what this YouTuber does for subscribers is DISGUSTING…

February 21, 2020

today we’re going to be looking into a
guy who has been using other people’s names and basically using other people’s
clout to gain 70,000 subscribers plus now I’ve been looking into this guy for
ages now and I knew he was doing something suspicious for subscribers but
it’s only now that I could actually gather all the information together and
give you this massive video but the things I need you to do first before we
get all of this is to like the video watch it fully and share this video
around everywhere if more people see the video then we could get more attention
and this account could get taken down for the things they are doing also drop
a comment down below to tell me your favorite youtuber as I’m curious on who
you guys like and I’ll be looking through all your comments anyway so go
and tell me who your favorite youtuber is with that said I have a ton of
information so please stay with me to the end of the video without said let’s
get quickly into it now this channel on screen is called trap town NCS is an
account which is currently using someone else’s name to gain subscribers the
original account has only 37 thousand subscribers and the trap town NCS
account has their subscribers hidden but later on in this video we’ll see how
many subscribers they’ve actually got and I’m telling you it’s a lot more than
you may think now what they do is use other people’s
names to gain subscribers and then go around spamming other smaller creators
videos asking to be YouTube friends and sub 4 so this account is doing many
things wrong and if anything they remind me of list belief when he used to go
around with his bot and spam other people’s videos to gain subscribers but
it’s when we look deeper into it is when we find a lot more information on him
and on this channel page has his insta and paypal another thing is the
Instagram doesn’t exist but the PayPal links to a man named Western Vaughn now
western born is the owner of multiple fake accounts he owns many different
accounts faking to be mr. beast and obviously trap town NCS now what he does
is he makes a YouTube account and fakes to be them then gets a youtube comment
box to comment on other people’s videos to boost that account in subscribers who
I believe he is doing is boosting the accounts to then sell them because if
you didn’t know there’s a lot people they’re who by YouTube account which
already have thousands of subscribers on them now yeah as I said he’s using
multiple different names to gain subscribers and one of the names is in
fact mr. beast now as I said I’ve been looking into this guy for ages now so I
bookmarks his channel when he was actually called mr. beast
and as you can see it still says mr. beast on there and it also says the URL
underneath and if we compare that to the truck town NCS one it’s exactly the same
we can also see when he changes the account name because on his social blade
he literally drops to 0 views that’s when he privates all of his original
videos and then changes the name to something like trips on NCS or mr. beast
or maybe PewDiePie and then go around spamming comments and other people’s
channels now we can also see when he changed his name to trap sound NCS he
was on Saturday he lost 600,000 views that means he has zero videos on the
channel and the videos on his channel which also looked like he’s uploaded
them it’s just a random playlist that he’s named uploads and he’s using the
original trap town videos on there so it makes the account look a lot more legit
now he also has hidden all of his subscribe account on the main channel
which means nobody else when subscribes this guy can see how many they’ve
actually got but on social beta’s stores the past subscriber count that they
actually got when it wasn’t private ‘add and it says 75,000 subscribers now for
all we know this could be a lot higher and it could be in the hundreds of
thousands of subscribers but we can’t be sure because he’s privative that count
so yeah I don’t actually know but I’m sure it’s a lot higher than 75,000 now a
while ago when I was looking into this guy I found a reddit post that he
published on two PewDiePie’s reddit page and it said YouTube terminated my
channel proof and here to back up my case now I link to a different channel
which is pretending to be mr. beast and his actually an unlisted video so not
many of you guys would have known this anyway now in this unlisted video he
actually tells what he’s actually done and why he shouldn’t be banned the thing
is the reasons that he says he shouldn’t be banned are good enough reasons for
him to be banned I don’t really understand what this video is about
because what he’s saying is barnable is against TOS now when he actually does is
go around on big youtubers videos and spams comments with things like a
subscribe to me or I’m too but for subs he says that this isn’t
wrong and he’s doing it for a joke but it’s against tos on YouTube anyway so it
is wrong he also says that if he doesn’t get his account back he would actually
send a lawsuit to YouTube which is a massive threat and he probably should
have said that anyway but then he also goes and links the account which was
terminated and in fact the account was the 75 thousand subscriber account the
same one which keeps on changing their names to trap sound NCS and to mr. beast
and to his original channel it’s that account but yeah I believe that’s
everything on this account which I can expose he basically goes around
commenting on small YouTube channels to get subscribers and he’s just a big
scumbag using other people’s name for cloud but this isn’t the end of the
video please go and enjoy the reddit review where I go on stream and
literally look through the reddit page to see what stuff you have put there
enjoy yeah welcome back to another reddit review on slash kyun
KSG let me go on the stream look at the reddit page or slash key in case you see
if you guys have put anything funny in it I doubt any of you have so yeah let’s
get into it got a picture of bold Martin on
Halloween back with 8 other 3 a.m. video and let’s get it a it’s just it’s just
not Bob Martin though is it anger intensifies the girl when they lose an
argument so cloudy boys when they lose an argument I blew up my neighbor nice
we like it we like it they station after three celebs died right listen to this oops German soldier killed by French
sniper 1944 I swear all of these are just going to be stolen memes whereas
the good ones up boys we need some creative ones ish ish because we’ll join the reddit
from the video then make sure the link in the description add some more
creative stuff this week because we want some good new memes not just copied and
pasted from other sub reddits you know the a thing that’s everything now
finally before we end this video off 90% of you are not subscribed what are you
doing it literally takes a few seconds to subscribe so please do so right now
also leave a like and drop comment telling me who your favorite youtuber is
without said I’ll see in the next one thank you and goodbye

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