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November 18, 2019

welcome everybody to the webinar today
my name’s Russell Brunson I’m so excited.. to have you guys all here we just got
everything cued up and launched and I think we are ready to rock and roll
so welcome everyone class today um I am so excited for this this is a topic that
I have never really publicly talked about before and I got two of my special
guests here I’ll introduce in a little bit
they’ve here we’re gonna spend the entire week working on his presentation
in fact the last two nights in a row last night and tonight on both nights we
were here till after 2:00 o’clock working on these slides and so many cool
things wanna share with you in fact I found a whole bunch of like the original
wireframe mock-ups of clickfunnels I found a whole bunch of other really cool
things and I’m just pumped and excited to share all this cool stuff with you
guys today so that’s kind of game plan so while we were getting started what
everyone’s logging on we got tons of ideas on we had over 7500 people
registered for this web class so there’s a lot of you guys here and we’re also
streaming on Facebook live in a couple other places hopefully you guys are all
able to hear me and you can hear my voice if so please comment in the in the
comment box say yeah sure also we can hear you to make sure that that I am
like it sounds like everyone can hear us which is awesome so um okay we’re gonna
jump right in so my last kind of caveat before I kick this thing off is I would
HIGHLY highly highly recommend that you guys during the next 90 minutes or so to
block off everything else you’re doing I as you probably know talk kind of fast
especially excited I’m insanely excited right now so I’m gonna be talking fast
and make sure you don’t miss anything so make sure you have a pad of paper out
shutdown Skype or Facebook Messenger or tinder for some of you guys who knows
whatever you guys have in front of you like let’s just focus because we’re
gonna basically be showing you guys behind the scene how we were able to
build our software company and then to my guests here who happened to be in the
Inc 500 they like the number with the 19th or 12th fastest growing software
the 12th fastest where software company in the world last year a bunch of other
stuff and we’re gonna show you guys everything kind of opening up the the
the doors and show you guys behind the scenes what we did how we did it and
it’s gonna be so much fun so I I am insanely excited so with that said I’m
gonna jump right into our title slide here so the title of this presentation
is obviously software secrets and we’re we covering how to create and launch
your own software or app in the next 90 days even if you have no idea how to
create or what see what to create how to code
or where to start so how many you guys right now are watching this he right
I’ve had an idea for us a little past for like software or for an app or
something but again first off I don’t really know how to code I’m not a coder
out in order to start aren’t those things really expensive like I’m not
techie it and you have those those fears or those thoughts that’s you if you ever
had that please comment in the Box are there big yes Russell like I would love
to have software but I have no idea what to do or what to create or anything
alright cool we got much yes okay so some yes then you do have ideas so cool
about this if you have an idea where your show you as how they execute if you
don’t have an idea I’m also gonna show you is exactly how and where we get our
ideas so that what you know what to do where to start and some we ton of fun so
to begin with you guys see this picture here this right here I can’t believe I
found this last night I was going through Facebook pictures from like four
years ago and this is actually a picture in our old office and on the right hand
side that has todd dickerson he’s my co-founder and clickfunnels the
left-hand side is Dylan Jones who is one of our original co-founders and this is
us sketching on the whiteboard the framework for clickfunnels
and I don’t forget let’s see every well but if you are your clickfunnels member
which hopefully you are does that look familiar there’s the the funnel on the
left hand side there the Dylan’s mocking out on the right hand sides where all
the stats are this is like the night that we were like giving birth to
clickfunnels if you follow our story at all we went from zero to over fifty
thousand members in the last three years and it’s been an amazing ride but it all
began like that night when we started sketching it out and it’s so cool to
find that and what’s cool about this is it’s for some of you guys tonight might
be the night that you have this experience as well my guess is we give
you so many ideas you’re gonna be freaking out and you’re gonna be going
and tonight you me whiteboard anything’s out and sketching him out and that they
they cherish those moments specially the first customers are scary and lonely you
don’t to do and there’s fear like we had the same thing and we were scared to
death like this is the time in our company wouldn’t have a lot of cash flow
coming in and it was it was a scary time but we knew we wanted to create this
thing and it all began that night and from there it’s completely radically
Trish it shifted and transformed my life and today and tonight could be that same
thing for you so just want I can put out there because it’s it was so cool to
actually find that so really quick closer in who I am I’m gonna just give
you a quick intro so my name is Russell Brunson I’m on the cofounders of
clickfunnels and a couple things in my last decade or
so I’ve been doing this game I’ve done a lot of different businesses I saw a
potato gun plant somebody has no which is my most profitable business just
kidding it wasn’t that beautiful but I started potato guns after I went to
infoproducts I’ve spilled things from weight loss to
couponing to speed reading to baby sign language and more I’ve altered my own
projects my own books my own info products a lot you guys have read my
books and is like that I also run the largest market mastermind in the
internet marketing industry with the most success success stories this is our
super high ticket programmers $25,000 you need to be part of it so I’ve done
everything from from info products to coaching to masterminds and I’ve done
all sorts different types of business models and there’s pros and cons of all
of them in fact what’s interesting is a couple years ago I wanted more recurring
income in my life and so when I started focusing on was actually we launched a
supplement company some you guys know that and so we launched something to
come because I wanted recurring income and at first it was kind of cool to
start getting people on recurring income it was awesome but the problems we had
with the supplement business honestly if I’m completely honest with you is like
there’s all sorts like inventory management stuff like we would make a
bunch of money to go buy more inventory for the next thing and then there’s all
those headaches back and forth and I’m not really like I’m not good at a lot of
things and it just it was a good business that made a lot of cash flow
but like there’s never a ton of profit for me because all the profit went back
into more product orders and it was just this really big cycle and so we had
recurring income because of the inventory and shipping in and the hard
cost and all those kind of things it’s just what never was like what we
what we wanted what we dreamt up and so that was kind of our supplement company
now my favorite business model of all time as you probably know is software
and this has been the best thing for me because it’s been some of the site
infinitely scalable doesn’t take me like printing products or shipping over all
it just you create it and then it’s it’s done it’s magic and so we’ve paid a lot
of software companies our biggest ones there you see clickfunnels backpack in
action X which is part of the clickfunnels suite
we have funnel scripts these are a bunch of other ones were in that were in
production of creating right now so like I love software I’m obsessed with it of
every business I’ve ever done I think I’ve done pretty much every business
model that I know of online from network marketing to Amazon to info products
physical products that everything by far the number one business model I love the
most of everything once from the most profitable most fun and the most
rewarding has been software okay so that’s kind of
my story and why I’m so excited to share all these software secrets to yesterday
now I got two of my guests here today some of my friends
I got Garrett Pearson and Scott Bradley so how’re you guys doing today by the
way awesome I’m excited to be here so uh these guys I would tell some of their
story I’ll let them jump jump in as well but they’re it’s funny when they first
got here on Monday they’re right yeah we create over 20 different software
companies and then they starting the math and then yes what was the grand
total would end up being 33 I think this is actually 33 yeah so they’ve created a
lot of software companies in a few years I’ve that I’ve known them and one of
their companies was actually on the Inc 500 as the 12th fastest growing software
company in the world it was crazy about this this was insane
they’ve never run a Facebook ad before these are in Google ads like it all
comes from like the way they grow their software companies is completely foreign
to me and it’s like something that I learned from them and were thoughtful
about that growing on but they are again with the 12 fastest growing software
companies in America they’ve created over 30 processes some of them and some
you guys probably heard or seen some of them I trust guard Shopper prove rhino
support like these are a bunch of the things they’ve done but I’ll not use
them to tell you they’re sore because they were similar meaning they kind of
started not in software initially they started more in the e-commerce you guys
want to tell kind of the the issues and the problems in your experience with
e-commerce side of the business sure so when we started I started way back in
the 90s which is forever ago but we started selling physical products
t-shirts watches things like that and we just got slammed with inventory customer
fulfillment shipping all that stuff that goes along with physical products and it
was just so hard to just make money yeah and then I started mine a little not in
the 90s but when went Bluetooth went blue tooth headsets we’re really popular
you could see that the screenshot here my blue gadgets I still remember my dad
gave me money to buy the design for this and then we started selling you know
Bluetooth headset that’s and other products like that but the problem was
there the margins were super low either had to drop ship stuff or you had to
have inventory and it was just a pain in the button so we like you we wanted
recurring revenue like we wanted it so bad we wanted to
rid of these businesses and so eventually we sold them right Scott saw
the the apparel business for a good amount of money I sold mine and that’s
when we fell in love and found software that’s not a software a lot of good
things but one is you want to ship stuff and you’re not to like the I can’t
imagine the margins on it on a t-shirt of blue it’s not that good and then some
gonna come back and buy it again and again as opposed to software you once
and anyway we’ll get into that but software is amazing so a couple other
things so this is some of their story I’m gonna tell part of because I want to
make fun of them as PR ok with that so right they sold the software
companies they launched their very first software company and this is on Scott
and his dad Dave who create this one it’s called trust garden some he has
seen this we eustress card on most of our sites if you’ve seen a little trust
sales we use them all the time and this is a first software company they
launched 2006 and it looked pretty quick for you guys yeah what’s real it’s still
going that’s what’s great yeah so it’s been paying them monthly residual income
since 2006 so I don’t know how many businesses oh he signed some up me he
paying you for 10 years but it did and it hasn’t it’s amazing so they create
the software 2006 and then shortly afterwards this is Garrett he saw that
site he was like ooh that is a good idea that’s a ly funnel hack to their side I
put funnel hack in quotation marks because I think it was more of like just
straight out anyway he he funnel hack it and if they were if you know trust are
they trust those right so Garrett’s like who I want to be in this business so he
launched his own trusted I’ll called the eShop safe and and then it was funny is
that Scott saw these and got angry and message message Garrett and they gotten
a little feud over it and Garrett almost got sued but left then they didn’t and
then they became best friends and since they launched over 20 and actually now
32 software products together including this one that got him on being 500 list
just made up over that yeah it’s still a sore subject depends on the day I still
remember getting the call and being like hey you guys you’re copying us and I
want to we want we’re gonna take legal action and it’s funny to see now that
we’re like best friends and started all these companies no good friendships
begin right I remember my dad told me we were gonna go meet with them and I’m
like no way and then we met at Olive Garden like
okay he’s pretty cool all garden the peace offer he happened there so that’s
the back story in their rocky relationship but it’s turned out amazing
nice today if since then gone on to create tons and tons of software now the
cool thing is that Garrett Scott they also contribute the same shame charity I
do with world teacher aid so a few years before we launched before locks click
funnels I actually had a chance to spend a week with these guys in Kenya with
safaris we hung out with kids who built schools we had a chance to jump with the
Masai Mara warrior so this is a picture me jumping look at my vertical like
those people look like they’re midgets but they’re actually as tall as me be I
jump so high so I don’t know but like I got hops anyway let’s see he’s got so
he’s a little bit lower the top of the picture and there’s this right here he’s
got the highest burger so while we’re in Kenya in the maasi mara hanging out you
know we have these long Jeep rides you know we’re chasing lions and tigers
and there’s no tigers lions and cheetahs and rhinos and so at first the first
like 15 minutes of a safari you’re scared to death like these lines are
gonna eat it like you’re like five seconds away from the lion right this
guy could kill us but then like an hour in you’re kind of like there’s another
zebra there’s not you know and so for next three days we had time to talk and
what was cool is that I did I had a little software products that happened
the time but these guys had had two or three companies at the time they were
doing really well we just talked about software and I remember coming back in
this trip and just like like being anxious like like I just want like I
want that like I want software like I don’t have to stress that about where is
my customer coming from next week and next month and just knowing that I can
wake up every morning and I know about you with click photos not like we use
stripe for all of our payments every Moorea text from stripe I see that
number coming in I’m like that happened the first thing the morning before I
even started working and so glad comforting and so much secure you know
and like that came in again every single day and it’s just the coolest feeling in
the world so about a year ago sky okay the Boise and I found this picture
of them and it has nothing to anything but I love the Hat so there you go and
they came to me like hey Russell we wrote a book it’s called software secret
so I was like oh I’ve got like a bunch of Secrets books right I know I read the
foreword for it and so I read the book I was like dang this is actually pretty
good and the interesting thing is that it was a year ago
almost to the day and my house and we had this conversation and I got they
gave me the book I’m reading through and kind of talking it and then I told my
was like this is how we built click forums I showed my process and they’re
like dude that’s the exact same process that we use launched all of our
companies I’m Charlotte flip in the book and like it was almost identical and I
was like okay this is like a hundred percent in alignment to how we did it
like I’m totally in throw the foreword for the book but then I was like the
problem with it it’s like people didn’t get a book they’re not gonna do a lot
with like like we need something sexier and bigger and more exciting so I sent
them on a project instead you gotta turn this book into software or else no one’s
gonna care about your software and they’re like what
hurry gonna make software out how to build software my god oh nobody has that
figure out so from there they drove to Krispy Kremes and they mapped out this
little doodle right here in fact we ate Krispy Kremes this morning to celebrate
their Krispy Kremes a map they doodle this and then from there they drove back
the other saw like there’s robots all like and they started sketching it out
they started wiring framing out they hired designers the guy with the in
place and they built a new software product called software funnel so if we
could actually demo and show you guys here in a minute and it’s literally well
it’s software that helps you build software it gets any way it’s insanely
cool so I had them actually at four or five months ago I’m coming back to Boise
and I said present this to my inner circle I’m let’s see if these guys are
excited so they went and they presented this concept the idea the software in
your circle and you see a bunch of you guys here and and they started freaking
out and so since then many many of the people inner circle have already used
this tool and the book and the process to create their own software and most of
