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October 30, 2019

>>[Narrator] This is Húsavík, a small town in the north
of Iceland and home to around twenty
three hundred inhabitants. Husavik is famous for whale watching and it’s widely
regarded as Iceland’s whale-watching capital. There’s a higher chance
of seeing whales in the Shaky Bay
than anywhere else in Iceland. This bay originally created by glacial activity has
two major rivers flow into it. And this results in a very
rich feeding grounds for whales. Here, you’ll find a very rich
and diverse wildlife ecosystem. You can find many whales,
dolphins and bird species here. So you can definitely say that whale watching
is big in Húsavík. You’ll find a whale watching
company in every corner of the harbor and they’ve even
got a whale museum. But a little more
than 25 years ago, there was no whale watching
in Húsavík, but that changed when two brothers bought
their first boat and founded Northsailing in 1994.>>My name is Hordur
Sigurbjarnarson, and I am owner of Northsailing and founder, along with my brother
and soon, my– my son. So this was a family company
until three years ago. There came more shareholders
into the company.>>[Narrator] First, they started preparing
the old white oak fishing boats and in 1995, they were ready
for their first tour and they still use
these same boats to date. Of course, I asked them why they use
wooden boats instead of metal like the other companies do.>>We found out that all the wooden boat
fishing fleet of Iceland, which I loved very much and I was sure that this fleet of white
oak boats from Europe are very, very valuable. And they have
very nice movement. And so we bettin on this by offering
travel agencies to come, to enjoy the
nature of Skjálfandi.>>[Narrator] And it seems like they chose
the right strategy. The number of tours
increased rapidly and each year more tourists
came to enjoy whale watching.>>But, in the first year, we want everybody
who was trying to understand what was going on
here on the bay. We realised
that this is a very, very exceptional. The surrounding, the mountains
behind the bay, the bird life and so
nobody have expected, the whales were more
than we expected mainly Minke whales, but every now and then humpback whales. So the first year we
got 1,750 passengers. Next year, 5,600
and third, 8,000. And then the market realized
it was something new.>>And this success of Northsailing
did not go unnoticed. After a while, other companies also
started offering whale watching tours in Húsavík. So although whale watching
is relatively new, it has grown a lot of popularity
in the last few decades. Every day thousands of people join a tour to admire
these magnificent animals, but humankind has not always treated the whale
population this way. The last four to five centuries, people have heavily
hunted the whales, but around 1915 something
changed in Iceland.>>In 1915, when Iceland were the first
of the of Nations to been put up a complete ban
on big whale hunting. But despite of that, we have lost two species
of the population around Iceland which are
the Northern Right Whale, and the Grey Whales. They haven’t be seen
here and not shown.>>Although some bigger
whale species are now internationally protected, whale hunting or whaling
is still going on in Iceland. Currently, two active wailing
companies remain on Iceland. According to several sites, which are linked
in the description, they are allowed to kill
a maximum of 209 fin whales and 217 minke whales each year
between 2018 and 2023. So this means that they
are hunting the same whales that the wheel watching
companies try to show to the tourist.>>Yeah, well, it’s completely stupid to do it
and that doesn’t go with any acceptable methods, how we– how we kill
animals to put on our table. Stupid.>>The whale watching companies can probably not stop
this whale hunting, but what they can do is lowering
the impact of whale watching and that’s exactly what North sailing
is trying to accomplish. Recently, they started offering silent also called responsible
whale watching tours.>>Silent sailing yes… We decided several years
ago to try to electrify one of our boats and
to charge in harbor and do the whale watching
here on the Skjálfandi bay with electricity.>>These batteries get charged
with green electricity. There are many
geothermal power plants and also hydropower
plants in Iceland. Although North sailing is still
improving the technology, they can now offer a full tour
completely on electricity.>>We can sail normally,
we can sail two trips. Two- three hours trip
on the on the batteries, and this is a boat
which has a sails as well. And then, we use
the sails with batteries, and we have any wind for it. But this is a project, we are developing and we need time to get hold
on how what is possible and what is reasonable to do, but this is really
silent whale watching.>>I’ve had the privilege to join a few silence
whale watching tours. It’s an amazing experience
to sail on the open sea, without any engine noise, just the sound of the waves
and the wind in the sails. Based on many encounters that you can find
on YouTube alone, it’s reasonable to think the
whales are enjoying our visit or at least are interested
in our presence. But of course only as long as
you treat them with respect and a more silent approach will probably lower
the impact of our visit.>>But you can avoid the impact
by keeping in mind that you are the visitor
in their ground. That’s a Whales home. And most of the skhpper’s
are understand this. And our problem as I see it is that there are no official
regulations to follow by the goverments for the communities
or it really depends on cooperation between
the companies and people who are interested
to protect the whales and we have introduced a code
of conduct regulations, which are international.>>Whale watching is bigger
than ever in Iceland. So maybe this is the right
moment to set up regulations for whale watching. Anyway, I don’t want to provoke
a political discussion about whaling or whale watching
with this documentary. As you’ve noticed, I’m very passionate
about whale watching. And I do believe that they
deserve more protection. But I also want to show that there’s an opposite
interest going on here. The seas around Iceland
are important in many ways for a lot of inhabitants
of this beautiful island. The Fisheries sector was
the single most important part of the Icelandic
economy in 2011, but now this has been
replaced by tourism, another important sector
for many people in Iceland. And what about the whale species
that are not endangered? It what’s the difference
between the meat that we buy in the supermarket
or the minke whales that get consumed
by a lot of tourist? Well that is all up to you. Hopefully, this short
documentary gave you the insight to make a better decision if you ever decide
to go whale watching or if whale meat is on the menu
of your restaurant. Before I end this one, I want to thank
the people at Northsailing for their friendly
welcome and hospitality. And finally, I just
want to mention that this video was
not paid or sponsored. It’s just my
own passion project. Thanks again for watching. See you next time on Orange83.


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    I feel soo much warmth and peace with this video Orange83. Your works are amazing and this particular documentary is making me consider visiting Iceland. I also enjoyed your 7 ways in making videos more cinematic. It has given me another scope in how I should record my videos. Thank you very much Orange83. I actually learnt most of my editing skills from you and also enjoyed all your free transition packs and title packs and everything you have shared on your channel.

    I hope one day I make you proud on my channel and also contribute something for the enjoyments and lessons I have gotten from your channel. Much love bro. Is there anyway I can get in touch with you please.

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