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What are Third-Party apps and where do you find them?

September 11, 2019

In this section, we’re going to look at third
party apps. What exactly are they and how do you find them? In this course we’ve looked
at all of the pre installed apps; the apps that come straight out of your box. By now
you should have a good idea about what each one of them does, how to tweak them and what
their main functions are. Certainly what some of the weakness are of those apps. We’ve covered
nearly all of them. There’s a couple that haven’t been covered. What you can also do
on your iPad is add other apps. All of the  apps that you can install are found in the
App Store. The App Store, as you know, you can browse by section, you can browse by category
and you can search for a specific name of an app as long as you know the name of that
app. In September 2014, the App Store had over one million apps. If you’re looking for
an app, that search is very overwhelming. There is no way to determine which apps are
actually good out of all those apps you’re looking for. There’s also too many apps to
search through on the App Store, and there’s no way to determine which apps actually meet
your specific need. If you’re looking for a replacement for the Calendar app, and you’ve
found through searching that there is a whole lot of Calendar apps, how do you know which
one is the best one for you. Finding the right app can be like searching for a needle in
a haystack. Luckily there are are app search engines. These are search engines that search
for a variety of apps made by a third party. Third party are just developers that develop
apps on any given topic. What they do is give you app discovery so you’re able to search
for a specific genre, category, niche of apps through these search engines. They give you
lists so you’ve got the ability to make a list or to setup a watch list for any new
apps on a certain topic. They also recommend apps for you based on your current usage or
whatever apps you have already installed on your iPad. This section explores four of these
search engines and there are many more and I’ll leave some links in the Resources section
for more web sites that help you find apps. These are some of the top four we’re going
to look at. The first one is called AppStart. This one is available as an app from the App
Store and it goes through all the sorts of apps that you could have as a new user. It
doesn’t use  any of the pre-installed apps. It just goes though different categories.
The example here: The holy grail of email gives you a whole lot of ways to use email
on your iPad, so its’ not just about apps but how you can use those apps. Here is a
website called AppCrawlr. AppCrawlr is a search engine, search and discovery engine for apps.
Not only Apple apps but you can search for Android apps and iPhone apps. It’s a very
big search engine, one of the best ones. There’s another website called AppShopper, where if
you create an account with AppShopper, you can actually set up Wish Lists. It gives you
Top Apps, Your Apps and provides news about new apps. It’s a good one to belong to. The
last one we’re going to look at is called AppAdvice. It gives you app reviews, updates
and sales, tells you when paid apps become free. It’s good one to keep you up to date.
By the time you finish this section, you’ll have an idea about how to find other apps
to expand your apps arsenal, if you like. You’re going to have a whole range of new
apps that you can use that don’t have the weakness that the pre-installed apps have.


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