them either they’re done or they like almost sent about to launch their
software I think like it was like third of all the inner circle members signed
up instantly on the spot and open our eye trying to get him it’s been the beta
has been closed down for a while and it’s been insane watching all the stuff
in fact I don’t wait take my word for it this is Annie who’s an inner circle who
went through the program initially and this is a really quick like two minute
video of her telling her story and her experience going through the product and
launching her first software company and when you guys hear the numbers it’s
insane her goal was to get you know a dozen members so in the in the inner new
software but I want you guys hear what happened after she launched her brand
new software after she went through this process I’ve had a software idea for
almost two years since I wrote my book and I’ve been thrilled about it because
I’m so excited I think my idea can actually change the world and
something that is basically a 30-day alcohol experiment you go through an
entire web-based software for 30 days it’s community as accountability but the
problem was that I’ve never written a line of code and so although I had this
amazing idea I had no idea how to implement it so it’s sitting there in
the back of my mind it’s burning a hole I want to bring this in you know app
format Android on your iPhone I want to give this out and want to make it happen
and I can’t do it just have no idea what I’m doing and then I was really
fortunate because I got to meet Garrett and Scott at a digital marketing
conference first time I met them I just went all-in I was like all right I want
the book I want the course I want to sign up for the software and it has
changed my life because you have to understand this I’ve been working in
corporate marketing for years and years and years and usually when I’m looking
at developing something a web-based development we’re talking hundreds of
thousands of dollars years of development the market probably has
shifted by the time we get done tons of tons of people involved I remember
reading a specification document for a website that was this thick and so this
idea was so intimidating to me and when I went all-in I remember listening to
their audiobook and it shifted everything for me they have this roadmap
they’ve made it almost stupid simple to create software the crazy part is that I
met Garrett and Scott back in it was almost three months ago and in three
months I have developed the software launched it I expected to launch a beta
test to work the bugs out because there’s always bugs and I hope to get 25
50 people in it the day I launched 2,500 people showed up broke my server four
times which I’m told is a really good problem to have but my hunch was right
like the product can actually change the world and Garrett and Scott have given
me the tools to get there because they just map it out and they overcame all of
my concerns and not only was it just a step-by-step process but also the
mindset shift this does not have to be any harder than you’re making it you
Annie who does not know how to write a line of code and often can’t log into
you know my own accounts can make a software project and can make a platform
that actually is reaching people it’s been a phenomenal experience and changed
by my life changed my business and it’s
changing thousands of people’s lives already can’t wait to see what it does
next all right bengi is pumped up for your
software ideas like that happened in the last three months which is insane and so
this is not something takes a ton of time or trying to energy like it can
happen really really quick for you as well where to show you how to do it so
if you’ve ever wanted to create or sell your own software then now is the time
today is your day and we’re gonna show you guys exactly how to do that so I am
excited alright so three things recover today secret number one I’m gonna show
you us how we turn twenty dollars in a simple idea into a software company that
is now worth millions and how you can use the exact same process to launch or
to grow any company you want as well okay that’s number one number two here
I’m gonna show you that if you can doodle on a whiteboard how many just can
doodle on a whiteboard if you got doodling skills then you literally have
all of the tech skills that you need to own your very own software company and
secret number three Einstein was wrong I’m gonna prove today
live in front of everyone that Einstein was a moron he was wrong and that the
eighth wonder of the world is actually this dot dot dot I will show you guys
here in a minute but I literally mean prove Einstein wrong I hope so
then we know afterwards if I do it so it’s gonna be fun so let’s jump right in
so secret mode how is your twenty dollars to supply it into a software
company that’s now worth millions and now you can use the exact same process
to launch or grow any company so this is my journey now I want to state this real
quick some you guys are watching this already and you’re like dude Russell
there’s no I’m gonna launch a clickfunnels tomorrow and I get that I
don’t want you thinking like oh my gosh how do I create something it’s gonna be
big I want fifty thousand members like don’t even think that way you are not
gonna launch your own clickfunnels tomorrow okay I promise you that your
version whatever that is inside your business or your industry so don’t
stress out in fact um I want to show you guys my journey because it’s actually
yesterday as I was going through these slides it’s really humbling to see like
it didn’t just like pop out clickfunnels lot people think like oh you had decided
for click phones now you have huper successful Slyke know I spend a lot of
time before then if someone taking us on some of this journey which is kind of
fun so this is how it all started um I had my very first software idea about 14
almost 14 and a half years ago and was for a product that became called zip
Brander and at the time I was like this is the most genius idea in the history
of the world I thought it would change the roughhousing me the richest person
in the world and I remember I actually went to my university had changed my
major from I was gonna be a wrestling coach to computer information systems
cuz I wanted to learn how to code this tool I thought this would make me a
multi bajillion air right so I changed my major star Mike Ferraro
software classes day one I was like cool I understand they’re talking about day
two I was like okay this is a little confusing I can keep up day three I was
lost I was like crap I am screwed I don’t know what to do and but I was like
this idea like needs to come to fruition it makes me laugh now cuz it’s like
really a bad idea but it was like the best idea I had at the time right and so
um I actually went to Google Time Attack didn’t hire a programmer and all he’s
like companies came up so I took the idea I went to a company I asked him it
to create it and the guy told me he came back said he’ll cost is about five
thousand dollars to create that and for me I was like five thousand dollars like
you’re like I’ve literally never had a job in my entire life I’m wrestling
full-time my wife’s making 950 an hour like it’s not possible and my dreams
like shattered I was like hey I guess I gotta figure out the school thing and
after Ike another – today’s in school and my crap there’s got to be another
way and all that time I found out the site we could go and you could post
projects my posted projects and all these people from now around the world
started bidding on the projects and when the first guy was like 3500 bucks I
might well I got a huge discount this guy was like I’ll do for 2,000 I’m like
what and if someone came back I was like holy for eight hundred two hundred got
all way down to one dude named Cyprian who lives in Romania he said I’ll do it
for $20 I was like dude I got 20 bucks so I like PayPal him 20 bucks and then
at night he worked on next morning he sent me a file and I opened it up and it
was done I was like dude are you kidding me and I felt so guilty I actually sent
him another $100 as a bonus so I paid $120 total and that was my very first
software and I launched it and it didn’t get instant it didn’t blow up like I
thought it was overnight but I gotta start making some cells here and there
the invention that point was making a couple thousand dollars a month it was
like awesome and it was the foundation all right how I started people started
buying this product and I started getting customers and then I had the
next idea I was like the next idea it’s the product it’s gonna be called forum
fortunes some of you guys who’ve been around for long time remember you
probably member there’s a foreign forces like I think this is it this will make
me a billionaire so I create this whole thing I hired programmers got it all
done and I launched it I still remember the first day I launched it cuz I had
some customers who bought zip Randor first a lunch I made 12 hours I made
$1,000 summer I wrote the program I said dude I just had my first thousand dollar
day and he was like what he was freaking I was like he only paid me I ate like 80
bucks for this thing I’m like I know thank you and it was so and that was my
next product I need to make me a millionaire but I stole more copy
my customer let started getting bigger and bigger bigger and then I had the
next I did and it was fur thing called article spider and I made aa recluse
spider put out there launched since day one $1,700 and the city started growing
and started growing and after I start creating software after software
software and here’s just this is like one tenth of the ones I was able to find
last night wait an easy and fire link brand or we had original opera all these
were different software this is an app company we launched and like thing after
thing I think everyone got bigger and bigger and bigger and that’s how we
started growing the company in fact check this out I found these yesterday
and you can ask em in the office I started jumping around crazy
so some years know when the co-founders you clickfunnels name’s Dylan Jones and
Dylan was the one who did the initial editor he did the initial UI
clickfunnels and that was what three and a half years ago but in 2015 when I
first met Dylan Jones I hired him to build a site called click calm calm
which by the way never came to fruition so it’s but I hired him because I wanted
to create something I didn’t call clickfunnels back that we call clicked
calm comment and I just found all of the original mock-ups of the original one
from 2015 so this is what the landing page looked like it was cool put the
bomb they had had had a selling system an autoresponder affiliate tools website
it was click funnels and they stored all the internal ones like this is the
payment page was just funny because back then one shopping cart was the big
shopping cart company and a few do software’s number two so I even back
then I was like or even go after a confusion soft even then so it’s kind of
funny twelve years ago and this is like the dashboard II come in here yeah and
then here was like said your products your follow-ups and I called we call
themselves flows back in 2005 fifteen wasn’t a sales funnel so here’s your
sells flow and then look at this right-hand side squeeze page sales page
order bike there was the sell so that was the initial click funnels like isn’t
that crazy so there was a click funnels board this is the autoresponders and we
had said just like action female voice message text message direct mail
postcards car like everything doesn’t look for us now like we we dreamt this
in 2015 he mocked the whole thing up for me
we had broadcast like it was crazy because it’s like I had this idea back
then I just did know how to execute on it and it took us you know fast forward
whatever nine years before able to actually launch it as clickfunnels but
we have the idea a long time ago so I tried to create this as well but didn’t
happen back then it took me time and energy to figure it out so don’t think
you have to launch your own click funnels tomorrow just runs like if this
is stepping stones like what’s the first I didn’t at all
we’ll well steamroll to the next one the next one that’s how you start growing
and it’s so much fun and you start getting to know developers like we were
talking yesterday like during this process I met I had friends in India
Romania the Philippines Ukraine like all these people today are lifelong friends
that I hired for projects back then to build all these amazing things for me
and it’s just so cool to remember back and just kind of see those things okay
now I want to go over three reasons why it’s right creating software is like the
most important business and it doesn’t matter where you’re on your business
right now software is what you need to do next I saw in a Facebook group some
people write oh well you know I don’t wanna go on the webinar yet because like
I’m still trying to figure out my product and I don’t like that’s like
like this is like this is the ultimate product like it doesn’t matter where you
are right now like this is the next thing you need to do is add software to
your offerings can’t promise there’s nothing that’ll increase how much value
it is and what you’re selling and adding software we’ll get into that so couple
things recover first of your new startup this is the best business to start ok
any of my friends I don’t know what to do what business should I start I’m like
do to start a software company ok use the expert seeker stuff wrap it wrap
that around a software company that’s the fastest way to get started
existing businesses this will instantly add a recurring income stream to you and
then if you want to charge more this will increase the preceive value of
anything you’re selling so let me walk you guys through that so number one
let’s say you a new startup and you’re like I don’t know what to do or it to
sell like this is the best business to start ok and the cool thing is they’re
software companies in every market everything you can dream with like
they’re everywhere ok for example this is one this is uh oh actually I’ve got
both points discover this first so these are some of the reasons why why software
is like the best business to start as like a beginning business you uncover
some of these yeah like we call it selling air like
there’s unlimited stock you don’t have to have inventory you build it once then
you you can sell it unlimited quantities of it and like selling air over and over
and over and over again yeah so there’s no physical limitation so you don’t have
to worry it’ll protect you don’t have to worry about keeping inventory
ordering from the manufacturer you don’t have to warehouse it and have all those
costs you don’t have to ship it have returns like all those nightmares that
doesn’t exist with software so awesome and the coolest thing because of this
because there’s you’re selling air basically you get to make a hundred
percent of every sell like there’s no middleman there’s no drop shipping
there’s no the guy in China do you have a boat who brings from China
over to here and then the guylines from there to there yeah roughly you know
like you’ve done drop shipping and things like that we’re and you’ve had
had to buy wholesale you got to give half your profits or more away when you
and you do all the work crazy I want to be the hole so dirty in
the middle anyway yes and the last thing the best you charge recurring billing
and this is the secret to true wealth this is how we’re gonna provide stein
wrong in a few minutes here but this is our favorite thing it’s it’s in Chapter
one in the book so cool all right so with that here’s an example that starts
to get the wheels in your head spinning cake some years like I don’t know what
to do so here he is it’s good wheels your head spinning number one this is
Neil Patel isn’t my buddies he was like I want to create some software companies
the first thing is like here’s thing called crazy its heat mapping software
ok you could literally get this built for under thousand bucks and he’s build
a hugely successful company off of heat mapping software then he had another
idea this two metrics analytics and you know launch kiss metric another software
companies like what else could you quicks power has helped people with
their website traffic so like one software arose to the next
and rose to the next and you watch this nillas company continues to grow and it
rolls out company after company on top of his existing customers okay but it’s
not just in like that how to make money markets like it works at any market like
this is one that Lindsay over here showed us this is an app that helps you
to track your periods and your cycles which I don’t know that was a thing but
apparently it is and there’s software for that and you can charge monthly to
do something like that okay this is like registering this is software to helps
you to clear off the registry stuff on your PCs this is this is one’s dream
software how to interpret your dream so imagine you pasted some in monthly they
have a dream to login your software like I saw a bird and your software pops out
like oh that means that you are scared of cats or I don’t know whatever dream
interpretation software this is like software helps you choose your figure
out your astrology and your zodiac sign just this software help you find coupons
the software to help you find out when you when you send some email like what
happens are they clicking on and they’re sharing it lets you see what happens
when people send emails this is a fundraising site this is a software that
helps you do fundraising and then it comes money from there this is sandbox
this to stop helps you clean up your inbox so you know going crazy and
there’s like idea after idea after idea like there’s millions of ideas you can
think of okay so here’s three ways to find ideas if you get stuck we call this
software hacking okay so Cathy can ideas try this number
one in every business that you are think about the business you’re in right now
there’s something that you need to systemize if you read the book the
