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WeVideo Tutorial (Complete Online Video Editing Walkthrough!)

October 31, 2019

– WeVideo is our number one
recommended online video editor. And in this video, we’re gonna run through a
complete WeVideo tutorial so that you can get up-to-speed fast with a ton of tips and
tricks along the way. (smooth techno music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything
we mention in this video, you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. WeVideo is a super powerful
online video editor packing in a ton of features
that you’d normally only find in professional desktop
video editing software. So to help you get the most out of it, we’re gonna run through a
complete video editing walkthrough to show you exactly how to
use WeVideo step-by-step. And just a heads up, we’re not gonna cover it off
on every feature in here. I’m gonna show you the key
stuff that you need to know to get the most out of the app and to start getting great
results as fast as possible. And a big part of that is process no matter what editing
software you’re using. So to help with this, I’m gonna take you through here using the Primal Video Method, the most efficient way
to edit your videos down with minimal wasted time and rework. We’ll have a link to download your copy of the Primal Video Method
at the end of this video so you can use it while you’re
editing down your content. So this is the first thing you’ll see when you sign into WeVideo. The first thing you wanna do
is to create a new project so when you select on that, it’s gonna ask you what type of project that you wanna create, whether it’s a widescreen
horizontal video, whether it’s vertical or
whether it is a square video. Now, you can actually
switch between these later which is a really powerful
feature of WeVideo but if you already know
the primary type of content you’re gonna be creating,
then select that first because you can always come
back and swap this later or create different versions afterwards. So we’re gonna start with
horizontal 16 by nine and let’s go start editing. It’s gonna create a timeline for us. So down the bottom here,
we’ve got our timeline, we’ve got multiple video tracks here, we can add more video tracks in just by selecting the plus button here, we can add more video or audio tracks. Over here is our playback window. This is where we get to preview our edit and preview any of our clips. Up here, we’ve got all our
project windows and panels, so you can see we’re currently
on the Essentials Library because WeVideo does
have extra stock footage and images and audio if you
do have the correct version. The next one across is the media. This is where you can
see all of the footage and assets that you’ve got for your videos that you’ve uploaded already or where you can upload more as well. The next one across is
all your text and titles that you can add in, then
you’ve got your music, and yes, they do actually include music that you can use in your videos. They’ve got three folders here: Free, Sound Effects, and Premium Music. Next one across is your transitions and then you go graphics in here as well, animated backgrounds. Now, here, straight off the bat, your WeVideo doesn’t look like this, you can actually change
up the layout of it. There is a more basic version. This is the advanced version
or the advanced look. If we come up to the menu in
the top left-hand corner here, down the bottom here, we’ve
got Switch To Storyboard. Now, if we select this, this is gonna give us
that basic editing version so if this is what you’re seeing first, you can still edit fine in here but personally, I prefer the timeline view so I’m gonna switch back to
that and this is how you do it. Back up to this top menu,
down to Switch to Timeline, and then you’re back with the
more advanced look and feel. Now, just back up here
under that menu as well, this is where you can create
a new edit or a new timeline. You can open up one of
your recent projects or a previous video that
you’ve been editing. You can save, you can
save as a new version. This is also where you
can change the format so if you do wanna switch back to horizontal, vertical, square, you can change that here, but not only can you just change, you can also change and
create a new version or a copy at the same time
so this is really powerful. Now, there’s been some
really cool features added in here recently. One of them is the ability to switch between the different formats but the other one is linked resources. So if you come over here
to linked resources, you can link a resource so that if you’re working with a team or if you just wanna keep
everything in the one place, it could be that you are
linking to a Google Doc or to a Google Spreadsheet or any information that
you need any scripts, any information that you or
your editors are gonna need to work collaboratively on this project, then you can link them in here
so that inside the project, you’ve got fast access to everything. So we’re back out of this now. Now, just really quickly,
before we jump into the editing, there are a few other
menus up the top here that you should know about. Dashboard will take you
