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What FREE Photo Editor Do I Use (Canon DPP?) by J Sheetz

August 13, 2019

a good free photo editor for artists or anyone that wants to use something to edit photos I would recommend either using roll therapy or digital photo professional DPP for short it’s made by Canon and I use both of them for when I’m editing my photos because I started getting into photography a lot recently and I was using roll therapy but some of the functions that are on DPP I Prefer overall therapy. So I have both of them right now that I’m using because on roll therapy It gives me more options for changing black highlights and some of the highlights and the life of the photos. Whereas digital photo professional works really good with Changing colors. It has little little sliders that are on there that you can select for blue aqua yellow red and orange Magenta green and it’s got little sliders where you can select we can raise or lower The hue of it or the saturation and the brightness of it and there’s a photo that I added that I had took of the train tracks and In That photo it’s black and white But it has a little bit of orange in it and I used DPP to do that then after that, I put it into all therapy to of they’ll fix some of the highlights and what I like about DPP or digital photo professional is That it has a better auto fix Like I say if you want to do something Real quick and you just want to get some photos up that you’re not you’re not really worried about trying to make them look, you know professional amazing everything useful to uploading to say a social media or on to Anything else Google Maps, whatever it is It has really good Auto Fixing on it the contrast on there is a bit higher than if using roll therapy, but I do prefer using it the only issue I do have with it is that It runs a little bit slow compared to all therapy on my computer at least Because I’m using Windows, I’m not sure if or the difference if you’re using windows if you’re using macarons like that haven’t looked into that but I Noticed that it runs a little bit slow on my computer That’s the only issue I have that’s why I have both of them at the moment So if there’s something I want to do on we’re all therapy that I can’t do on the other one I just use on that and it’s a really good confident of using those two and I had downloaded digital photo professional about two weeks ago and I’m still kind of stuck I’m not really sure what’s want to stick with but if you have any suggestions about what’s the one will be better? I prefer using the free ones in the moment because I’m not really Professional photography or anything so That’s why I’m not really gonna pay or anything yet But if there’s any other free ones that you recommend just let me know But for me personally at the time I’m using roll therapy and digital photo professional And I’ll continue using those until I get to the point to where I feel that. I need something better Something that’s more professional for my photos that where I feel it that I’m gonna point to where I am more professional I’ll then switch to using that. So thank you for watching in If you have any suggestions go ahead and let me know

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