e-myth by Michael Gerber it’s all about systemization
so but is something in your business you
know you personally need to systemize anyway take that thing and turn that
into software first off to help you to actually get it done second off any
other company that similar skiers can now use that software ok it’s when the
easiest ways is to systemize things ok number two build a better mousetrap this
is Steven s guesses he used to work with click phones here is still he’s I think
number one of them to topic feeling for clicking phones right now
super cool dude and he had that on his blog his eyes page says all the top like
300 marketing software companies he hasn’t broken on categories and most
interesting is each category has like ten different software companies so you
think like oh there’s already an autoresponder company can’t do that oh
there’s already an analytics software coming came to it but look if you start
looking they’re like here’s an ad management there’s like 10 ad management
companies they each have their own spin on it like like why I do it this way
versus this way each great different companies there’s space in the
marketplace for multiple companies this is spy tools a whole bunch
different spy tools okay this is analytics dashboards there’s 10-15 panel
it’s dashboards that autoresponder companies there’s backlink analysis
there’s cloud foot like there are and it over 300 these like tons and tons and
tons and the last one I share with you guys if you’re still like stuck for an
idea is look at like where people are developing software in one spot like for
example if you order the App Store I this is an app I think it’s like two
bucks on the App Store I helps you lose weight
okay the value of an app an app stores like two bucks but you take that same
happy turn in the software guess what happens suddenly that app is now worth
1495 a month boom recurring income by shifting it from a phone to a web-based
app so look at the ideas like get your iPhone look at all these different apps
there’s something for a dollar or two dollars like man I could turn that into
a web to web plan do that I could do that and you can I do all sorts of
things okay or if you think all the amazing stuff we teach like an expert
secrets and how to sell stuff the right way you know what Kanan doesn’t take a
nap and she sells us out for 150 bucks you should become a multi-millionaire
because of it okay so like these are some of the ways that it works right
alright so hopefully that gets the wheels you know something about where
you can find software ideas and what you can do for your existing business okay
so number two now and this is the next cool thing is that if you already have
an existing business so how many guys are listening out already having
business Jack Russell I have a course I sell Russell I have supplements Russell
I have physical products and an e-commerce like how many guys have an
existing business right now let me know in the chat box over here okay a lot of
you guys already having business so if you already have a business do you not
trying like launch new software company this is why you still need to be
paying attention we’re talking about okay for example this right here is a
bar sonny miller run a thing called robert jones makeup academy and it’s
academy where they like teach people how to do makeup and all sorts of stuff so
then to increase their business and add a recurring income stream they created
software where you log in you type in your face shape you put in like a bunch
of things like that your eye your eye shape things with that and pops out
these are the types that makes it you should use for your face okay and then
they release this to all the reps then go out then they can that are selling
they can use this software to help the people that they are doing their makeup
for okay so boom there’s a site there’s an existing info product business that
turn into a software business and add a recurring income this is what my buddies
preston ely who’s in the real estate market he was doing coaching seminars
masterminds all sorts of stuff and then boom he decided to launch a software
company freedom sock and boom instantly he started or incurring income to his
company okay this is anna we talked to early she wrote a book and then she
launched a software company now not just an info product now she’s got recurring
income built into her business and obviously for me everything all sorts of
books but until i had the recurring income through click funnels to software
I wasn’t ever truly wealthy okay so whatever business you are in you need to
add software because it’ll instantly add recurring income and make you from from
doing well to being like really really well-liked that’s the difference okay
and then the last thing that software will do it allow you to charge more
software will instantly increase the perceived value of anything you attach
it to okay couple examples everyone Frank Kern how many you guys have seen
product launches over last like decade and they’re always like opt-in for my
free product launch or opt-in for my free report or my free eCourse right so
Frank did this one back we need to launch the submission list control
instead of opting in for a free report or free free free video he said download
the good karma list machine it was software did he Gateway for free
do use somebody opt-in I don’t know the exact numbers but you got over eighty
thousand people to join his list in a weeks period of time because instead of
giving away info products which have low perceived value
he created a software product and gave away for free okay so you gonna
instantly increase your opt-ins giveaway software that gets insane it
increases the perceived value and more people give you the email address by
having software number cue this Jim Edwards the man and now Jim has a course
on how to write how to do copywriting guess what people the people don’t want
to buy courses on how to do copywriting it’s like the hardest thing on earth to
sell but you turn it into software and guess what happened
okay funnel ships photo scripts is born which makes us millions and millions of
dollars a year and it was all about taking this thing shifting it into
software and increasing the perceived value dramatically okay and then right
now with Scott and Garrett wrote the book I mean this is awesome but tighter
and software no one’s gonna take this serious and it’s not gonna increase the
perceived value so we went back and they develop software to make the info
actually work better okay so it gives you guys the ability to charge more and
increase perceived value anything you’re selling I’ve got a lot of you guys who
come to me they do the perfect webinar like nobody’s buying my thing I’m like
what what do you celebrate I got a master class with six modules and I got
an upsell of a thing like do think there’s no value in what you’re selling
like the reason why people buy my stuff my webinar cuz this attached to software
right like if you attach software and your offer
it’ll dramatically increase the value whatever your self you’re selling some
for 300 bucks on the webinar you attach software now you sell for a thousand
that makes sense like it will change your offers and makes them more sexy
more sticky and it makes them just amazing altogether okay so if you’re new
startup this is the best business to start if your existing business will
instantly add recurring income stream and if you want to charge more this will
increase the perceived value of anything you attach it to so that you guys a
secret number one that’s how it turn twenty dollars a simple idea do a
software company that’s now worth millions all right yeah is great for
sneak remember to secret number two if you can doodle on a whiteboard did you
have all the tech skills you need to own a software company so one more time go
to the discussion box let me know how many guys know how to doodle on a
whiteboard okay all right my kids doodle they can do it I promise
you can do it literally that’s all the text goes yeah let me show you guys how
it works again um and you know Senecal things you don’t have to know how to
code lest you think that any of us here in this room have any skills we don’t
all the skills in my company are in Atlanta and in Toronto and in Michigan
and they’re all one place nobody here in Boise has any tech skills we’re all
completely useless okay see you guys skills know none and the funny thing is
we tell people that I always friends or family and like well yeah I run these
software companies you know with my business partner Scott and they’re like
oh so you know how to program your coat you’re a cool programmer like that is so
cool and like actually no we don’t know how to write one line of code we hire
programmers and we let them do it cool all right so let me show you guys this
is the four step process yeah Pat paper this is the most important thing you
will learn besides when I put my signs an idiot this is the most
important thing of this webinar to write these down this is the process to create
any software you want step in rollin you doodle it step number two you wireframe
it said number three user interface designer seven three give it to the
geniuses okay that’s it number one doodle number two wireframe
for three UI designer number four geniuses okay that’s it let me show you
how it works okay this is how we built launch clickfunnels stephan1 we doodle
it this is me Dylan and Todd doodling clickfunnels
that was step in one several or two we wire framing this is the original
wireframe I taught found this yesterday this is the original wireframe of cliff
box after he took the doodles like how cool is out so I’m quite a frame it then
we take the wireframes and then you give it to a UI designer okay they take the
wireframes and they make them look like a website this was the original UI
designer clickfunnels I can’t be a fan Slauson like I was like
I I was going down something I can’t believe we found the original but if you
look back thing there’s the there’s the sketch there’s you eyes like so the UI
designer takes it then you take the UI design it you give it to the geniuses
and they make it into software look how confused I look in this picture
I have no idea what’s even happening I’m talking about cliff froze those got
three guys in the background or the geniuses who built it and look at me
like Russell has no idea he’s talking about okay cuz I don’t those are the
geniuses the bill clickfunnels I just helped in the doodling process and that
was it okay that’s how the game is played all right let me show you this
how Garrett Scott build custom rewards very similar process stephan1 we’ll just
do doodle no there is the doodle step number two step number three gave it to
the UI and then step number four give it to the geniuses these are literally the
geniuses that build all our products do and all their names yeah so these are
the geniuses that built all of their software companies there they are
yes no don’t tell me axes are my people that Hill in there try clang yeah so
that’s how we’re now the new company we’re launching called software funnels
guess how the process works guys are never gonna guess it’s different one
they went to Krispy Kremes and they did what started it all step number two
wireframe you had a wireframe seven four three we
sent it to the UI designer that’s our original UI design it looks really
pretty then you give the geniuses and they turn
it into software no more stress if you do this out of order you will screw
the whole thing up this would normally happens I get idea for software and you
hire programming I want to build a thing called cliff throne it’s gonna be
awesome like sweet and they start building it
six months later send you back this thing you’re Ike technically it kind of
did what we said but it is so ugly and yeah and we fail okay this is the
process you guys do not screw it up those four steps okay so I’m curious
right now how many guys are excited to see how software funnel works how this
whole process actually works all right we’re gonna do we’re gonna actually log
into the software and we’re gonna do a quick demo it’s gonna show you guys how
software funnels will actually do all of these steps this four-step process for
you guys can so look close I’m gonna show you guys this video real quick and
we’re gonna walk us through exactly how to create your very own software here
inside of software funnels okay so what we’re gonna do next is we’re gonna go
through the software funnels demo and so here were on the login page real login
and here you can see the software funnels all the tools the different
tools you got the dashboard whiteboard mind maps wireframes projects team chat
I hope to ask analytics and reports we’re gonna focus today it’s got on what
we’re gonna focus on whiteboards whiteboards wireframes projects team
chat and analytics but we also want to point out every single one of these are
enterprise level pieces of software right and so here we’re gonna you can
make this smaller and we’re gonna add a new whiteboard so what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna take you through the process and we’re gonna have to kind of fun with
it we’re gonna if you guys remember Russell just launched with the brothers
he launched the the new video for clickfunnels and it had a minor and a
minor loved to paint squirrels right like squirrels so we came up with this
idea we’re gonna create an app for squirrels and because squirrels needs
that squirrels need apps to write okay and they also need nuts for the winter
yep and so we’re gonna create an app that lets them know exactly how many
nuts they need to gather by winter time for hibernation and so if if this was
literally a software idea that we had this is where we would start we’d start
here in the whiteboarding tool and you can see that you can draw all kinds of
stuff you can make things bigger you can change colors you can add text okay you
can add images you can collaborate with my computer’s so if you have very
different location they can see exactly what you’re doing live so we want to
delete this and start from scratch and what we’re gonna do is we would draw so
we’re building an app so I’m first gonna draw it doesn’t have to be perfect
because we’re just drawing out the idea so this is my iPhone that’s what is the
way you talk here’s the top and we’re gonna have a logo here and in my account
area so logo you can see we’re just drawing it out like it doesn’t have any
perfect good strong the idea out in fact it shouldn’t be perfect whatsoever just
have fun with it and just start drawing this is my account so then what we’re
gonna have is now this is an app it’s on the phone the the squirrel needs to
answer some questions so what’s one of the questions Scott that squirrel needs
and I’m how many in your family how many and your family so then we’ve got I
didn’t leave enough for room so what I can do
that’s as small as we can go so I could just like this now I’m gonna draw just
like a little text box that they would fill in or a drop-down whatever of how
many let’s say this is one and then they could do a drop-down of how many you’re
in the in the family right so what’s the next question
when’s winter yeah when is winter in your area well just we’ll just keep it
simple we can change all that later you’re just mocking this up quick okay
any like a calendar yeah like a little calendar with all a bunch of dates that
they choose whatever maybe got some more will come up some other questions then
basically a calculate button calculate obviously that so there it is like I
mean super simple we call it the ugly duckling mock-up so now let’s say they
click calculate so let’s just design that one out quick to they click
calculate and there’s a phone and and you can select and copy over and
duplicate things to just make it quicker so to do this quick so now they get they
click calculate they answer those questions and now it’s like what it’s
got congratulations regulations congratulations and then you’re gonna
need 5,000 acorns to nuts or a core inside by Deborah first by December 31st
first we can move all this around you can play with this and maybe we’ll do
like a little baked worm or something okay so that’s you can see how quick
that was that’s all you need to do so now we would save this call it nut app save it we come back to the whiteboard
dashboard you can see we’ve got that there you can see a little thumbnail of
it I can share it with people I can duplicate it or can delete it lots of
cool things you can do so now the next step is you’re gonna go to the
wireframing tool so this is the wireframe tool and we kind of decided
you know we could doing this live and a live demo we went ahead and already kind
of designed it out on the whiteboard wireframe because it takes a little bit
of more time so we took that white whiteboard tool and we turned it into a
wireframe so we actually added another cool thing was just a login page then
when they log in they answer the questions so you can see let’s open up
the whiteboard we’re gonna look at this and see kind of how close it looks and
similar it looks so you can see we took the the whiteboard and how many a family
when is winter and we actually added the another question that we thought of how
many trees do you own it’s kind of funny then they calculate so now what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna add this third one and that’s why we’re gonna show you
how to use the white wire freedom tool we’re gonna make this congratulations
page on the app so the cool thing is here you’ve got some iOS user interface
items where that’s what this thing right here and we can pull this over you can
see that let’s just kind of try to make it the same size that’s one way you
could do it or even better we’ll just grab this all and we’ll copy it paste it
and move it over there we go so that was pretty quick and simple now you can we
can go ahead and get rid of this stuff and we don’t need any of that so now we’ve
got this blank page basically where now we want to add system text so we’ll move
some text over here and congratulations now what we want to do is just make this