back to the dashboard, Projects will take you
to where you can manage all of your actual projects. So inside of Primal Video YouTube Videos is where we’re gonna have all of the different videos
that we’re working on. We’re also just seeing here My Projects, so the projects that are
assigned to my account. If I am working with a team, you can also share your projects and have video files and
video edits shared with you inside of here as well. Next one across is media. Now, this is all the stuff
that you’ve got uploaded in the cloud ready to edit. So once again, you’re
able to see your own, things that you have uploaded and that are on your personal account or you can access to also
view your shared media which are things that everyone in your team is able to access. So if you’ve got a heap of
footage like stock footage or B-roll footage that you
want everyone in your team to be able to use and edit, or maybe it’s even your title templates like we’re seeing here, then you wanna drop those
into the Shared with everyone so that they are accessible
by your entire team. Export is where all of your
finished videos will go and Admin is where you’ve got
some different settings here to be able to set up and manage your team to manage your permissions, your groups, and even some reporting in here as well to track the usage, storage,
and some other metrics it says. So we’re gonna go back to dashboard, we’re gonna hit Create New again ’cause we didn’t actually
start our edit before. So we’ll come back here, horizontal, let’s go start editing. So once we’re in our timeline, the first thing you wanna do is to bring in your video footage. So you wanna come across here to this next tab which
is media and in here, you can see I’ve already
got some footage uploaded. Now, obviously, if this is the first time that you’re opening this, you’re not gonna have those in there so you wanna upload them to WeVideos so that you can edit them. So to do that, all you wanna do is come across here to
the green upload button, press Import media, now here you can either
drag and drop your files on or you can import
directly from other online or social websites like Google Drive, you can see Facebook, Box, Instagram, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Flickr. It’s direct integration with these. Now, this is really amazing ’cause if you’ve already
got your footage uploaded onto one of these platforms,
it’s almost an instant import. You don’t have to re-upload it again. It is crazy how powerful this is. But if you’ve got files on your computer, then you can select browse to select and go through Navigate
and find your files. Let’s upload, this is one
of our YouTube videos. We’ll upload this one. And you can see that it’s down here and it is currently uploading. This is a pretty large file. I think it’s a six or eight-gig file. There is a little progress
indicator down the bottom there showing that this is uploading. It might be pretty hard to
see on the screen recording but the beauty of this is that we can actually drag
this down into our timeline and start editing this footage while it’s uploading to WeVideo. Actually, this is 4k footage. And if we hit play, it’s
gonna play back fine. Right now with a ton of
Instagram Story tips. So you’re able to edit 4k footage here. You can see we just
dragged and dropped it in. It’s uploading as we’re editing so this is really, really powerful. Now, I’m gonna delete this clip ’cause it was just an example one there. We’re gonna drop our footage
down into the timeline. So we’ve got some footage
here that we’ve shot. It’s 4k footage once again. We’ll drag it down into the timeline and now we’re going to start editing. So the first step is to import or upload all of your footage. Now, just before we jump in and start editing down our footage which is normally what you
would do first as a priority, the way that WeVideo actually
handles its color correction, it’s actually better to
do your color correction and color grading upfront in this program. So we’re gonna go ahead and color grade our
primary footage here first. So you wanna make sure
the footage is selected but we wanna double click on it and then come across at
the top here to color. And then in here is
where you’ve got access to all of the tools and
the settings and everything for that individual clip. So this is where we can transform and rotate and change the scale. We’ve got volume controls in here, animations if we wanna start
something at one point, like zoom in on the photo or on a video. We can set a start position
and an end position so it’s gonna animate between the two. Next one across here is color which is what we’re about to jump into. You’ve also got color keying which is where you would key
out a color or cut out a color so if you’re doing green screen, then this is where you wanna be for that. And the last one across
here is your speed control. So if you wanna slow
down or speed up a clip, it can all be done in here. So let’s go back to color. What I would recommend that
you do with your color grading, the first one of these settings
you should always adjust is the brightness. Now, whether it’s gonna
be brighter or darker, it’s gonna come down
