What is the best computer for photo editing?

November 11, 2019

What’s the best computer to post process images is one of the most frequently asked questions in workshops, when people meet me. By the way can I please request you to subscribe to this channel so that you get all the updates that we send. Also it’s a good idea to hit the bell icon so that you get instant notifications when we have new content. So I’m actually a Mac user as I keep saying I use an Apple computer especially a MacBook Pro for my everyday usage. I use that to check my mails as well as to download pictures into my Lightroom as well as I use it to develop photographs while on the field as well as when I come here and I attach it with a monitor like this. So I use a Mac actually that’s because Mac uses a colour profile which is very interesting it’s actually much better than the sRGB colour profile it’s called a DCIP 3 and also it enables you to look at your pictures with a very good colour gamut. It’s actually seems so much better. Whenever somebody is sitting with me in a workshop and they’re looking at the same picture in their machine and they look at it on my MacBook Pro they think it looks much better. That’s also because a MacBook Pro has a retina display allows you to look at images with a higher resolution and makes it look much sharper but of course it costs a lot more to have a MacBook Pro if you have budget constraints you can also be using any Windows laptop which actually has a very good graphics card and has a reasonable amount of memory and hard disk space. Usually people who like to do gaming can also have computers which have all of these things and probably doubles up as a very good machine in order to post-process your images. I also do a lot of video editing on my MacBook Pro and it’s really something I have not faced an issue with when it comes to performance or speed or you know processing information with such amount of data and mind you I work with 4K videos at times and really a very good system to do that as well. So it’s not really important to use a Mac if you are a Windows user. Please go ahead but make sure you have the system specs which are really pro doing things like these with respect to RAM with respect to graphics card with respect to hard disk space and also as I said it’s also important to have a display which can actually show you the colours that you need. By the way if you’re a photography enthusiast who takes pictures in raw file format and you’re wondering how to learn post-processing you should actually be signing up for the Lightroom course. We have a very robust course which talks about the details of library management of how you can work with images and also gets deeper into the develop module of Lightroom and the link to that course is right below in this description. I urge you to actually take up Lightroom as a serious endeavour where you learn how to post process and manage your photographs to become an efficient photographer.

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