What Nobody Wants You To Know About The One Funnel Away Challenge

December 14, 2019

Hello and welcome to another episode of #supercalifunnelistic with me, Christian Rauchenwald. In this episode, I’m going to share with
you a few things that nobody wants you to know about ClickFunnels’ One Funnel Away
Challenge, and if you stay till the end, I’m also going to show you how you can get
a roughly 50% discount on the challenge itself. Most likely, you already know what
ClickFunnels’ One Funnel Away Challenge is. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be
watching this video, but just in case, I’m going to provide you with a quick summary,
so we are all on the same page here, what we’re talking about. ClickFunnels’ One Funnel Away Challenge
is a 30-day training program with Russell Brunson, Stephen Larson, Julie Stoian,
and Jim Edwards, where throughout the (One Funnel Away) challenge period they
teach you the essentials of building and launching your own first funnel. Not only the technical side of how to
build a funnel within ClickFunnels, but also make sure that you learn all the
basics in terms of the right mindset for being an entrepreneur, offer creation,
offer hacking, copywriting, marketing, and so on. This also brings us to the point that most
people don’t want you to know about the (One Funnel Away) Challenge because a
lot of people are promoting it as your solution to launch your business in
no time at all, and even during the challenge, Steven Larsen makes it very
clear, the challenge shows you how to build a funnel. It’s the vehicle that you use to generate
revenue, but it is by itself, not a business. A business simply takes more. Now, there is no reason to be discouraged. The (One Funnel Away) challenge itself
provides you with a ton of value. It’s just that you should know that the
(One Funnel Away) challenge alone will not help you get your business off the ground
because it does not show you how to build a business. And it cannot because people from all
over the world are participating in a (One Funnel Away) challenge, and depending
on in which country you’re living, the requirements for actually starting
a business, maybe different. There may be countries where you don’t
even need to register a business and you can just get started straight away. And there are other countries where
you actually are obliged to register an official business before you can start
accepting commercial sales online. And that’s why the (One Funnel Away)
challenge doesn’t cover this part because it’s something that varies
from country to country. And that also changes over time very fast. Whereas the fundamentals that the (One
Funnel Away) challenge teaches you. Do not change and will help you, no matter
if you are joining the (One Funnel Away) challenge in 2019, 2020
or probably even in 2025. Now, another aspect that people usually
don’t tell you is that it’s not just the (One Funnel Away)challenge. While the (One Funnel Away) challenge is
just the $100 one time payment, signing up the regular way. But again, at the end of the video, I’m
going to share with you a discount showing you how you can safe 50% on the signup,
but you’ll also need a ClickFunnels account. You can start your ClickFunnels trial
during week three of the (One Funnel Away) challenge, so it will actually last you
until the end of the (One Funnel Away) challenge, and that will be sufficient to
finish the (One Funnel Away) challenge. However, you also will need that account
afterwards if you want to continue to use your funnel and it’s going to come
at a $97 to $297 per month price tag. For some of you that may seem like a lot
of money to spend, but it actually is not money you spent. ClickFunnels becomes the tool that you use
to build your business and therefore it’s an investment into your business and it’s
important to see it like that because without that tool, you simply will not be
able to succeed, the way the (One Funnel Away) challenge teaches you to. Now, another thing that most people
don’t mention is that you may need other additional software. For example, if you want to host videos
or embed videos in the funnel that you’re building throughout the (One Funnel Away)
challenge, and you want them to look professional without any branding or
advertising at the end, well then you cannot just host them at YouTube, but you
will need an account with Vimeo or Wistia. Both offering you free trials or even free
plans, but eventually, depending on the number of videos that you need in your
funnel, you’ll also have to pay for those services. And there are a bunch of other services,
like for example, Iubenda and Termly, which would provide you with the legal
texts required like a privacy policy and cookie policy, which also costs money. While it may only be $28 per year
or $30 per year, it’s still sums up. Now, if you’ve seen previous videos that
I published on this channel, you may be aware that I am now already an
entrepreneur for the past 15 years. And that we own two legal entities, one
in the Ukraine and one in Hong Kong. Therefore, our business is
already a little bigger. And just to give you an idea, at this
point, we are spending roughly $1,300 every month just for the software,
services and tools that we are using. Starting from the software that I used
to record this video, going through professional video, hosting, Adobe
Creative Cloud to actually be able to cut the videos in Adobe Rremiere, create
proper graphics in Adobe Photoshop, using a Adobe Stock to have stock images
whenever we don’t have our own images that fit the purpose and so on. And all of those services sum up and