to your individual clip but you wanna set this up so that it looks right for your shot. Now, with color grading as a whole, it is a creative process. there is no right or wrong with this. It’s all about achieving the look and feel for your videos that you want. But start with brightness, then I would say come
down to color temperature and as you move this slider to the left, you’re gonna add more blue, it’ll make this shot more cooler. As you go to the right, it’s
gonna add more yellow or orange to make this shot feel warmer. So maybe we’ll add a
bit more warmth there. Once you’ve done
brightness and temperature, you can then go through
contrast and saturation. So saturation is gonna boost
the colors or reduce the colors so much so that if you go too far, you’re getting it black and white. So it’s just minor adjustments with these to dial in the look
and feel that you like. Hit save and that’s gonna
apply it to your entire clip instead of you having to manually add that to each of the individual clips as you go through later in the process. So if you’ve got 20 little
clips down the bottom here, you’d have to manually set that one-by-one if you don’t do that upfront. Currently, there’s no way for you to copy and paste your color
effects across multiple clips. So you wanna get that
out of the way upfront and now we’re gonna jump into the actual editing of this content. Now, one thing to note is that the preview that you’ve got here, the playback that you’re gonna have is a low-quality preview. I don’t want anyone freaking out about the quality that
they’re seeing on here. This is a low-quality preview just to make everything
fast while you’re editing. Now, even though it is
a low-quality preview, it’s more than high enough
quality to be able to see and set everything up and
to edit your footage down but just know that when you do save or export out your video, it’s going to look much,
much higher quality than what you’re seeing in the preview. Now, the first thing that
I like to change in here is down under where it says Video 1, hit this little dropdown
to change the track height and pick the bottom one here. And now, this is gonna show
you your audio waveforms. It’s gonna take a little
second to generate those but it’s gonna show you
the visual representation of the audio in your timeline. So you can see that’s
just appeared there now. So the flat section is
where I’m not talking and the spiky section or the raised section of the graph there is where I’m speaking. So if I press play now. Let’s try again. One, two, three. So you can see I actually
don’t start the content ’til probably down here somewhere. So once you’ve got your footage in, you wanna start making
edits to your footage and removing all the things like you’ve just seen in the start where I’m talking to myself. Clearly, I’m going a little crazy. You wanna remove all the things that you definitely don’t wanna have in your finished video project. So to start off with, you either wanna come across
with this clip selected, come across to this left-hand side and we wanna grab that
handle and slide it across and our clip is going to
start whenever we let go. So that now is where our
video clip is going to start. Let’s hit play. YouTube is the best way
to grow an audience. Okay, so that’s clearly
the start of our video Now, we can pick up this
clip and move it back in to close up this gap
so that actually starts at the start of our video. And then you wanna come across
to the end of your video. Now, I am gonna shorten this down because it is a massive clip. So say we wanted to remove everything here from the end of our clip, we can come across to here. I’ll just drag that, this
is our playback indicator. I’ll just drag this across
to where we wanna finish and let’s hit the pair of scissors here. So if I press on that, it’s added a cut in our timeline that split that clip in two. So we’ve got two Clips there,
we can select this one here and either press Delete or
backspace on the keyboard or we can just hit the
little trash can icon here and that clip is now deleted. Now, just looking at this timeline here, you can see there is a
couple of empty spots here, pieces where I am not producing content, maybe thinking about what to say next or maybe I’ve made a mistake
or who knows what I’m thinking. We don’t want them in our
finished video project so we wanna come across, we wanna add a cut in our
timeline at that point. Again, you can press the scissors or you can press S on the keyboard to split your clip at that point. Let’s come across to where we
want this next piece removed. Press S, select that, and press Delete on the
keyboard to remove it. Now, if we do wanna close up that gap, you can see we’ve got this
blank space in the middle here. We can either click on this
clip and drag it across or we can select the two clips, the clips on either side of it just by drawing a box around it and we can right click
and choose close gaps and it’s gonna close up the gap for us. So as with any editing software, there’s lots of different
ways that you can do things so we’ll just remove this
next gap here as well and you can also zoom in
and out on the timeline using the minus and plus
