thanos But in MCU we feel that Adam would not get a cameo in Phase 3 So the chances Adam possessing an Infinity stone is quite less Moreover The Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has cleared that Adam Warlock would not get a cameo in Infinity wars So MCU having Adam Warlock with the Soul Stone is actually not possible So now we jump to the eternal flame Everyone hoped to see the last infinity stone in the November released Thor Ragnarok But this movie didn’t had any dialogue on the soul stone But during the Movie we had seen that Hela used the eternal flame from Odin’s Vault to give life to his dead army So re-living the dead is one of the features of the soul stone This is why many fans propose the theory of the eternal flame being the soul stone If ether can be a liquid then the soul stone might not be solid. But in Thor Ragnarok’s end when we saw Serter destroying the asguard Then Most probably the eternal flame too became a part of Serter’s body So the upcoming movies would only tell whether or not the eternal flame is soul stone Coming next to Tony’s arc reactor In Iron Man 2 we saw Tony synthesizing a new element to solve the Pallidium poisoning problem Moreover we had also seen in the avengers Loki when uses the scepter to control Tony’s brain the scepter touches the arc reactor and thus it does not work But in Iron Man 3 Tony throws away his arc reactor But in Infinity wars trailer we saw a big arc reactor in Tony’s chest Moreover many Fans noticed that in one of the shots everything was stopped and only Tony was able to move So many fans speculate that Tony’s arc reactor is an Infinity stone and that’s why all the infinty stones prove to be powerless in front of it But friends its literally a fan theory CONCLUSION: So guys these were the places or people who might have the last infinity stone Or the place of soul stone we have stated in our Thor’s Hammer theory Soul stone can be anywhere but still if have any detail or you come across a new fact about soul stone and its location Then please let us know in the comments!!! Moreover tell us your opinions that whether we would be able to see the soul stone before Infinity Wars or not and also do subscribe,like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ for latest superhero news and updates regarding our videos Not sure about Soul Stone but yes we are OMNIPRESENT! So guys if you keep interest on videos related to avengers infinity wars then do follow our avengers infinity wars playlist Also if you enjoyed this video then please don’t forget to like the video and share among your friends and subscribe our channel for more super content. Thank You Guys! This is Aman Sinha and you are SUPERSUPER! Peace!! ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )


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