a little bit bigger there’s tons of stuff we can arrange it change all the
styles color and all that we’ll just quickly make it bigger and bold it now
let’s move another text over here so what did that say you need five thousand
nuts by December 31st basically so this one let’s make it a little bit smaller
you need nuts by number first okay so the cool thing is you see this little
logo we just kind of found it by just searching you can search here on the
wireframe tool we just sort of squirrel and we found that moved it over and we
were able to like turn it around and everything so let’s see if we can find
an acorn or and there’s an acorn there we go
or not so let’s just take bring this acorn over here oh that’s small so that
one doesn’t look very good so we’ll just do a student not just another option so
I’ll see that one looks a little better anyway you could find some so you could
use the searching tool there’s tons of other things that will help you
wireframe out even a webpage anything another cool thing is like you know how
we copied and pasted and made another phone you can do that same thing and
make a template if you’re making a website something save that template and
then you can go and make all your pages real fast
you just have to fix the inside of the exactly so we’re gonna save this and we
call it the nut app and come back over here now what we do is we would want to
share it with like our designer whatever so let’s just say well for now you can
see there’s some other people here in that where you can share it we could
share with sava edit collaborating we could share it with them then they’ll
get that so you’d share it with the designer right we would also the next
thing is we would go to the projects area and we’d have a and this is just a
test account so it’s not we’d have like a project board so this is just like
Trello this is the project management this is
we live here and in the team chat and so we’d have a project board just for a
designer so here you can see an example of our programming board where you can
see this is ton of stuff so if we just come back here that this one’s a little
bit more what we want to see we actually already added this so you guys could see
it so let’s say it’s an app design this is the designers project board he sees
that we need to do this we’re gonna move this we’re gonna change this priority
turn it off and now make this the priority number one we can add them as a
member to it and then we could say please design this for us this is
Lindsay’s account you can see the test account and please design this for us
and and then what we’d do is we we pull over the we’d already shared the the
wireframe with them where we could just download it and put it in here so they
could see the wireframe so this is just works like Trello now telling the cool
thing about the projects tool so we can actually have you pull in Trello right
into project we have a whole import tool where you go to get a couple things from
Trello it’ll import everything straight from Trello it’ll map all the users and
everything that you haven’t Trello we’ll pull it over here to projects all in
like five minutes yeah super super cool so we do that on the project’s tool then
we’d go you know and say hey designer we go into team chat we chat with the
designer hey I’ve moved a new priority to you and you can see all these people
are offline right now but let’s say let’s take Garrett was the designer and
we’d say hey we moved this new project please go work on it right away and the
cool thing about the team chat is it’s just like slack like we’ve built this
just like slack it’s so cool you’ve got you’ve also got video chat audio chat we
actually think it’s better than select yeah you can upload files you can create
create groups you can create direct chats and all kinds of stuff you can
have your favorites area and so so cool so you can see like we’ve up you know
Lindsey and I’ve been chatting back and forth with links I’m uploading files and
all kinds of stuff like that desk got nobody notifications so then what we do
is the designer would work on it so we actually had the designer work on that
we gave him that exact wireframe tool and here’s what he came up with so cool
so we did this in literally like six minutes okay we we’d have designed the
we did the whiteboard we wire framed it out send it to him literally like six to
eight minutes he took ml about 30 maybe 45 minutes to
design this out now some designers take longer some tips
it’s not always the case and this was just a simple example so here it is from
the so cool right it makes me want to go and design something for squirrels
so he made a little logo just based on what we had found this is the login page
so if we go back here just go back to the wireframe quick while that’s opening
you can see the next page and the the last page so here you can see we
basically we did we sent him this exact wireframe so you’ve got the login page
the middle page in this page and this is what he came up with now we have
something that’s almost 3d ready to go so we can send this to the programmer so
we can start developing this look how fast that was so here you see how many
in your family that’s a drop-down how how long until winter how many trees you
own calculate Congrats the amount of nuts you need to gather as 5000 even put
a little acorn there I mean and we could go back to and say well let’s change
this as a design but this was literally in under an hour we have an app ready to
go so you can just see the power of software funnels and how cool this is
now a couple other tools we want to mention we’ve got also about mind
mapping so you can mine map out things that allows you to kind of connect these
different pages that you only need it really allows you to connect it in your
mind and write and get that out so then you’ve got the help desk or tool like
it’s like a almost a full design desk where you can have a whole customer
support area and all your support team can be right here inside software files
the analytics will show that the reporting tool so you can see what your
team is doing and reporting on the retaining tool so we’re gonna show you
the analytics quick and here this is so awesome this is what every software
company needs you need to know your monthly recurring revenue so you can see
current total MRRR and this is just an example this will pull straight from
stripe and all your subscription so you can see how things are going there our
breakdown with a recurring revenue breakdown new business expansion
contracting mr churn all this cool stuff that helps you how many active customers
you have the 30 days ago 14 days ago 38 current active customers your turn
rate great super important how many customers are you losing average revenue
per user per account customer lifetime value and you’ll run rate this is so
important that you have these analytics so these are just some of the tools
we’re going to keep adding and software funnels is going to keep evolving so
many wonderful things that you can do in software funnel so that’s a quick demo
of software funnels and how you can use it to quickly build you
software program your software company and no time at all
all right was that amazing so how many guys right now we’ll watch that in like
oh my gosh I need to create my own software so my
next question for you is is how many guys want a free account software
funnels all right everyone crazy all right well we’ll talk about later on
in the web class but I just want to show you that that is software funnels yeah I
think this is the tool we’re using now to develop software a guy literally last
week was wire framing out a bunch of ideas and doodling it and like so much
fun because like it takes these ideas you have and gives you ability make them
live very very quickly and it’s just insanely fun so data software funnels
and I hope you guys are excited so one more thing I want to cover so this is
seat number three and I told you guys earlier I was gonna prove Einstein was
an idiot I hope you guys okay with that so so
here between Einstein is actually wrong an eighth wonder of the world is
actually this so this is a quote as I said I know Einstein really said this or
not but people say he did who knows but he say said a compounding interest is
the eighth wonder of the world he who understands it earns that he who doesn’t
pays it and so but I wouldn’t go that’s my preview that compounding interest is
actually lame when you compare it to what we call residual income so let me
walk us through how how this works so this is my compound interest calculator
and so I try make this is even as possible despite compounding interest
versus residual income and we’ll see who wins at the end so here we go here’s
that here’s the calculator so I’m plugging some things so say I’m gonna
invest $5,000 first off so that’s my initial startup into this thing and then
put $2,000 a month into monthly contribution over 20 years you do the
calculations on that you click on calculate you compounded daily and check
it out what happens in the day you end up with 1.5 million dollars that’s
pretty good right $5,000 down $20 and $2.00 a month for 20 years to be a
millionaire so congratulations but I only took 20 years to 20 years that’s
what Einstein had to do so I’m gonna do it now versus uh well see what’s gonna
happen here inside sophomore so this is a little calculator the recurring
revenue calculator you guys have a chance to play with when you get inside
of software secrets and couple things I’m gonna do very similar I’m gonna I’m
gonna assume that I took that $5,000 start capital and instead of putting it
into an account I’m gonna use that to hire programmer designer to get my first
software product live so the first software products live now I’m gonna go
out there and they say the month the monthly fee on my software’s $50 a month
and then what I did is to make this really really easy and put it in the CPA
right here of basically so I’m gonna put it’s the same two thousand dollars a
month into into the software business and let’s say my cost per acquisition is
100 dollars to acquire customer right so it means I get 20 customers a month so
pretty low lie first off your cost to acquire customers should be way lower
than that but let’s just say worst case scenario I invest the same two thousand
dollars a month I would have done in compounding interest instead up into
residual income I’m only able to get 20 new customers so that a hundred our CPA
and I do that for 20 years that’s 240 months
you put the math in on that guess what ends up being boom you end up with
twenty eight point nine million dollars at the end of twenty years versus one
point five so I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure the Einstein was wrong
so residual income is much is more likely the eighth one of the world
because it makes you so much more so much less time it’s so much easier it’s
just so much better so there you go one point five million versus twenty eight
point nine million there you go alright so let me show you guys how I use
residual income this is a secret to get anything you want in life for free Ken
this is important so first thing I want to do is like let’s take something that
you have a monthly payment on right so let me just have student loans because
have credit card debt whether it is I meet you student loan for right now okay
so I have student loan like okay I need to go and create software to free me
from from my student loans right so creative software let’s say the
membership cost my software $50 a month I’ll make the math easy next step is
like okay well how much my student loans so I did I asked Google and Google told
me that the average student loan student leaves college with $25,000 of suit
loans so that’s the average student loans 25 grand and if you a monthly
costing that that’s $280 a month so how many members do I need to get inside my
membership fee there’s a my software to cover all of the monthly payments over
here okay so all I have to do if I get five point six members the membership
fees for my software will cover the entire student loan and now my Stu loans
free five point eight five point six people to sign up for your software in
the next month or two months or three months if so you are free from all your
student loans all your debt are gone okay yes this works I’m sure another
example so let’s just say you have a car payment now let’s say your car payment
you said the same software it’s $50 a month your car payments $300 a month so
you do the math on that you have to exactly six members to join your
software product and now your car payment is free your car simply free is
that cool so that weights are looking look at all
the bills you have any life like I got student loans credit card debt my house
payment my apartment payment my like what are all those things and the
reverse engineer embers ready to get to cover the monthly fee on my car my house
my thing like that right so you look at this now you’re like oh crap Russell
it’s only six members to cover my car payment what if I got rid of my card and
I upgraded what if I wanted one of those fancy pants Tesla’s that fly right so
just so you get a nice Tesla the doors come up it’s super awesome you know you
have a same membership sites fifty dollars a month and then I didn’t know
how much Tesla’s cost I googled it and Google told me that Tesla said that for
a Tesla it costs about five hundred ninety three dollars a month so my car
payments five hundred eighty three dollars a month how many members I need
to get so I get a free Tesla just ten if I get ten members join my software
program pay me 50 bucks a month I get this car for free that’s not ten members
a month that’s just 10 members to member yes if you stopped working after you got
your 10 members and just took some time off so let’s say like you can go and
earn all the money get Tesla it’s a I’m gonna spend eight hours a day for the
next ten days eat eight hours a you get one person signed up okay so you spent
eight hours any one percent up after ten days you stop and do to free Tesla for
the rest of your life like that’s how residual income works why it’s so
awesome okay let me ask hey Russell’s going out of debt I can buy my next car
but some of you guys like Russell I want to be like dirty rich like filthy rich
like I want to I want everything so I was thinking last night like well how
many how many memberships was arrived to sell if I wanted to buy Tai Lopez’s
mansion okay and so I I was looking at that and it
actually been to the mansion so it’s very nice I was looking at that and so
I’m gonna come back I got same constraints right $50 a month when
people pay to use my software so how many do I need to sell I didn’t know how
much tylo PES his mansion cost so I went to Twitter cuz it’s the definitive
answer for everything and this is somebody saying basically Oh ty you just
rented out the mansion – it’s not even a real thing and then I scroll down in the
Twitter feed and I saw the trolls had to say when the trolls said the house the
title it the Tyson’s he owns it isn’t his the only been trying rent for
$75,000 a month ty rinses shooting videos his server first off that’s not
true ty actually does lease the house or whatever but let’s just say that this
troll was right and a seventy five thousand dollars a month to get the
house I have no idea I bet it’s a lot less but let’s just say the mansion
payment seventy five came up and you’re right why would someone spend 75 K month
to live in a mansion no idea let’s just say it is how many
members would have to be in my software for me to get the house for free
1500 1500 members and you got Tai Lopez’s mansion for free okay you guys
getting this you see how this works this is the power residual income you find
what you want what you need figure out what the monthly payments are and then
sell that many people into your software and then that thing becomes free for you
okay and you can this get you out of debt this can make you money this can
help you change the world it’s helps you serve other people you figure out
whatever it is you want to do but this is how we do things in my world okay and
it’s really fun so I want to other saying you don’t have to have 50,000
members like clickfunnels does to be free
okay literally 300 members in your software program will make you
financially free forever now what does that mean financially frees different
for everyone my question for you is this what would financial freedom
what would freedom as a whole what would it look like for you does that mean
you’re getting out of debt like no longer have to do own car payments house
payments it’s free to mean you have the chance to go and serve more people to go
on mission trips to help other people around the world like what is freedom
for you okay and look at that and then reverse engineer say well how many
members is it how many members my software do I need to get absolute
freedom you figure out that number go sell the software and then you’re free
and you’re free for the rest of your life
and that’s why we’re so passionate about what we’re talking about software is
cool but the residual income the freedom it gives you is the entrepreneur is
second to none you can’t get that in any other business okay let me ask you let
me ask you guys a question how many guys are so excited right now after watching
this presentation understand residual incomes get the ideas you feel a little
bit like this oh crap I peed my pants well if you don’t feel like that you
jun’er stand that you ain’t cool unless you pee your pants so all you guys have
my permission is take a few minutes there’s pee your pants right now cuz
you’re so freaking excited about software secrets and software funnels
okay and if she said that if peeing your pants is cool then consider me a Miles
Davis all right so if he is one of started own software
company real quick these are the essential tools you have to have to be
able to be successful okay you have whiteboarding software you have
wired and stuff from my mapping software project manager software team chat help
desk reporting tools analytics and finally freelancer service like up work
to be able to get your software created now I know this and these guys knows