slider down the bottom here so if you want more detail
and more control over it, then you can zoom in
and out down the bottom. So let’s bring our slider
here back to about here. Let’s go just before my hand comes up, somewhere around there, and clearly, that was a take
that I was redoing afterwards so maybe we’ll remove that entire one to here where I start talking again next. Obviously, you’ll be playing this through and listening to what you’re saying but I just wanna show you
what’s possible with this and how you can edit fast in it. So you can either press S on the keyboard to split your clip at that point or we can select that clip,
we can grab this handle, and we can slide it along to where we want that clip to start. We can either then select both clips and choose close gaps to close the gaps or we could just pick up the
second one and move it across. So you wanna go through
now and add in any cuts to remove any sections that you definitely don’t
want in your end video. Now, one more thing that I think it’s important that you know is that you can pick up the
clips and move them around. You’ve obviously seen me
dragging them left and right but say we want this clip
in front of this next one. We can pick it up and
position it over the top. See it’s gone red, that’s
saying you can’t drop it there, but when we get to that
join in the two clips there, it goes yellow or orange. When we let go of our clip
there to drop it there, it’s gonna give us the
option to insert and push and that means it’s gonna
insert it in that place and push the other clip along. So I’ve just really swapped
those two clips around. So once you’ve got all of your footage down the timeline as your core content, the next thing you wanna do is to bring in any
overlay or B-roll footage to help you tell that story. So we’ve got some example clips up here of the Smooth for Gimbal. I’ll click on one of these and drop it down into our timeline. So you can see that as I scrub
through our footage here now, we’ve got me talking and at this point, the B-roll footage is shown, and let’s just say we wanna
cut it before I come in and start playing with the unit. So we wanna make sure
that the clip is selected, choose the section that
we want about there, and hit the scissors. That’s now split our clip in two. Now, obviously this is
a clip now we can use somewhere else in our timeline or we can press the trashcan and delete it and bring in more footage. So it really is about now bringing in all of your B-roll or overlay footage to build out the story that
you’re looking to tell. And so once you’ve got all of your B-roll or overlay clips in, the next thing you wanna add
in is any titles or graphics. So we’ll come up the top here to Titles. Now in here, WeVideo
have an awesome selection of animated titles that
you can use in your videos. There’s heaps of them in there and you can customize them
up to match your brand. I’m just gonna pick a basic one here. Let’s go slides lower third. Let’s drop it in down near the start and we’ll make it come up with my name as we start this video. So as I first come on screen, we’ll bring up my name in there. You can see it’s just as playing through, it’s already animated in there for us, and we can just double click on it to enter the properties for it so that we can customize it up. So primary text here, let’s
change this to Justin Brown, and secondary text, let’s go Primal Video. Now, in here we can change the font. We normally have Oswald
as our Primal Video font so I’ll change both of these to Oswald. If you wanna adjust the sizes, we can change it from auto to manual and we can increase or lower
the size of our text there. We can also adjust all the colors here so we might change this
one here to a dark gray, we might change the blue here to more of a Primal Video blue, maybe a little bit brighter,
something like that, and if we come across at the
top here to the Transform tab, the next tab at the top, then we can actually reposition our titles and move them around, we can make them bigger or smaller. So let’s scale this down a little bit and we can also just click
and drag on the title here and let’s position that down
in the bottom corner now, something like that. And then we can choose Save Changes and our titles now are down on
the bottom left-hand corner. So if we scrub across
now, the video starts, and then we’ve got our
animated title that comes in, Justin Brown, Primal Video, and then it does animate back out as well. Okay, so you wanna go
through now in this step in adding any titles, any
graphics, any dot point lists, you can use these
templates here to do that. If you just wanna enter basic text without using any of
their actual templates, come down the bottom
here to the basic ones, basic text, basic subtitle,
basic end credits. There’s some basic ones
that you can add in there and customize those up from scratch. So now that you’ve got
all your titles in there, the next step is to
add in any transitions. You see there’s a heap of
different ones in here, crossfade, cross blur,
there’s a lot of them in here. What I would say with transitions is you really wanna use them sparingly and you don’t wanna go
