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What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 – Top NEW Features & Updates – Adobe Photoshop cc 2020

November 6, 2019

what’s new in Photoshop CC 2020 hey
what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel digital creations Adobe just
released Photoshop CC 2020 and in this video I’m going to show you the latest
updates of Photoshop CC so let’s get started to see all the new features of
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new latest updates so let’s get started the new object selection tool in
Photoshop CC 2020 which is powered by Adobe Sensei technology we can select
single or multiple objects of an image very fast and much easier than previous
versions so we will find object selection tool in the tool panel of the
photoshop where the quick selection and magic wand tool available just click here and
select the object selection tool and you see in the option bar there there is
there are two modes of object selection tool rectangle and lasso I’m going to
select the rectangle mode and here simply just drag the pointer and define
a rectangular region around the object you want to select so I’m just going to
select the rectangle and look at this lets automatically select the object
here I’m just going to select this super easy okay now guys let’s check another
example I’m going to select this model and in this object selection tool we
will select object very fast and easiest way let’s select the lasso mode here to
select this car to make a rough selection by using object selection tool just
going to okay now guys to add or subtract the selections we just hold
option key on a Mac or alt key on a Windows to subtract from selection so
simply select the option key to subtract it and shift key to add it to add a
selection so I’m going to add some selections you can select it here at the
top to make to add or subtract the selections and now guys look at this I’m
just going to select this model I’m going to select this rectangular just
like this and if it’s super easy to select your object and simply cut out
the image very fast let’s check another make a selection
just take a lasso tool make a rough selection around this now guys simply
shake it out hold shift to add a selection hold Shift key on a Mac to add
a selection let’s check okay it’s in this way we can
our subtract the selections and make a find
very nice selection with we have both object selection tool another new
exciting feature in Photoshop CC 2020 is the remove background feature we simply
click the remove background button which is available in I’m just going to select
this layer this image layer and here and under the properties the new improve
properties donal we will find the quick actions and
enter the quick actions remove background button is available so simply
click here and you will see it’s automatically removed that background
and create a mask here and for further refinement you just click here a layer
mask and it will open a selected selected masks workspace so you will
edit it and define your image there and let’s check this another picture I’m the
bull for that background simply click here now that’s super easy and fast we
will remove the background so let’s check this layer removing of background
it’s super easy by using remove background tool and here you will
further edit this by using select and mask workspace other useful new features
of Photoshop CC 2020 is consistent transform behavior we transform any
layer proportionally without pressing Shift key okay now guys amanti and here
you can see we can scale in and scale out this layer and in the option bar
make sure maintain the aspect ratio button is on so by default it’s on there
and it will apply all the Earth’s and like shape layer tax layer any layer
just check it out scaling and scale out proportionally and
it be just this link button you just to maintain aspect ratio click off so and
do this now guys let’s have a look what’s new improvements on properties
panel and here under the properties panel we can see more controls for
documents tightly or Pixlr for example I just select this all and image layer
here and here under the the new action is quick action so we just quickly
remove or remove the background or select the subject so I’m just going to
select subject to make a selection and guys look at this it makes a very nice
selection very quick and fast so let’s check another example select
automatically quick and fast select subject in the new release of Photoshop
CC 2020 we will see new improvements to presets so let’s check the gradient
preset and here we will see new presets of Radian available here we just simply
drag and drop onto the canvas which is so much easy to create a design and here
you will find a lots of buildin preset just check it out and drag and drop or
simply we just click on the preset and I will show the live preview directly onto
the canvas so saying we just check then drag and
drop by the shape layer and you will find there are lots of new shapes
available here simply drag and drop onto the canvas and let’s have a look
the background visible click here there are lots of buildin patterns available
here let’s select the layer and check the patterns and simply drag and drop
and simply be you can drag and drop the color and it is super easy to create
design the new improved presets in Photoshop CC 2020 simply drag and drop
onto the canvas and create a design and here are lots of buildin shapes
available here so just frightened crop here now guys this is all about the new
features of Photoshop CC 2020 I hope you’ll like this video don’t forget to
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