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Wedding Photography Behind The Scenes | Watch Me Shoot a Wedding!!

January 10, 2020

hey and welcome back to my channel! if
you’re new here.. I’m Joy I help photographers like you grow
profitable and thriving photography businesses through videos here on my
youtube channel every single week and also over in my private Facebook group
called photo boss. I’ll link it down below. if you’re not a part of it,
definitely join and I’ll leave you guys the link. so, in today’s video I’m going
to be showing you behind the scenes of me working at a wedding. which I’ve had a
few people ask for! you’ll be able to see more insight into my
settings my lenses my posing and direction and just really how it
actually looks for me to be working on a real wedding day and then the images
that come of it. so if you like this kind of video and
you want to see more leave me a comment down below and let me know which part of
the wedding day you want to see behind the scenes from so if you need more help
with family formals let me know if you need more help with reception and
off-camera flash let me know. I want to hear from you guys so that I can make
videos that really truly help you here on YouTube. so this was the first time we
brought this GoPro to a wedding, so in the beginning we were just playing
around with it and trying to see what it was capable of and I was here
photographing the ceremony set up this was going to be outside on the water
gorgeous gorgeous view at the Chesapeake Bay and at this point in the day we had
already done the details stationary rings dress that kind of thing so after
the ceremony set up I moved into this little foyer area where I was just
getting the cards the seating chart cards I wanted to get this picture here
of where the guests would be putting their cards and some of the images of my
couple from their engagement session so just getting these details at this point
I’m still working around some of the employees that are still setting up but
I wanted to make sure that I got these cards before the guests came in and
moved them so a lot of times by the time we get to the reception space it’s
altered it doesn’t look the same and it’s really hard to get published when
we don’t have these details so I was lucky enough to get those so now we’re
just getting some pictures of our bride with her bridesmaids seeing her for the
first time hanging out in the getting ready room and getting some of those
action photos and as you can tell it was a little bit dark
we had some mixed lighting but there was a window coming in and shedding light on
the bride’s face and here I’m trying to tell the bride where exactly I want her
and her mom to stand because even though her dress was a quick zip up kind of
dress I wanted to get some pictures of her and her mom just having a moment
before the wedding where you have the buttoning up of the dress maybe putting
on the veil and that kind of thing so we invited the mom to come over and stand
with the bride and as you can see here I’m still going to be popping a little
bit of a flash because there is natural light but I want to fill in those
shadows especially on my bride’s face since she’s facing away from the light I
continue to use the flash throughout the getting ready period in here just
because I like the way that the images were coming out and the harsh shadows
just weren’t working for me when I turned the flash off now we were gonna set up the dad for a
first look just with the dad the bride and groom were not gonna do a
first look and I had to be really careful where I positioned him and the
bride because we had the groom and my second shooter taking pictures just on
the other side of this like trellis and so if we went down by the water or if we
were in that area he would have been able to see us so I had to very
carefully position them in this area and this was a little bit tricky but we made
it work so immediately following this
father-daughter first look I had the entire girls side of the bridal party
come out to this trellis area because at this point we hadn’t done any of those
bridal party portraits because again they weren’t doing a first look so I
went ahead I did a quick gathering before the ceremony and I got some
details of the bride as well of her bouquet just her standing there some
really classic portraits and I got a good portrait of this entire group of
bridesmaids here which ended up being the only natural light portraits we had
of them just because of the rest of the way that the day went so as everybody
was going inside getting her tucked away and making sure that the groom didn’t
see her I was using this time to really get those Frodo Trent photojournalistic
shots that fill in the album when I had stopped over at the bar got a crank
drink of water before the ceremony and my assistant who had the camera all day
she went up to the balcony so that we could get this angle for you guys so
that you could really see what’s going on where I’m standing and how this
ceremony thing works so for a ceremony where I’m outside I have a lot more
leeway as to exactly where I can stand but when it’s in a church and when it’s
a little bit more confined I am still in this very similar position I’m gonna be
standing at the front a little off to the side so because I was working with a
videographer I also needed to make sure that I wasn’t gonna be in front of his
shot and to double-check where everybody was coming in so at this point you see
me talking to the priest he was instructing and letting me know who was
coming down the aisle off the side and who was
coming down in the middle I also wanted to make sure that he didn’t have any
rules against us standing at the front I always want to be very respectful of
whatever ceremonies are being held and whoever’s in charge there which is not
me so at this point we you can see the groom and all of his groomsmen are
filing in and I’m gonna be able to get that shot really beautifully here from
the front ow we’re going to get all the bridesmaid
shots coming down the aisle I’m still standing in the same place and I’m able
to still let them stand by but it’s starting to get a little bit more
crowded there at the front and I know that as soon as the bride comes in I’m
going to have to move but I want to be able to get the shot of the groom’s
reaction that’s my main thing is to get a nice wide classic horizontal shot of
the bride but also to get his reaction now at the same time my second shooter
is going to be getting the vantage point from the back so you can’t see her but