overboard with them. A lot of people just throw
transition after transition, it can make your video
look really unprofessional. So I like that they’ve
included the most used ones by video professionals, things like a crossfade,
the cross blur even, a cross zoom maybe you’ll
use from time to time but the ones that are the most powerful, the dip to black, the dip to white, and I would say the crossfade. Those are the ones that
you should be using if you’re gonna be using it any at all unless you’re using
something here specific that’s adding to the
story that you’re telling. So for this one here, we’re
gonna go a dip to white. We’re gonna click on that and drag it down between our two clips here. You can see that it goes white. Now, if we scrub through
this, I’m talking, it’s going to fade up to white, it’s gonna dip to white,
and then back down. So where you’d probably
use a transition like this is up on top of your B-roll. So if we grab one of these
dip-to-white transitions and drag it down at the
start of our overlay footage, so it’s me talking, it’s going
to quickly flash up to white or dip to white, and then we’re
straight in to our footage. So it’s kinda like a
camera flash to flash up, it’s a little subtle thing that might add a little bit of polish, depending what type of
video you’re creating. You might also wanna add a
dip to white on the end of it so just at the end of the B-roll sequence, it’s gonna flash to white then back. Now, obviously, I’m reaching up to touch the teleprompter there so we wouldn’t normally use this shot but you get the idea. So what I would normally
do down here though is not have a cross
dissolve or a dip to white or dip to black or any
transition between two shots that are almost identical. So I’ll select that now and
press the trashcan to delete it. But what I would do so it’s
not always just a hard cut is I would zoom in or
reposition one of the shots so it looked a little bit different and it would break it
up just a little bit. So if we select this second clip here now, we can double click on it to
open up the Transform Tools. This is where we can make the clip look a little bit different. So we’re gonna zoom in a little bit, I’m gonna grab this slider, we’re going to increase it a little bit. Now, you don’t wanna do it too much here, and depending on actually
how you record your footage, you might lose the slightest amount of quality in your footage so you really don’t
wanna zoom in too much. So I’ve zoomed in a little bit, let’s try to move this down a
little bit so the eyes match. If you can get the eyes
in both shots to match, it’s gonna be more seamless. Let’s go Save Changes. So now as we scrub through
this, we’ve got a wider shot, and then at this point here, it zooms in. So that’s one way that
you can really easily break up your edit. The next step is to add in your music. Now, if you’ve got any music that you’ve already imported and uploaded, then you can grab it here
from the media window or upload your music if
you haven’t done that yet, or there is also a music panel here which does have free music
sound effects and premium music. So for the purposes of this tutorial, I’m gonna grab one of these tracks, I’m gonna drag it down into our timeline. And just to give us a
little bit more space, we can actually come
and grab this bar here and slide it across to the right and that’s going to just
adjust the size on things so we got more room on the timeline here. So you can see that bottom track there, there’s our music track that
is dropped into our sequence. And just like any other track, we can click on it, we can pick it up, we can move it around, we can select it, and we can adjust the
start time and the end time or cut the start and cut the end, we can bring down multiple
music tracks if we’d like to. So they’re treated just
the same as any other clip, so we can select on that one
and press Delete and it’s gone. Now, if you wanna fade in or
fade out your audio track, you can, with your track selected, you can come over here to
the Fade Options button. So if we press on that, then we can select we
wanna fade in the audio, you can see it’s already
added in a fade line there or the start and the finish and we can choose how
long it’s going to go for. So let’s say we wanna fade in over three seconds at the start and maybe three seconds at the end. And we’ll just click off
that now to deselect it and you can see here our audio starts, it’s at following that blue
line that starts at 0% volume moving up to 100% volume and then dropping down at this point. So that’s how easy it
is to fade in and out in your music tracks. So now you’ve got your music tracks in. If you’ve got any further adjustments to make with your edits to tighten it up or to make any of these
cuts happen on the beat so that it matches the
music you’ve brought in, then obviously you’re
gonna go through here now. It really is an iterative process just going through playing
through your footage, making sure everything looks good, refining it as you go. So once you’re happy with where that’s at, the next step is to
adjust your audio levels. So you wanna start out first by adjusting the content audio levels to make sure that all of those are fine. Now, normally as default, WeVideo does a really
