West Coast Lightroom Preset Rundown Preview

October 1, 2019

Hey guys Ryan here at Signature Edits
and I am pumped to show you the new preset pack that we’ve been working on,
West Coast. Are you ready? I’ve got some photos here. I’m gonna hop over to my
library that I’ve just imported. They are some travel photos that me and my wife
took around Canada, America, Australia, just a couple random ones to give you
some variety. And normally what I would do is when I import them I would just
hit here and I go to the quick develop and I would probably apply a preset just
importing. So I go to West Coast and the way that these presets are set up is
we’ve got three looks with different intensities for each look. So Westcoast zero
one is the lowest contrast then we’ve got. Two which is medium contrast and
three which is high contrast look. Then we have ad saturated version of all
three of those and a nighttime version of all three of those optimized for
tungsten light and really dark situations okay so what I would normally
do is I just do this I’d hit West Coast gyro one and just like that the preset
would be applied to all my photos then I go through and I tweak them however
because we’re going to be showing you the pack I’m going to leave them raw
like this and go through one at a time just so you can see what the presets are
actually doing to each photo so let me show you here’s West Coast zero one and
West Coast ero to adds a little bit of contrast and let’s say we wanted even
more I go to West Coast zero three so for now we’re gonna go with Westco zero
three on this image because I like it I’m just gonna straighten this out by
pressing R and dragging my crop tool then I’m going to add a little bit of
texture to the clouds using the preset brushes which are included with every
signature at its pack so I’ve got here and add texture brush as well as a water
sky pop so I’m gonna select this then I’m going to press o so I can see what
I’m doing I’m just really quickly going to paint on here and you can see that my
auto mask is on by mistake and I’ll shut that off and just paint on these clouds and just like that press o again so
there’s my clouds after here’s before you can see it really brings out the
detail in those an easier way to do that if you like is all you have to do zoom
out here to the 1/16 view make your brush nice and big and turn on auto mask
then click the area of the image you want to mask press o so you can see what
you’re doing and it will automatically mask that area based on the brightness
so if it hasn’t gotten so spots you just click them again you’ve
got everything masked that you want now I can hold down my alt and that will
toggle to my eraser and I can just erase off of the beach here because I don’t
actually want to affect that just the clouds and if the water gets affected a
little that’s fine too okay I’m gonna press o again and you can see that it’s
masked out the clouds let’s move on to our next image so this guy right here
we’re going to apply West Coast zero one zero two zero three now let’s say that I
don’t like the Greens too much in this image they’re just too saturated for my
liking well that’s what the D saturated versions are all about you can select
from ad saturated green or saturated it’s really up to you
I like the D sat for this one and let’s say I want to darken and put the focus
more on our subject here in the middle I’m going to just go like this go up to
my darken preset and bada-bing bada-boom there we go next image here okay so this
one when we look at it we have the sky has been exposed to keep as much of the
details as we can but we’re pretty dark here in the clouds and things look
really really flat this photo was taken with a sony a7 – i believe and that
means that the image is gonna look pretty flat out of the gate now these
presets are optimized to work with every type of camera but you’ll see that
things don’t look perfect out of the gate because we have to make some
changes like we would with any photo of this kind because we’ve got so much
dynamic range happening so how do we do this well let’s get started on this sky
first I’m going to adjust the water white balance because it looks a little
blue to me there we go it’s a little warmer and more natural I’m going to do
my trick again by pressing 116 and go here to my water sky pop make sure my
autumn ask is on press o so I can see my mask and click once on this guy great it
got almost everything except for this little band I’m going to click again
there on the band and perfect our skies mask just like that press so again so I
can see what I’m doing I’m going to take down my exposure just a little bit take
up my contrast add a little bit of saturation and just like that our sunset
is looking a lot better than it was for instance here’s before and here’s after
that so what else can we do to add a little
bit of color to the sunset well if you want you can hit duplicate and that’ll
double the effect it’s probably would be way too intense yes you can see that it
definitely is so can hold alt and on this layer I’m going to hit reset and so
I’ve got another mask that I can adjust however I want I’m going to paint some
color on here so I’m going to go up here I just select one of these colors and
you can see it’s going to add that color into our sunset so that’s a little trick
if your Sun set doesn’t have quite the pop you want and you want to add a
little something-something to it so again here’s before that and here’s
after great lastly I’m just going to take up the
blacks in this cliff a little bit because it’s looking like some things
are getting clipped so I’m going to paint here and let’s do the opposite
this time we’re going to try and Auto mask out the cliff and the bridge here
press o make my brush nice and big and click somewhere that it’s dark wow that
was easy hey presto again and we’re going to select just normal lighting
maybe take down the contrast a little take the blacks up and that’s looking
pretty unnatural so we’re going to take our contrast back up and dial it in a
little somewhere around there maybe add some clarity to bring out the texture in
that cliff and that’s looking pretty good to me
so here’s before and here’s after ok so moving on to our west coast of Canada
here we’ve got some different presets that we can apply you can see the
difference in the moss between the d saturated and the saturated pretty quick
just click and done here’s before and here’s the west coast one two and three
and here’s our D saturated versions so here’s three D saturated and here’s
three with the saturation you’ll notice most of it is happening in the greens great really easy so it adds a nice warm
tone to your greens more than anything while still keeping the colors natural
is not changing them too much it just adds that kind of extra organic look to
it so here again is up in Canada around the Okanagan and the wintertime
especially all the lakes and the mountains get this really nice blue
light Sears before there’s three there’s two and there’s one it’s kind of just a
matter of choosing which one you like the most if you wanted to you could go
up here to our water brush and we’ll just paint on the water you get a little
bit more texture out of that you can see how to add the shimmer maybe a little
bit too much in here so I’m gonna hold down alt just a race well hold down alt
and erase like that good is before and after again we’re up on the top of the
mountain and these are our options here’s the desaturated version I like
that one right there not on a hike in California here’s three two one so it
really depends how much contrast you like in your images but it’s a pretty
quick one click and you’re done kind of situation and that’s what these are
meant to be really quick fast edits so go with this one and maybe take the
white balance down a little because it looks pretty warm once again same story
and we’re back that is just a quick preview of what West Coast is capable of
the new preset packed by SIGINT red it’s really excited about this one guys in
addition to receiving these presets we also include our signature edits
workflow presets so you receive all these adjustment layer presets as well
as export presets so you are good to go you’ve got a total Lightroom workflow
situation plus whether you’re using Lightroom classic or Lightroom cc or
Lightroom mobile your presets will work across the board we now support presets
with all three of those platforms so you can use them on the go
or on your computer it’s up to you all right pick up that pack today and I will
catch it later you

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