she’s actually kind of underneath this balcony that you’re looking down from so
here’s where things get exciting everybody’s standing up our bride and
her father have come down and you can see I turn and I get his reaction so
they’re coming in she can look at him from underneath this balcony and she’ll
start to come down the aisle I’ve instructed my second photographer to go
ahead and follow the bride and her father make sure that you’re getting
that angle of them from behind so I also have a few shots of them that are nice
and wide everybody looking at them as she comes down the aisle so at this
point I am going to slowly step back and I’m gonna stay at the front for just a
couple more moments I know that there’s gonna be this important hug passing off
handing over the bride and I know that I want to get some closer more intimate
shots of that as well so I stay in the front I get some images of the
bridesmaids fluffing the dress and I make sure that I get some tighter
portraits because I’m probably not going to be this close to the couple for the
rest of the ceremony unless I’m in the very center aisle so once I feel like
I’ve gotten some good shots of them up close I know I have a second where I can
switch my lenses and start getting those setting shots from the back of the
ceremony site so I want to make sure that I get a nice wide horizontal I want
to get a vertical of just them standing at the front holding cans and getting
ready to say their vows together so that’s really what I’m going for right
here I also know that I want to get some extremely tight shots wherever I can of
the ring exchange and anybody who is in the ceremony sharing versus speaking
saying a blessing over the couple that kind of thing if anybody’s in the
ceremony they’re important to the couples so I make sure that I get a
portrait of them as well by the time the vows are happening I’m pretty much going
to be hanging out here at the back and making sure that I get the kiss my
second photographer is going to get that side vantage point one photograph that I
absolutely love to get is the bride and groom kissing as they’re exiting their
ceremony so I always just give them this signal to stop really quickly and kiss
because this is a gorgeous gorgeous photograph and it’s one that I think
most of my couples end up putting in their album so it’s a really good one so
at this point in the day we’re losing light pretty quickly I ended up doing
pretty much all of the family formals and then stopped paused and you can see
the families hanging around some people are enjoying cocktail our parents are
there but I decided that the bride and groom portraits were more important at
this time of day since we had such limited light so I decided to take
matters into my own hands pose them there on the water make sure
that her dress was fluffed and I got some really classic portraits of them
kissing in front of the water I did a little bit of natural light portraits as
well as flash portraits because just the way that the lighting was coming in and
the way that the scene behind them was so lit made it so that to properly
expose for the background they were gonna be pretty dark so I went back and
forth on flash use so I wanted to grab a couple of portraits of the bride alone
with this gorgeous light so I went ahead and grabbed her bouquet added
that back in and it decided to coach her just a little bit I wanted to make sure
that we got some with her veil and that was really important to her to have her
veil in those classic portraits and really here I’m just telling her that
she needs to stand put those shoulders back and just smile at me so right here
we got a mix of some wider shots some tighter shots and we had to be sure to
make sure that we didn’t get any of those peoples heads on the beach because
there were people down on the beach so I had to kind of play around with my
vantage point and at the same time here my assistants getting some behind the
scenes for Instagram and my second shooter is getting some scene setting
shots of the guys on the beach you can see her off to the left actually
instructing them so we’re working at the same time because as you can see that
we’re about to lose the light here so it’s really a team effort and this is a
crunch time there’s gonna be times during the wedding day where we’re
really standing around we’re waiting for that ceremony to start and we might not
be doing a whole lot for 20 minutes but then there’s this time of day where we
have 20 minutes to get the majority of the portraits done so you never know how
quickly you’re gonna have to work and so that’s why it’s really important to have
some really basic classic poses in your arsenal just like I’m doing here with
the bride right now as you can see my second photographer right now is hopping
in she’s getting a totally different angle different vantage point kind of
getting up on her tippy toes and using a different lens which is great so now
when we’re moving down to the beach this is where I really wanted to get my bride
and groom portraits but just as I saw the bride moving down to the beach I
decided that I wanted to get some of her just sitting here I had this vision
where you could see her little sneakers sticking out from underneath her dress
so I stopped her for just a moment here and got this portrait of her sitting on
the steps with her sparkly sneakers and the light of her venue in the background
which is really really fun so as you move throughout the wedding day even if
you do have a plan you might have this photograph in your mind
and you have to stop everything and just make it happen and that’s what we did
here so now we have our bride and groom we’re on the beach it’s pretty much dusk
that golden sunlight is completely gone I really want to be able to showcase
that bouquet but not have it take up so much space between them so as you can
see here I had her throw it kind of over his shoulder and I think it was a nice
combination of something a little bit different but not taking up too much
space between them so if you liked today’s video and you
like watching me work at real paid events and just seeing where I stand
where I’m working how I’m working you’re gonna love this video on your screen
right now this is a posing video that has real behind the scenes footage of me
working with real-life couples not models and I think you’re really going
to enjoy it so check it out click the video on your screen right now and I
will see you over there


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