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What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 – AUTO REFRAME – NEW FEATURES

November 9, 2019

what’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
2020 hey everyone welcomes to my channel digital creations and in this video
tutorial we will see the new features of Adobe Premiere pro CC 2020 the biggest new
update of Premiere Pro CC is Auto reframe feature which is powered by Adobe Sensei machine learning technology Adobe Sensei analyzes each
frame of the footage and create a keyframe that follows the actions in your
videos so let’s get started with the tutorial in this new feature we will
reformat video to different aspect ratios like horizontal, vertical, Square
and Auto reframing effect automatically identifies the actions in your videos so
let’s create a sequence Square sequence so just go to file and here i’m going to
create a new sequence and under the sequence settings just right here at
1080 by 1080 frame size and hit OK and now guys here you see this video
clip is totally out of the frame and for this I’m just going to apply a new auto
reframe effect so let’s choose video effects and go to transform and drag and
drop this video effect auto reframe to clip which you want to reframe and click analyze and
effects control panel and guys here you will see Premiere Pro cc 2020 generates a
keyframe the actions in your clips and by using Adobe sensei technology its
identifies the actions very accurately from your video clips and generate a
keyframe we will further fine-tune or to reframe by choosing motion presets
that’s a slower default or faster now guys let’s create another sequence
for mobile videos and here I’m just going to create a new sequence go to
settings and here just going to create 1080 by 1920 for mobile devices which is
9:16 and here I’m just going to create a new sequence and here I will
show you this video clip drag and drop to reformat this video clip and guys you
see here this one is totally out of frame and I’m going to apply this auto reframe effect into that clip so simply drag
and drop look at these guys it’s analyzed the complete video now guys if
you want to convert the entire sequence to different aspect ratios for your
different social media platforms like Instagram YouTube and Facebook so you
just select the sequence here in the project panel and right click here to
select that refrain auto different sequence in the context menu and it will
automatically retrain entire sequence so here you have write a name sequence
theme and here you will select different aspect ratios so I select 9:16
here what equal video and hit create and you can customize it as well
so hit create and you will see a new sequence is created and the project
panel now, guys, this is all about the new
feature of Premiere Pro CC 2020 and I hope you like this video and don’t
forget to subscribe my youtube channel digital creations
thanks for watching

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