there’s obviously a bunch more and not to forget, in our case, the fees for
accounting for both of those entities, every month. Now again, this is not
meant to discourage you. This is solely meant to show you that
there is more than just the (One Funnel Away) challenge and that it’s important
that you’re aware that it’s not just going to be a 30 day challenge and you’re
going to succeed and have your six figure business. Now the (One Funnel Away) challenge is
going to teach you, provide you with the tools that you personally need in order
to know how to create a profitable funnel. However, it will not show you how
to build the business around it. For example, if your funnel consists of
selling a physical product, then at some point you need to worry about fulfillment,
and while initially you may just ship the orders manually on your own. If your funnel really is converting well,
eventually you will end up with hundreds of orders per day. While that’s something, if you keep
packing them on your own, you’re wasting your time and you will need to consider
either storing your inventory at a fulfillment facility. So they take care of the fulfillment
and connecting your funnel with that fulfillment facility. So everything goes automated or
hiring employees that take care of the fulfillment for you within your
own warehouse, for example. That’s pretty much it. I mean, there’s a lot of more things
that go into having your own business. This video here has the sole purpose to
show you that there is more beyond the (One Funnel Away) challenge to come
and not to teach you how to build the business. It doesn’t change the fact that the One
Funnel Away Challenge, in my opinion, is one of the most valuable trainings out
there for just a hundred dollars or again, if you keep watching for half that money,
you will actually get trained by some of the best entrepreneurs on this planet on
how to actually build a converting funnel. And in the end, that’s more important
than knowing how to build the business. Because even if you know what it takes to
build a business and how to set it up, if you’re unable to generate revenue, your
business will simply not live very long. However, if you know how to generate
revenue and that’s what the (One Funnel Away) challenge teaches you, then you can
always hire professionals to help you with building the business because you will
have the cashflow and therefore the money to pay them. Now, last but not least, the important
part that I mentioned also in the beginning, how you can get a 50% discount
on the (One Funnel Away) challenge. It’s very simple. I’m going to put a card up there that
links to video that walks you through it step by step, but I’m also going
to tell it to you right here. So while there is the physical (One Funnel
Away) challenge that also provides you with this (One Funnel Away) challenge box
that you can see here in the background, there’s actually a digital version for it. And on the regular website, the digital
version is just, the same price, $100 but no shipping fees because
there is not nothing to ship. However, if you visit the so-called
Network Marketing Secrets funnel, which again, I’m going to put a link in the
description below and you can check the cart up there to see a detailed
walkthrough, you will be able to buy Network Marketing Secrets for $7.95 to
$16.04 cents, depending if you’re in the U.S. Or international. And on the next page, you’ll be offered
to buy the One Funnel Away Challenge or to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge,
the regular way for $100 plus shipping fees. However, when you decline that offer,
you’ll see an option to sign up for ClickFunnels digital (One Funnel
Away) Challenge for just $47! Now everything combined, it saves you
roughly 40% on the digital (One Funnel Away) challenge. Plus, if you really want the (One Funnel
Away) challenge box, you can also then email [email protected] and tell
them that you want the box and you will get it for $29.95 as well. Still making it way cheaper
than the regular signup option. And there’s one thing that makes this even
better on the initial checkout page where you can get your copy of Network Marketing
Secrets, you’ll also have an order bump, where you can get Experts (Secrets) and
DotCom Secrets, both combined for roughly $30 and it’s really amazing and it’s
something I recommend you to do because those books are basically the foundation
of the (One Funnel Away) challenge. So having those books and being able to
read them will provide you with even more information than the (One
Funnel Away) challenge itself. And if you sum it all up, so you get
Network Marketing Secrets and you take both books and the digital
(One Funnel Away) challenge. You’ll end up paying $101.90 cents
roughly, which makes it roughly the same price as signing up for the digital (One
Funnel Away) challenge without anything else, the usual way. This is it. Let me know in the comments below. Did you already go through
the One Funnel Away Challenge? How did you like it? Did you perceive it worth the $100
investment or do you think personally that it was not worth that investment? Or if you didn’t sign up yet or it didn’t
go for the (One Funnel Away) challenge yet, let me know in the comments below. If you signed up now and if you haven’t,
what’s keeping you still from signing up for the (One Funnel Away) challenge and
starting to change your life and build your first successful funnel out there? Thanks for watching. See you next Monday with another video. Till then. Bye. Bye.

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