because in the past that’s what we had to do in fact a year ago when they came
to boys and were talking about this I was like yep we’re using this product
manager system this whiteboard and this and like we had all these different tool
over the place and it’s like how in the world of people to be successful the
things are everywhere there’s so many is so easy to miss one of the pieces like
how do you how do you do it and as I said if you guys can create a tool that
puts all these things together it’ll change the world and give every
entrepreneur the chance and the ability to create their own software people to
write their own paycheck they’d be able to really get financial freedom and so
that was the that was the mission they went back home on and they spent the
next eight months building something and and that is what software funnels is for
you guys today okay and so I’m actually as commissioner of cricket you’re cool
if I spend about 15 minutes or so going over exactly what software funnels is
what software secrets the courses and and making you guys a really special
offer what makes you guys are cool with that all right thank you
cool I got you guys bunch of guys they give me take my money so all right well
this is what we create a few guys and again it’s called software secrets okay
now what you’re gonna get when you invest in software secrets today you’d a
bunch of really cool things the first thing you get is six-month as a software
funnel software for free you guys had a chance to seek a quick demo of two or
three of the features but software funnels literally places all of these
software products right here so you keep using any of these you can delete them
you can cancel with Mansley faith like all these things you can get rid of
because everything here is already pre-built into software forms for you so
you have every single thing you need to be successful launching your software
company case you get six months of software funnels for free inside of
software funnels you’re gonna bail crêpe to a hundred different wireframes for
your products they’ll manage up to one hundred products you have twenty user
camp so your team your employees your staff your programmer your designers
everything come in and work together on your software products and your projects
and whole bunch more okay then what happens after six months then we’re
Russell after six months what’s gonna happen like does the monthly fee go up
like do I have to pay like what happens and the answer is don’t worry about that
right now are you serious like all you right now is you got six months to
create and launch your software okay we’re getting into you the biggest
account we have for next six months in six months now you can log on the
software if you want you can downgrade your account you keep it at same level
but we have no idea how many programmers desire so we’re gonna give you guys the
max account so you can plug all your people and so you can you can like do
some damage and make some cool software in next six months and the six months
will now decide like okay do I need this much do I need less user accounts like
how does it work and you can you can downgrade in size there’s plans to start
all the way down to 20 bucks a month all the way up to 300 bucks a month and
beyond so after six months yes and figure out what makes the most
for you but right now you’ll be unlocked at the highest level so you have access
to everything inside of sophomore funnels okay so again we talked about so
we’re stepping ones you got a doodle software that’ll happen inside software
so fun except number two you’re gonna wireframe the software all stops inside
software funnels we don’t have time to show you all the other stuff it does do
doodle and does do wireframes but it does not stop there after that also does
your user management here’s all the different ploys on your team
here’s your team chapter slice slack or Skype you can communicate with all your
people one spot if you’re not logging in to four different programs talk to
programmers and designers everyone’s talking in one spot so you find answers
everything any given time this is the reporting dashboard see what every
single employee on TV what do they do every single day do they finish things
what are they stuck on that way your projects continue to move forward this
is the project management board so you can figure out your projects your
priorities move around this is the trouble similar to Trello to your
project management stuff this is the mind mapping so you might map out like
what happens when I click on this button where they go then from here where they
go what’s the actual mind map of how the software works you have the mind mapping
software as well you get the help desk software so that literally when your
customers are asking questions your support team can come in here answer the
ticket and also look up their accounts through the recurring bit like
everything happens here inside of software funnels you get the analytics
tool so you can see how much money you’re making how many customers you
have what’s coming up what’s going down so you have perfect clarity or what’s
happening software business all times so you can continue to grow those are just
a few of the things I didn’t there’s even more in there you guys as you’ll
see you get in there but that is the power of software phone it runs the
entire company for you ok so how many you guys are freaking out right now
because all you want to do is start is logging in right now and start doodling
stuff like crazy ok I know that that guy is he’s PD so the user happens excited I
mean that’s like I said some of you guys tonight you’re gonna map out you’re
gonna be in the software imagine you’d be doodling this thing and that will
become the thing that gives you financial Freeman I want you to remember
that moment take it picture yourself as you’re dealing out your first software
product and post it in our members area or whatever and let people like hey I
started the rest of my life today I do allow my project ok just like we didn’t
click funnels three and a half four years of years ago that can happen for
you guys tonight when you get in here and have a chance to start doodling okay
so here’s we gonna get the first thing you’re gonna get when you vest in
software stickers today’s you get six month account the software funnels for
free at four thousand or ninety seven dollar value the next thing you get is a
software secrets master classes we need to make sure you guys understand how to
build software when you understand the process is really easy when you do it
wrong it’s very very expense one of the versions that clickfunnels
idol I spent $50,000 in nine months and we came back it didn’t do anything
anyway I’ve wasted so much man the wrong way I know these guys have as well this
will make it so you do it right the first time so here’s a small glimpse of
what’s inside to sit the software seekers master class and members are
inside there you can figure out how to come up with great software ideas will
actually sell so you don’t waste your time on bad ideas how many does want to
make sure that you’re doing the right programs and you’re not creating stuff
that nobody’s gonna buy they’re gonna show you exactly how to do that you find
out how to actually fund your ideas – Gregg I’m broke I can’t even build this
thing we’ll show you how to do it so you can fund it how to bootstrap it there’s
a whole bunch of ways to get your project actually funded we’re gonna show
you guys the 12 step process make software building process faster easier
and cheaper let me show you the project management secrets that will shave month
off your project timeline okay the reason why Andy was able to crater
software in three months versus three years is because of this right here she
understood the project management secret she hasn’t yet for free when he has
invest today you also gonna learn how to launch a software as quick as possible
how to hire the right programmers and designers the very first time because
the most expensive thing you have is you hired the wrong programmers that build
crappy software you launch it and it completely crashes on your members hire
the right programmers and designers the first time it’ll change everything for
you okay we show you have a beta launcher for software before your big
launch and we’re gonna show you is how launch your software your first 100
members fast okay and a whole bunch more I get goes on and on and on in fact
inside software signature you can get not just like training videos and
screenshots and action items and podcasts and Facebook lives and a whole
bunch more and we’re actually also gonna train you guys on exactly how to use
software funnels okay and the other cool thing is there’s actually live beta
groups starting this Monday so certain Sun your sign up right now and go
through the stuff this weekend the Monday you come on and Monday we start
doing the live training I don’t want you guys to miss it because it’s gonna be
insanely cool you have a chance to jump on ask questions and watch does these
guys help you go through the entire software secrets process okay if you’re
watching this in the future this is a replay
don’t stress that means the first trains may already be done you can log in there
so watch him immediately which is awesome but for all you guys who roll on
live right now the first training starts this Monday that’s why it’s so important
to get started today and not tomorrow now no way you take our word for this
training is amazing this is Allison Prince she’s one of my inner circle
members who had a chance to sit in the room when Garen Scott first presented
software secrets and when you hear in her own words what’s happened to her
software and her company so she had the idea and she had a chance
to watch it hi my name is Alison Prince and I have been in the e-commerce space
for about seven years and over the last seven years I’ve noticed how social
medias algorithm keeps changing and twisting and crushing the small business
owners and honestly I’m getting really sick of it I’ve had this idea on ways to
prevent this to help small business owners get back their space in the
social world but I knew it was gonna take some technology behind it and so
when I heard about software secrets what Garrett and Scott had to offer I was
really really excited about this opportunity from the idea in my head to
today it’s been about three and a half months we will launch the beta in 30
days so this has been a four and a half month process and I guarantee that if I
would have gone anywhere else sort of take me over a year to build and would
have cost me so much more money one of the things that I was impressed with was
Scott came out and said hey Allison I actually think your idea will change the
way that shopping is done on line what I find so fascinating and encouraging
about this is listening to their story they’re not tech people and they have
built tech companies that are in the Inc 500 and that’s not like five years ago
that’s happening this year they know what they’re doing they’ve done this
process over and over again and just look at their history of what they’ve
done like I can tell you this process has literally been the easiest process
that I’ve gone through building technology I am so excited to be able to
releases to my theta group the some nights they can’t even sleep because
it’s becoming a reality the thoughts in my head I’m seeing it happen on the
computer screen there’s an absolute dream like sometimes I have to pinch
myself so this is actually happening for a fraction of the time and a fraction of
the cost seriously if you’ve got 19
for technology go for it software secrets has really helped me to get
things in order and it’s helped me to save a lot of time and that is
absolutely vital when you’re building technology thanks Garrett and Scott all right have you guys getting so
excited for this so what are you most excited for I’m curious because there’s
two pieces of this right now number one we got software photo software allows
you to do all the stuff to run your entire software business and second one
is software secrets training course ID which one he has more side for all he
has to vote in the in the question box of your so for your side for software
funnels give me a one if you’re cited for software secrets give me a two and I
want to find out where where you guys are most pumped for and as we’re doing
that I want you to remind you shampoo is better no conditioner is better
they both are important and they’re both essential to you guys a success okay all
right so here’s we’re gonna get again you the six-month access to software
funnels for freeing it the software secrets master class total value seven
thousand nine ninety four dollars now next question is wouldn’t it be cool for
you guys that actually watched them build the exact same software here that
earned them the same five hundred Ward like I wish that like we could rewind
backfire six years ago as they were actually building this and be on fly in
the wall and Mike watch Mike what they do then when they do and then what was
the process and how did it work and then where do they find the programmers and
how they know was a good break out like all that stuff right and so last night’s
we’re going through this they told me this new project that they’re creating I
was like wait a minute what if we actually documented that and let people
walk in over your shoulder and watch the entire thing so they are my question is
how much how it how would you is like to watch them build and launch the next
fortune 500 software company and I would love you to find that wall the new
project is called sharper approved local and they’re just starting it from
scratch right now they’ve got the logo design that’s it any starting from
scratch going through the entire process how do you guys want to see that whole
thing okay oh I see what’s going on yes I want you guys to watch this whole
process in action can you see it and you go through the whole thing anybody oh my
gosh like that really is pretty simple it’s give a chance every single week to
watch over the shoulder as they are doing this and watch them build shopper
prove local as they build it watch where the other programs where they hired the
designers where they did how they did the beta launch every single thing it’ll
make an open book for you to watch a software company launch and then you
just kind of follow in the process okay this is my favorite type of coaching I
called over the shoulder coaching clearly watching in as they do what you
were trying to do and a lot of times if someone has a training course they
forget some of the pieces to try to remember how that works this was like
this will force something to give you every single step because they’re gonna
have chance to watch it they are doing it which is super super
excited as Adam Sandler’s telling us right here so next question we’re
getting I’m watching in the chats and there’s a whole bunch of like really
good questions coming through when the big ones is like how do I know my soft
right is gonna be zero or a hero okay that’s three good question so what
we put together is we put the other Facebook group but the gold is say to
this Facebook group are calling a software incubators what happens is you
come in here you can challenge all the other software seekers members and then
one use when you have the idea we have kind of process you’re gonna fill out
you’re gonna submit it into the entire group say this is my idea and you’re
gonna submit it there for everybody to see and then everyone’s a chance to come
to the bank with you did this or change this to tweak this Garrett will be in
there Scott will be in they’re all being there will all be able to give a
feedback like no like that software actually suck so this was amazing or if
you have this twist to it like then like I would actually buy that and you’ll
have all of us coaching you as a collective group to make sure your
software ideas right the first time so the software incubator is huge now
that’s the first part of it which is exciting how you guys want to be part of
our secret incubator that’s pretty cool right
but then the second half is even more exciting I think at least as exciting
the other thing is that once a quarter we really have you guys a chance to
pitch your idea to the real cards so what’s gonna happen is once a quarter or
so Darren Scott gerenian to me or Armand or stew or Dave fryer just our friends
who are been doing this for a decade or so and come and you have a chance we’re
gonna take like three or four are the best software ideas you need a chance to
present it and pitch it to us Ted and if we love it a couple things happen if one
if we’re like that’s an awesome idea we’ll then coach you for free on the
spot like this is what to do and how to do it okay now all software seekers
members have a chance to watch in on this live coaching which is cool but if
you’re if you got one the best ideas like will actually coach you through it
or number two if if we really like the idea we may actually finance it for you
or partner so yeah I don’t have any money for this idea I think it’s great
and if I’m like dang an idea is great I will put up the 50 grand to code it or
the 20 grand or 10 or whatever the number is if it makes sense and I’ll
partner with you on it and while times a little like push it through our channels
like who knows what’ll happen but that’s kind of the other thing is that you have
a chance to pitch your ideas to the real sharks and stew looks great in a dress
don’t you yes and Army’s little curls coming out anyway so there you go
alright so here’s a recap bringing it at the six month
access to software phones for free she can build all your entire software
company the software secrets master class the over-the-shoulder life
coaching and the software incubator told by 10,000
$188 so this is we are now you guys you have the idea you are the smartest man
or woman alive right you got the idea then what’s the process okay I’m taking
I’m like she has to take notes you got favorite amazing idea we’d helped you