good job of making sure that these are set where you want them, your content piece is set correctly and that it’s not too loud. If you need to make adjustments to it, you can either do it on
the entire track here and you can grab this volume slider and you can lower that down or you can do it on an
individual clip-by-clip basis so if there’s one that you
wanna increase the volume on, then you can do that individually
as a clip as a whole, you can select the track, you can either double click
on it and go across to audio and adjust the audio levels there or we can cancel out of that, we can come back over
here to our fade options and we can adjust the volume in here. We’ve got the volume level slider and you can see as I drop that down, it’s adjusting that in the
actual edit there as well. And once again, you can do all
of your music tracks at once just by using this slider
here to adjust everything that is on that one video or audio track or you can do it on an
individual clip-by-clip basis. So then once you’ve finished your project, it’s time to save it out. So you wanna come up here to finish. Let me give your video a title, let’s call this Edit 1. It’s set. Now, in here, we get to choose
if we want video with audio or we just want the audio. So you do have the ability
to save out like an mp3 or something here if you’d like to. But say for most people, you’re gonna want video and audio, your resolution you get to
choose 720p, 1080p, or 4k. Obviously, this is also
gonna come down to the plan that you’ve selected with WeVideo. And you’ll also get to select
if you want the video saved or exported directly to
other places as well. So it’s gonna save directly into your WeVideo account by default but if you also wanna save it out to things like Box, Dropbox,
or direct to YouTube or Vimeo, then you can select those as well. So we’re gonna change this here to 4k ’cause it was a 4k edit,
we’re gonna hit export. Now it says here that we’d
saving our video out for us and then we don’t need
to keep this window open. They’re gonna send us an
email when our file is ready. Now, if we come back to these Edit 1, I just wanna show you how easy it is to repurpose your content
’cause I think this, as I said, is a massive feature. So I said that we’ve finished this edit, we like how it’s all done, we wanna create a separate
version for portrait for Instagram Stories or Facebook. We come up here and choose Change Format. Let’s choose Vertical and
let’s go Copy and Change so it’s gonna create a
new version of it for us, it’s not gonna overwrite or
make changes to that original. We get notified here that
it’s automatically scaled and adjusted our footage for us so that it’s all going to fit. So what you’ll find here
is that things like titles, if we scrub across our title here, our title has been
repositioned and resized so that it fits here. Now, obviously, we’re gonna
have to resize the text but that’s fine. We can double click on that. We can come back over
here to our font size and we’ll switch that back to auto and you can see that it
fits down there as well. Now, in this case, we
actually might wanna make it a little bit bigger now. So we can come back over
here, scale this up, and pick up our title and move it around, but you can see we don’t
need to recreate everything so we hit Save Changes,
that’s now applied. Likewise with our video footage, you can see it’s done a pretty
good job of centering it up. If we wanna make any adjustments here, say we wanna move the
clip over a little bit so it’s a little more centered, we can double click on the clip and we can either pick
it up and move it around to position it where we’d like or there are some presets in here as well to change the fit of it. So if we press on this first one, you can see it’s gonna scale it down so if you’re looking for this look where you’ve got text on
the top, on the bottom, or other graphics in behind it, you can easily create that
with a simple button click. And if you’re doing that,
there is another option down the bottom here, blurred background. So if we select this one, it’s actually gonna copy this entire clip and stretch it up and blur it out to give it that blurred background look that you’ve probably seen
on things like Instagram or Instagram Stories. They’ve also then got the option here just to scale it back up the way it was and obviously we can reposition
and rescale everything here. Once you’re done, hit Save Changes, you wanna go through your
edit and reposition everything but it’s just so fast. It’s not like you need to recreate this entire edit again from scratch. You’re literally just repositioning or resizing a couple of different elements and your edit is good to go. So that’s a complete editing
walkthrough using WeVideo. Now, linked on screen is
where you can download the Primal Video Methods. This is a free download taking you through the most efficient and effective way to edit your videos down with minimal wasted time and rework. Click the link on screen
or below in the description to grab your copy and I’ll
see you in the next video.


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