get that here’s the process step number one what do you do there number two
so number three UI designer step number four give it to the geniuses give the
geniuses now I see I chat blowing up this entire time the number one question
as they’re all say is like but Rose literally you guys are a genius as I
can’t guess I can’t build software now and I wish we had like a little baby I
could actually pinch to make him cry right now because that’s not something
you guys sell okay so don’t worry if you don’t have a software programmer or
anything that you’re I don’t wanna find a matter of trust Minerva’s all kind of
things this bonus is gonna help you guys because we want to make sure you’re
successful obviously and so what we’re gonna do is reaction give you guys
access to the same UI designers and the same geniuses who built all of these
guys to stop for how many you guys would love to have access to their programmers
and they’re the same dudes you’re sitting in this room but these guys have
them actually code your software and design your software yeah alright
everyone said okay it’s looking for over deliver so not only do you have all the
trainee and the software and the tools and the over-the-shoulder coaching the
chance to pitch your ideas in a thing taken all sorts of stuff like that you
also have access the same UI designers and the same programmers and geniuses
that build their software okay there’s some you guys views there’s if you don’t
want to use their sets fine as well will show you other places you can hire
really good programmers and talents but one thing nice about this is your plug
into a team that already understands our world they already know how to use
software phones are used to logging in and seeing the doodles and seeing the
wire and all that kind of stuff so you can plug in the same team that’s
building their software in fact a couple new programs we’re building I’m putting
through this exact same team as well okay so you have access to their UI
designers and their genius says I’d recommend though getting in the software
fast and sketch out your stuff quick and getting them on board because I my guess
is they’re getting a lot of people here who gonna start wanna start working with
them so the faster you start using the software getting your wireframes done
the faster you these guys can start building your dream and making it a
reality okay so access granted the same
programming design teams of Garrett and Scott use as well okay so one last recap
you get six monthly counts the software funnels software six maths class
over-the-shoulder trading software incubator access to programmers
designers so you got no more excuses not be successful but I just see one popping
in the chat box okay and I see it so my question is like what else didn’t be
successful you got the software you got
software that builds the entire thing you got the train it show you how to do
it step by step you’ve got the team’s gonna actually
build it you got the team’s gonna design it you’ve got a entire think tank of
other software developers who need feedback you know I didn’t make sure I
did like what else just me be successful make so there’s no failures at all okay
last thing you need is you gotta know how to actually roll out your software
how to launch it right and somebody has no Lester about click phones went from 0
to 100 million dollars in three years which is really really cool but well I
don’t know is that it didn’t go right the first time or the second time or the
third time or the fourth time or the fifth time but it did the sixth time
took me six funnels before we got it to work and here’s a couple of us to find
some old pages some of these words somebodies didn’t work and what was
interesting is when all send on three years of dating we got from zero to 100
million dollars it’s interesting there are actually three software funnels that
we built I’m guessing is that you’ve seen one of them there’s two that you
probably haven’t seen these three Sasuke these are the three funnels I think
every SAS company needs to have because they do ninety percent the heavy lifting
okay and likes if we took us six try we got our funnel right I’m just gonna show
you is what those are and so at the end of this thing after you built it out
we’re gonna do a bunch of trainings showing you guys exactly what the funnel
is how it works it’s gonna be really cool um the other thing on top of that
we did even mention the slides here but Garen Scott build their entire company
without a funnel without Facebook Ads like I know on the train they also show
how they did it and so there’s another Avenue as well so like this is something
even if you’re not good at ads and techy stuff and you’re nervous like you don’t
have to be there’s different ways to build software companies but I’m gonna
show you guys the three software funnels we did I’m gonna walk you through all
give you the share funneling so you can just use them and I’ll walk you guys
through the intricacies okay there’s one there’s one split test we did that
change it from my a failing company to literally 210 million dollars after made
that one shift like it was it’s so small and everyone I talked to who misses it
and so I’m gonna show you is that will give you the sheriff only four as well
so you can get all the stuff the software funnels software seekers
masterclass live coaching incubator the programmers designers the SAS funnels
everything you guys need to be successful total value fifteen thousand
four hundred eighty two dollars now obviously directed charity has 15,000
492 dollars but I have a question for you it’s 15 thousand four hundred eighty
dollars the law if all the students get your software live would it be worth
that okay so I was doing some the math last night I was putting in any into the
calculator okay let’s say that you signed up 30 people a month okay so
that’s one person a secret your job or whatever you’re out going on he spent
eight hours a day instead of working for somebody else instead of doing stupid
projects no matter you focus on getting one person a it’s not for software so
one person a day which is pretty easy an eight-hour day so over 30 days you got
30 people who membership program and you do that at the end of this whole thing
when it’s all done you’re the spot where you made 170
thousand dollars in this year and you got $18,000 month’s recurring income
stream then sane less if you just get one person now say some you guys are
ambitious like what else oh I I think I can get two people a day to sign up I’m
gonna work you know two and a half hours instead just the hour and you’re I am
bitch like so two people a day suddenly your income is during that same 12 month
period time you’re two hundred thirty four thousand dollars in sales and your
monthly recurring incomes 36 thousand dollars a month okay that’s not twice
what I personally live on right now so if you can’t make your life work at that
point like you got some sort of spending issues okay so that’s number two or
something like super like aggressive me like I want to change the world and so
let’s say you go and then you just sign up ten people a day you build a team you
drive traffic you that kind of thing ten people a day within 12 months you’re a
millionaire and your monthly recurring 108 thousand dollars and you know one of
these trophies here that we mail out to you and put one in here on the wall in
our office just get this like you don’t have to have 50,000 members like
clickfunnels to change your life it’s not ten people a day you’re a
millionaire in twelve months it gets crazy we start looking at that way okay
so the other point is that this is a lot less than what you spending one of those
things that doesn’t actually make you any money at all i thinik home degrees
like I was looking at this thing Stanford University charge you thirty
seven thousand dollars a year taking a degree the best case scenario out of
sharing salary sixty seven thousand dollars a year okay so after five years
of tuition your $189,000 to start your to get a job that pays you sixty seven
thousand dollars a year like that’s insane
Princeton is no better yet Harvard Cornell like so fifteen thousand for it
and eighty dollars is a lot less than any of these investments and he and at
the end of the day gives you something that’s actually worthwhile as opposed to
just piece of paper it doesn’t really do anything okay now the good news for all
you guys we’re not gonna charge you 100 eighty nine thousand dollars at Stanford
still from you which is good news secondly we’re not going to charge you
two thirty eight thousand nine eleven t5 dollars or do
you for just one-fifth of your education okay we’re not gonna charge you $25,000
my inner circle members had to pay to learn this exact same process to get
their software created and launched a warden uber gave me a huge discount a
ninety one point two percent discount off with the inner circle members had to
pay it means you can get access to that guy just few span seek it okay
ninety 12.1 percent discount which means you get access to everything you talked
about here you guys for just one payment in 1997 now the way to get started right
now is open up a new browser window so open Chrome or Firefox never goes
software secrets calm slash go you’ve taken the signup page we get
access to everything you talked about here okay now a couple things I want to
ask you guys something eyes like Russell two thousand dollars a lot of money and
so I want to bring this back to we talked about earlier so how many members
would you need to be able to get this entire package for free so I was like
thinking last night how many members would actually take him and I was like
well what’s it like if they paid two thousand dollars and it goes on a credit
card so the Visa and MasterCard fight it’s like what’s the minimum fee
payments like google that and I found this article by market watch which is
like a legit financing side I think and the question was how long does it take
to pay two thousand our credit card down with the minimum payments you scroll
down check it out the minimum monthly payment on a two thousand dollar credit
card is just ten dollars per month ten dollars per month so you go you
spend you put it on your credit card and you pay $10 a month minimum flee payment
okay does that make sense like that’s one-fifth of one member do
that it sounds like you only have to get a single member to cover this entire
thing so you want your software you get one-fifth of one member and you have
access to the software for free for the rest of your life
yes getting this okay and then I put this picture cuz thinking about I should
I find an image where I could cut a person into like one fifth and it was
just really creepy and I was like you know what lady you’re scared of so there
we go all right like literally guys your first member will make everything you’ve
s today free for the rest of your life okay so if you don’t think any idea that
you need at least one member to sign up for you definitely shouldn’t do this
because like now I think one I think my mom at least was sign up for this then
it’s free okay if your mom and your sister and a couple people you know like
like this will pay for itself the second your first product is live okay now you
got to choice you guys choice number one is don’t create your software and walk
away from the residual income and the life that you deserve which is a
horrible option you’ve been sitting here for last 90 minutes when the airside
about software you’re freaking out like I am like you know you need to do this
that’s the first option you just walk away and you kind of forget about whole
experience which my guess is for a lot of guys you won’t be able to it’s not
you’ll be sitting in your bed thinking about man like what what could I create
what should I create like what man if I just focused on this if I put all these
other things out of my mind and I focus on like creating a software
it was residual it could change somebody’s life they would then change
my life like what would that be what it’d look like you get out of had paper
you start sketching it and you’re like I got to get this I need a doodle on you
do I need to start the process okay so that’s your first options second option
is have faith in your dreams you guys like dreams aren’t something we just
like make up but come out like I believe those are given to us so have faith in
your dreams and just take the first step now just start moving forward and let’s
create your first software product together now cool thing in our company
we got a philosophy that if we can’t make you money then we don’t deserve
yours I’m gonna do this game now for almost 15 years
Vlade has my customers for a long time you know we stand by that yeah if you go
through this program you try to use it you don’t make money let us know because
we didn’t do our job we’ll give you your money back okay um so we have a 30-day
money-back guarantee basically means you slap today if you don’t like it for any
reason I’ll Kara’s 29 days 23 hours 59 minutes 59 minutes right now just let us
know give you your money completely back but don’t make that decision today are
you gonna make today’s like do I think I got a clueless offer I did if so you
need to take that leap of faith step into that go and start creating it and
and let’s see what happens okay I promise you guys if you do that if you
go all-in if you go in you start playing some software you go through the
training you involve getting the group and start sharing your ideas like your
life will change okay but don’t make like I can tell you that and I know that
I believe that no I’ve seen it I’ve seen it happen to all the inner
circle members who are launching their software and it gets so cool so I know
it’s there and I can lead you to the thing but you’ve got to go and drink so
my suggestion is like just go take that drink of water and then if you hate it
let me know give your bag I don’t need your money we’re completely fine over
here okay don’t think 500 money that like to be in the Inc 500 your software
you have to make a crap ton of money I want to understand that fifty thousand
members and click phones like this is not about me I do not need your money
this is about me changing your life I’m taking you here I’m trying everything I
can to shove you in the water just take a drink if you don’t like it spit it out
I’ll give you your money back I don’t need it this is not about us
this is about you and changing your life and only way for you to do it is to take
that leap of faith and go to software slash go and get started and
again if you don’t like the water aft drink let us know give your
money back we don’t need it this is about you okay so here’s we’re gonna get
again the six-month account two software funnels for free you get software
secrets masterclass over-the-shoulder life coaching the software incubator
access to our programmers our designers yes this is the same team that literally
built all of Scott and Garrett’s companies you had this three secrets ass
funnels and we show you how to launch in the very first time told about 15,000
for 282 dollars and now we have some fast action bonus because I like people
who move fast okay so here’s the facts action bonus of those who start from the
deadline number one I told you guys before the inside of your account you
kept to 100 wireframes manage 20 products have 20 user accounts on whole
bunch more what we are gonna do is we’re gonna take the shackles off of your
account we’re gonna give you the limited account which means you can literally
tonight Sketch up an infinite amount of wireframes and doodles and you won’t be
charged anything you can make an infinite amount of projects you can have
all year you can hire the entire country of India or Philippines Romania plug
them in your user accounts I don’t even care you if I’m gonna do user accounts
and a whole bunch more we got the unlimited count okay not about you like
I got my account a couple months ago I’ve been doodling out so many ideas and
I don’t want you has to be limited I want you guys to have the creative
juices flowing where you guys wired for new stuff tonight and tomorrow and the
next day and you don’t know which projects gonna be the big winner but
start sketch and start doodling start wire framing and then it’s gonna come to
you okay and when it comes to you when it hits then you go and create it and
that’s what’s gonna be really exciting for you okay the next fast action bonus
for the top 20 PR not top playing the first 20 people who sign up right now
and we’ve got people already setting up so this is may already be gone I’m not
sure yet we are in our stripe account we see who comes in first second third like
that the top 20 people we’re gonna give you a guaranteed seat to come and pitch
the very first shark tank what’s happening soon that means you need to
get signed up right now go to software seekers comp slash go go in there start
playing start wireframe you start trying throughout like what’s the best idea I
can pitch to Russell and to Garrett and to Scott – all these people we’re gonna
bring together and the next 5:38 are storming in our first shark tank and you
have a chance to actually pitch us your thing and then one of three things can
happen number one we’re gonna consult you for free on how to make your thing
better okay what’s that worth like pretty much infinite money so there’s
infinite money bonus number two if it’s like a really good idea of my thing I
want that idea I will write you a check and give you money and then we will
partner on the thing okay so one of those two options hop number three
maybe we’ll scholarship you if it’s the right thing if
you know there’s a lot of things but like it’s gonna be really fun okay and
so the top the first 20 people start today we have you on a list and you’ll
be invited to be there so that means you doesn’t go like your the action takers
go do that logging the software start doodling and come up with your best
ideas the next 30 days we’re doing the first chart take think-tank whatever we
call I don’t even know I’m just hoping to show up in his dress
and if we do that then you guys have a chance to come and pitch it and I said
it’ll be it’ll be life-changing for you that’s for the first 20 people and first
20 people only so you have got to go right now go to software seekers comm
slash go and then you’ll be in here in front of a panel you have a chance the
Armand is golden locks and everything else would be a lot of fun ok so here’s
one app right now you’re gonna go to software secrets calm slash go some you
guys are clicking on the screen I know it happens every single time you can’t
click on my screen go and open up Firefox or Chrome or whatever open up a
brand new browser window in the top type in w-w-w-whoa
when you go there you do it a page like this on the tile the page it’s gonna
recap the special offer I told you like 12 times you shouldn’t know but if not
there’s everything you’re gonna get there’s pictures of it there’s an arrow
flashing down then you look on this page right here and you will fill in your
first name your last name your email I just you put in your credit card will
bill you the 1997 and then you have access to everything we talked about
today your chance to log in there start dueling store having fun but now is the
time you have got to go and have some fun and and so that is it you guys the
last recap again is you get started a first one payment 1987 where you gonna
get one more time again six month accounting software funnels for free
software secrets masterclass over the shoulder life coaching the software
incubator access to our programmers designers the three secret SAS funnels
total about fifteen thousand four hundred eighty dollars here’s gonna
offer one pain in ninety ninety seven dollars today
woo and you got to do that by going to software seekers comm slash go and that
is the game plan now we’re gonna open up for QA in a few seconds so you just have
questions we got a whole bunch I’m coming through but you have questions
that’s keeping you on the finish like I should I do it should I not do it submit
the questions here we’re gonna kind of go through those with you guys here in a
second but the biggest thing I want you guys to understand is the opportunities
come and go right now we’re opening this up it’s gonna be open through the
weekend and then we closing it down and just like we opened the first time from
an inner circle the first beta and we literally have I think four days is open
and close to down and since then bunch of inner circle members gonna make
beggin it’s like let us in let us in because like no like we have to work
with this group of people so right now this is our second beta group we’re
taking you through this program right now it’s open by the time this
weekend’s out it’ll be closed and I’m not sure when we’re gonna opening in my
guests there might be January March maybe it’s gonna be in the future but if
you if you like next week a I want to do this trust like it’s not possible like
we’re not opening it up there’s not some fault scarcity a we want to bring this
group in together and work with us together to get your software created
okay there’s an Y’s on the next webinar this webinar showed two of our circle
members some of their success stories i want to show yours in there okay so
we’re working with the beta group having success and getting your software
launched excuse me and then that way and we could share that next time we reopen
this so this is kind of a really limited time i’ll offer okay it’s not something
is gonna be here tomorrow it’s gonna be you know it’s it’s the offers now and
then it’s gonna be gone soon so now is the time to go go to software Segerstrom
slash go and again feel any questions to minim inside here and i’m gonna take a
drink of water and then we got whole bunch questions coming through here so
first up scott Gary at the year’s wanna say before we open up the Q&A no we we
are so excited for this and this Monday literally we’re opening up the doors to
the the master class and and also the over-the-shoulder I mean next week we’re
gonna start building Shepherd prove locals so we want you there we want you
there watching us do it live and I’m open they messed up it out you have to
tease them in the here so we do have some questions coming in and one of the
biggest questions we have coming in right now is how much will development
cost and let’s go back to when Russell’s first talked about zip Brander I mean he
builds offender for 20 bucks and he gave the guy $100 bonus so $20 he had this
bill look at the look at the how quick we designed out the squirrel that was
quick we could go probably get that developed for you know a couple hundred
bucks because it was so simple this is like again I can kind of talk to before
don’t like toka miss Meg I’m in broke I’m gonna build my quick phones in my
industry and started cuz yeah clickfunnels was really really really
expensive like like like insane they don’t try to like come in like what’s my
zip Brander what’s my what’s my squirrel nuts what’s my whatever because yeah
like most good ideas you can specially like like heat mapping software right
like we kind of show that as an example like my guess is you give a good heat
mapping softer for under 500 bucks probably less than that okay right
actually that’s one of the software companies that we had so yeah it’s yeah
and then it all depends on complexity so like if you build something more complex
it’s more expensive but but like don’t start the complex if I start with a
Minimum Viable Product figured like a really cool thing to do and I start
simple just to build your first thing like the biggest thing I found is like
the confidence of doing it once is the key ICG builds your very first like my
builds it branded after down I was like oh my gosh
I can build software and they do the next one the next one next one is it
proud of cost I think I think form fortunes was like I think it’s about
$200 on that one article spider I think I spent 80 bucks on that one and then
I’ll go all things like so I’m low when you look at it you know under hundred
bucks on the high end millions so it’s kind of a big range there so this morn
just this morning I had an idea that I think we could build for a couple
thousand dollars than are in the competition I looked it up they’re
charging 300 to 500 dollars a month Scott Scott has just like when I first
started developing software big reason why is I look at that would I would see
something I want it I was like I’ll be testing this feature doesn’t do this and
it’s like and then yeah it’s 100 bucks a month of their stop I was like man or I
could spend a thousand dollars created myself I have the features that actually
want right and I so now I’m sure guys were Rich Dad Poor Dad all my kids
really my twins readers dad ported right now like it shifts from being a
liability we do bind someone else’s things becomes an asset when sharona now
it starts like you spent a thousand bucks but at first ten months its freeze
for yourself and then I start selling it it’s awesome and we do that all the time
yeah but build software that we need just to savior see I need this a
specific feature I know we want to click funnels initials for us and as we were
doing I’m like oh my gosh they change the UI a little bit to make this so
every we can use it so yes that’s a big thing I would say if I was you guys I
would start like like for your first project like budget 500 bucks instead
game it’s been 500 bucks on this and when you build something small and just
build something that scratches an itch and one of your industries and just try
that and then if that works then you can roll the next thing in
or the other thing is like your vision like this cool thing to be big they
create a lot of different things but build like one piece of it yeah and
watch it that way and then you can keep iterating keep adding tune that’s what
we teach we teach in the training and we’ll walk you through of how to build
that MVP or that Minimum Viable Product just the most simple thing so you can
get it to market quick start making money and spend a couple five hundred
bucks man we also teach some other cool secrets like open source software which
is a huge thing that’s one of the ways that we were able to build software
funnels so fast yeah I mean all of these enterprise
level software you don’t have to start from scratch there’s crazy people out
there that just go and build a clone of a major software product for free so
there’s there’s tons of cool secrets and tips that we teach you guys that just
slash the learning curve by 90% yep so another question that we’re getting in
is who owns the software after I build it well you own it we’re just providing
the tools we’re providing the tools we’re providing the software funnels to
help you vision the education so that you can build it we don’t own it you own
the software it’s yours 100% cool one question says what’s the cost after six
months so again software funds we giving you as the unlimited account for six
months you have unlimited access what that means you have unlimited projects
unlimited users so you can have your whole team if you stay at that level in
six months it’s two hundred ninety seven dollars a month at that level if you’re
in there you’re like I only have two team members in there you can downgrade
in the future and it’s totally cool I see this count stars lowest twenty bucks
a month up to three hundred bucks a month so don’t stress about now worry
about that in six months now you get the unlimited count for next six months okay
so another big question is can I build mobile apps or like iPhone Android apps
or Chrome apps yes it’s the same process like doodle it wire frame it get it to
the designer and send it to the geniuses it’s the same process and there’s tons
of money in apps there’s tons of money in chrome apps Shopify apps and then
what is that the difference between sass well sass is just software as a service
it’s taking something like that was the great idea of going and looking at all
the top iPhone apps out there and create a web version of that which is a sass
to suffer the service and start charging monthly for it so mobile apps iPhone
apps android apps the same process very cool someone asks that question other
language like programming languages so my guess is yeah I look at my click
phone’s built on Ruby on Rails do something we’ll see Pete yes so these
programmers yeah these programmers that you will get access to we can they can
find any programmer whether it’s Ruby on Rails Java JavaScript PHP is the bit you
know the one we develop in the most so also naps chrome apps Shopify apps yeah
like you basically project them they find the right program developer for you
that works there or they go to recruit that person bring him in for you exactly
how to market it well that was one of the the three secret SAS funnels that’s
one of the items that you get if I would be walking us through how we launched
clickfunnels and how you asked me as well plus and the trainer’s launched
about how they built their software right there’s there’s tons do you not
worry about that we’re about to develop it build it and then we’ll cover ever
know it’s like talk about what’s happening in five years not like this
just build the software and the second mass is done you’ll be like the software
is done you a company know Russell’s doing the trainer now on how to market
so we’ll take care of that we’re here making sure you guys software is success
can’t market or sell anything that doesn’t exist yeah still pay devs after
the 1997 yes we’re just giving you access to the agencies that we use for
the designers you’ve got to pay them however we’ve negotiated with these
agencies a super low wholesale rate that you’ll get access to it’s the same rates
that we pay yeah which is suit we’ve negotiated with them yeah they tried to
basically give us like a commission right how about don’t give us commission
and give us give her when the cheapest cheapest thing to buy possible some case
yeah and yeah they just kind of rehab so pay developers after that you pay this
always yes this the payment page for the software the trainee also got stuff
then there’s humans on the side you pay them to actually do the stuff so yes
deadlines to purchase right now this is open the fast action bonus is going
really quick so I’ll make sure you guys if you’re thinking about like go right
now software six comp slash go we’ll be closing it down this weekend I’m not
sure exactly when that will be yet it probably either Saturday or Sunday will
be closing this down and then we’ll be reopening the beta
tell us major groups over so I could be again it might be three or four months
now it might be later some two examples like example okay some more examples of
software okay so how do you guys have an iPhone on you grab your iPhone out pull
it out of your pocket so if you want to see examples of software open up the app
store every app in there is a software program okay now I’m not and some you
guys may want to do software apps or at phone apps but I would look at all those
make a they have more categories like we’ve got productivity tools we’ve got
weight loss tools we’ve got all sorts lean look in there and find ones that
are awesome make Wow here’s some really quite is like this is the
number-one-ranked one right now in the Apple iTunes Store for productivity
tools like maybe I should take that tool make a web based app out of it okay like
there’s I think there’s billions of them go to go to the Shopify app store and
says chop App Store you see like here’s all the people are building apps to work
with Shopify and then it’s like there’s a thousand ideas like look at all those
make out what can I make go to google and type in like your industry and say
you’re in hair salons something a hair salon software and see what comes up
type like it just takes you guys dude a little research and doing your homework
a little bit but they’re there and if you can’t figure it out get in the
program get in the Facebook incubator to be like hey guys I’m institution what
would you do if you can throw any market any business at me and I can in five
minutes think of like here’s a cool like software you could do in that business
there’s one for every single you can think of and once you start thinking
about it the ideas just start flowing like I read an article remember a couple
weeks ago about this this scientific research that have been done on ways to
exercise in like one minute you do like you’d exercise for like one minute as
hard as you could and then you take a break for like two minutes and then
exercise for a minute and it took literally 10 minutes to exercise every
day and I’m like dude Scarah software that tracks this like
you yeah this is gonna change the way people exercise and let me know yeah
the problem you will find is not I don’t have an idea the problem will be like I
have so many ideas I don’t know what to do first and that’s a better problem at
it which is another reason why he give me the program because you can come into
the group and then hey I got five ideas guys which one you guys think
like those two are good but man there gonna be a lot of money like start with
this one here that’s the right one start with whatever that thing might be and
that way you start the right thing you don’t waste time time energy money some
of the best software that we’ve built and that most people built and
clickfunnels for example is something that you need yourself if you pay the
programmers through the software question no that’ll be once you get
access to the agencies you’ll work directly with them and they will send
send you had voices and you pay them that way yeah and they said they just we
use they know I use a software they logged gave me all a project manager
with you and all those kind of things as well one of the awesome things too is
the because you’re using the same programmers and designers that we use
they already know how to use software funnels they know how to set up all of
the all the the servers and everything the right way they actually built the
software yeah so they build him all the version control like all of the the
foundational software that you need to protect your software and so that you
can scale it yeah so the other question is do I have to use the programmers or
diners designers that you use no you can go out and find we actually have in the
same area where you’d reach out to this agency tons of other agencies you can go
to other avenues that you can go to and maybe you already have a program or use
them maybe you already have a designer to use them so you don’t you don’t have
to this is just a tool yeah in fact I one of my programmers has been me for I
think 13 years as Doral and Romania he’s got an account now and like I used
to work with him through Skype and like things that dropped all the time and now
he’s in there working on his projects you even if you got building stuff where
you can plug him like usually a project manager for the entire rest of your
company in there as well drooling out we need you done and it’s it’s really cool
another question I’m a programmer will suffer secrets to help me
well suck not only stuff for secret software funnels definitely will because
it gives you all the tools you need to manage as a programmer but it’ll also
help you if you’re a programmer or you know maybe you want to code it and
that’s fine because you can learn from us how to do it the right way and how to
cut the development in half how to cut the development costs in half so that’s
really important well they might be thinking well I’m not a project manager
how am I going to manage the team we have one of the
things we have in our training system is project management secrets we teach you
exactly what to do to manage up to a team and you do it right inside the
software funnel and we teach you exactly how to do it how we do it to make art
everything super effective so another question how hard is it to import Trello
into software funnels into the project tool super easy maybe or a minutes you
and we have a whole video that shows you how to do it basically you just go into
Trello get a couple things from Trello move the boards over you can also map
all the users it’s so simple and so cool like you can have all your Trello boards
moved over within maybe five to ten minutes how does the mind Maps work in
software funnels explained mind maps to Scott just great so the way I look at it
it’s kind of like a flowchart word so what we do we have a big whiteboards in
our office back in Utah and we just drop boxes right we drop we draw a box and
then we write something in it and then we put an arrow and that points to
another box it’s basically just helping you to figure out the flow of how your
software is gonna work and what people’s pages you need it so many clicks here
where does it go and then that’s where you you do to those pages and then
wireframe them and then go through that process
that’s super slick what if I don’t know how to program big question either do we
actually hurt you more than I said a question over here a lot of people are
asking questions about like I never saw the hiring of programmers like how much
is it gonna cost is it per projects per hours like and the reality is like first
I don’t stress about that that’s what the whole training courses for we will
hold you by the hand and walk you down that path number two that it all depends
sometimes you have you’ll do per project put our Ike there’s a ton of ways to do
it and we walk you through how to do that the biggest thing is to stress
those like when I first decided after I built zip Brander we launched I was like
can you build software I hired my first full time programmers name was d’Oro we
talked about it earlier he’s in software funnels now and I remember I message
music live in Romania and I was like hey man how much does it like how much would
it cost to hire you full time and he was like what would be a hundred dollars a
week and I was like hey I didn’t have four second hat I was a cold soon buzz
like hundred bucks a week that’s four bucks a month I was like
I have a full-time programmer who’s like got a master’s degree in programming the
four hundred bucks I asked for you how to do this now we’ve done the math like
four hundred bucks a month you have to have eight members in your software
right so say okay I gotta pay for bucks a month the first two months he’s got
done so now 800 bucks have a full-time employee
now software’s launched maybe the first eight members now he’s free for the next
15 years of his life so yeah like a lot of times we think about like American
based programmers are expensive right like clickfunnels majority of our
development team right now are in the States from Canada and they’re expensive
like 150 to 150 thousand dollars a year you go overseas though – like the
Philippines Romania different countries like that like like it’s not nearly as
much like again hundred bucks a week for some of those parking in 40 hours a week
for me back then and so it’s like you can get so much done with so little and
so you don’t have to stress about like this is gonna be a huge investment again
like start your first project like budget 500 bucks for your first idea and
then they start and just start and it’ll be something again it don’t stress them
out all those ideas like in the software Cygnus trading course we will hold your
hand and walk you step-by-step you will see as Garrett Scott hire the
programmers you’ll see as they negotiate you’ll see like so you don’t just stress
about that like that is why we didn’t sell the software and walk away that’s
why he had the training program inside a lot of you guys effect man Mike quit
almost a thousand you guys bought the book after you registered for this web
class like that book will walk you to in fact hopefully you guys listen to the
audio book to read the eBook version of it like it walks you through and if you
haven’t yet it’s in the members area so go to software seekers comp slash go
you’ll be in there like read the process like we’re gonna hold you by the hand
but what’s cool about this is like I don’t know you guys how many guys went
to college I did unfortunately but it was really hard cuz like I had always
teachers teach on this thing it was like like and it was extended for like five
or six years right and the end of it like they’re so like there’s no process
which is kind of like here’s like we have a tangible result you need to
launch a software product so you get residual income so there’s a result and
then you go through this program and in six weeks you’ve got the thing done you
know and then you’ve got the thing and now you can go and start selling it in
marketing like it’s just like it compresses entire college education and
entire learning system into very short period time so all those questions you
have now don’t stress them out I’m like that is the point of the training we
will answer those questions right now he’s gonna bake do I have an idea
do it if I don’t have an idea like do I believe this group give me the idea do I
think I could listen to Guerin Scott spout off by five thousand ideas in the
members area one day baby and like take one of them yes the ideas will better
they will be flowing in the members area so don’t stress about that it’s just
like do I want to do this like is this my future do and you want to build
software and for most of you guys if you’re like me or like GERD like Scott
or like any entrepreneur like this is something you need to have for all the
reasons we listed earlier today so all you just take that leap of faith like I
said I can bring you to the water you can drink it if you go in there you do
it you just make your first project and I call the guy wants your two million
dollars to develop this like I don’t want to be software developer like let
us know give your money back like we don’t need it again this is about you
guys this is the tool the training you just gotta trust us like we will take
you down this path we’ve done it over and over and over and over again they’ve
done it 30 we say 32 times 33 times like it the the the process is perfect at
this point we’re not guessing or hoping we will lead you guys with absolute
certainty on what steps to do in what order so you just gotta trust us if you
trust us if you trust me if you trust these guys who have done it we will not
lead you astray we will walk you step-by-step through the process and
when you’re done you have a success you want dad so right now we’re gonna do
some orc you name but real quick I wanna let you guys know like the fast action
bonuses are going like I want you guys to get in there as soon as possible I
want you guys to be able to pitch it to me so right now you gotta go to software
secrets comm slash go that is the link that is the URL WWE software Segerstrom
slash go when you go there you will see a screen that looks like this you’ll see
a recap of this amazing offer you will see the form you put in your name your
email you put your credit card you click a button and instantly you have access
to this training the Vegas has access to the software you start playing and
having fun and likes to do you access to all the cool stuff you get six months
the software funnels for free that’s all the project management that’s the wire
framing the doodling the analytics the everything there’s so much stuff think
you guys will see like I can’t believe this literally replaces like 800
different products all in one you get the software secrets masterclass you get
the over-the-shoulder live coaching you’re the incubator where we all hang
out and discuss this stuff in intimate settings you can access to the
programmers designers you get the the shafts funnels that I’m gonna be trained
you guys aren’t all that stuff and a whole bunch more when you guys get
started today at software seekers comm slash go but you gotta go right now
wew software seekers comm sashko so another big question that we’re getting
and we’ve answered it it keeps coming up is how do I know my
software idea is good how do I know my I have a good software idea well we’re
gonna help you with that and that’s what the software incubator is all about in
the private Facebook group you can enter your ideas in there let the group help
you validate it and that’s that’s how it’s gonna work and we’re gonna help you
find that I did the first web class that we’re doing this Monday literally the
whole web class is gonna be about finding ideas and helping you determine
whether or not your idea is good or not right in the second web class we’re
actually gonna gather your ideas from the first one we’re gonna talk about
them we’re gonna have you we’re gonna have a little mini incubator and talk
about those ideas you guys this is good this is so exciting for us to be able to
do this another thing too about ideas Garrett we we I have shiny red ball
syndrome right yeah so you know how I’ve said that Garrett tells me no well it’s
actually easy for him to tell me no because we’ve built a seven step process
that we run every single idea through because we not all of our ideas have
been homeruns right especially when we were younger and so I kept coming to
Gera like Garrett dude this is the best idea ever we got to do it and I’d pump
him up and he’d get so excited about it and then I would convince him and then
he would think it was the best idea and then it would totally we’d build it and
then would bomb but so what we’ve done is we’ve created those seven criteria
that you go to and that’s in the trainings area where you can look at our
criteria that we use to help us validate and also it will help it’ll help you
know whether or not you should go forward with that specific ideas right
that’s in the training we’ve learned from our mistakes right so every time
every time we’d get better and better we learn and learn and learn we can’t
believe seven criteria and if if an idea meets all those criteria there’s almost
it’s almost certain that it’s gonna be a home run
and so now if I have crazy ideas like the one I had this morning if it doesn’t
meet all those seven criteria and he says no I already know that it’s gonna
be a no but I try to still convince a little bit yeah okay some more
questions came in number one but she was asking am i that am I on the top 20
what’s happening and then like what do I get it from the top 20 so let me recap
that I can go up real quick a thing all right so anyone who get started yeah
before the deadline there we go you get that limit accounts uh means you have
I’m gonna wireframes projects user accounts etc so that’s the first thing
you get before we close down number two is the fast action bones I don’t think
we’re the twenty people yet so there’s still some was available but also
remember on top of that if the top some people don’t have an idea they want to
submit to us then the next default person were twenty one twenty two twenty
three so I get in there as soon as possible so that you have access to be
one of those people and we’re gonna do this we’ll keep doing these things so we
wanna make sure you guys have a chance to make your ideas but it’s gonna be
tons of fun so that’s what the top twenty get and and then the other
question is when will cart reopen so I want to be careful of this of this
concept can so there’s a principle that one of my mentors talk about called the
mañana principle tomorrow like I’m gonna do tomorrow my new tomorrow and it’s
interesting what happens to people that do the mañana principle when tomorrow
comes they usually push it off till tomorrow
again and what happens is that turns in from days to weeks weeks to months
months to years and they never actually get where they’re trying to go and so
when will reopen I don’t know okay I don’t want you waiting for that for
companies number ones last time we opened the original beta the price is
doubled since then if and when we do reopen the cart there’s a really good
chance the price will double again okay the reason why is because it’s insane
how much money people are making with their softwares okay somebody has a
scene there’s a big Amazon course that’s been selling for a few years it’s I
think it’s four thousand dollars and they’re killing with that they have for
the last few years right that’s twice what this is right now okay the
difference is the Amazon you gotta deal with all these other problems all these
are the headaches yeah that’s the price like we have contemplated we probably
likely when we do reopen it’ll be double the price okay four thousand dollars is
not that much when you look at what it actually creates and when it gives you
okay I know you I would pay four thousand dollars every day of the week
to be able to have all the tools I need to launch a software program that’s
gonna give me you know recruiting above a thousand dollars a month ten thousand
dollars worth hundred thousand dollars a month a million two million five million
a month or beyond like it’s it’s crazy okay so I don’t we’re gonna reopen it
don’t wait don’t be the person says I’m gonna tomorrow I’m gonna do tomorrow
because that person that says that when tomorrow comes they say the same
thing and it never actually happens I want you guys to do this now because now
is the time okay we’re coming into the new year here soon like get your project
creative so that time it’s done when New Year’s begins you can have this thing
you can launch it you can roll out and next year can be the greatest year of
your life okay but you’ve got to take the action right now we’re almost
wrapping up on time here so I want to give you guys one more big push like now
is having to start to go to software seekers calm slash go get everything
signed up while you guys can today again a recap where you get the six month
account software photos for free that gives you all of the tools you need to
launch and create your software company number two is the software secrets
masterclass we will literally be walking you hand and hand step by step your
software launch the over-the-shoulder coaching program software incubator
access to our programmers our designers will show you how to hire them how to
fire them how much to pay and how it all works we’ll take care of that all for
you we’ll help you get your very first project launch for under five hundred
bucks which is awesome we give you the three secret SAS funnels everything has
need to be successful 12,000 482 dollars but now is the time
you guys to make the choice and the choice for you is to open up another
browser window go to software seekers comm slash go and don’t forget we do
have a 30 day money-back guarantee so if you go through the program and you’re
like this this doesn’t work for me this is too stressful I don’t know what
to do and whatever that might be let us know and we’ll okay with that we don’t
want or need your money like we can give it back to you we want you as a great
software because that’s how you’re gonna change the world how are you gonna be
able to make more money for yourself and get residual income become financially
free is through this process okay it’s what happened for me I spent a decade of
my life selling info products and supplements all sorts of things and I
did well but it wasn’t until we launched software that I became financially free
okay and it’s gonna be the same thing for you guys as well this is the future
this is where you need be looking at next and now is the time to take action
and go so right now it’s time you guys go to software seekers calm
slash go to get started and get signed up anything else you want to you’re
going to wrap up before we kind of end out today now people are asking if
there’s a payment plan and there is not two thousand dollars this investment can
literally change your lives and have that that freedom a financial freedom
and the other thing we come back here though look at my slide at the good
thing is a Visa MasterCard will finance for you this for you and the minimum
flee payment after that is $10 a month so if you need financing Visa MasterCard
American Express will finance it I think discovery will also finance as well but
that shouldn’t be an optic you guys this is an investment in your future and in a
company at your building $2,000 is insanely low to begin with so there you
go well we want to know that you’re serious
– I mean we want to work with people that are serious about their futures yep
so I think those are do you think guys are there any other questions coming
through we’re good well okay all right guys so now is the time at the moment
reckoning is here now is the time you guys to get started so one last time
your call to action go to software Segerstrom slash go take the leap of
faith we’ve taken you to the water I just need you guys to drink and I
promise you as it is amazing if you don’t like it spit it out give you money
back but if you do like it this will change your life otherwise we wouldn’t
spend all the time and the energy putting this whole thing together this
has been over a year of Scott Garrett’s life putting this program together for
you developing the software I spent the last week killing myself doing
everything I know to convince you to buy this because I know that this will
change your life okay it has changed my life it has changed
their life and will change your life but only if you do something about it so
your action right now is to go to software stickers calm Sasha go take a
leap of faith which the high is in 100% risk free so if it doesn’t work let us
know give you money back but if it does work man will that what does that do for
you what about change how many members you
have to get to replace what it is you’re making right now the ten members that 50
members is 100 like how many members you need to get figure out that number how
many members you need it what dollar amount and then reverse engineer that
and that’s we’ve got to create and then I would put blinders on and run towards
that number as fast as you can because when you’ve got it then you’re free
that’s the key guys so now is the time where software seekers come sighs go
they guess so much for hanging out this day thank you Karen Scott for Hagen
Boise we appreciate you guys we’re sy to get started and for all you guys go
start doodling now is the time log into your account go to stop your secret
concise go get started thanks you guys and we’ll talk to
everybody again soon bye everybody you

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