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VSCO Girls TikTok Video: How to Be a VSCO Girl in 2019.

September 3, 2019

How was your day sweetie Oh Jesse bear what’s wrong? You got your period why meet you wear white shorts so Is that a girl you’re talking to huh? Oh, my bad, I knew that I Knew it was a girl Tata Tata Tata Tata gran cotta potato dough Oh Toto Toto Teti tota Tony Nanette Autotech Lanka patate toto What’s that supposed to be some kind of stupid secret toad we can’t tell you cuz you’re not a member of the club Oh, yeah, what does it take to be a member besides being a moron? Moron Talented brilliant incredible amazing show-stopping spectac Hey Bhagwan Mujahideen anaconda Memory leak is a man that independent and self-sufficient in jeopardy Kiko easily and now to hide even call me a cheesy Accountancy because I get to kiss koto shitara Hoggy is scary to make petechiae Chattahoochee Oh It’s adorable So fetch what is fetch? Oh, it looks like from England so here from Africa Why are you white? Oh my god, Karen. You can’t just ask people whether they’re white Jinda gimmick a big ol roti or a cheetah hot banana. Yucca virgin de Guevara banana for Sofia Pants off and put both legs into one side Now the unused pant leg scrunch it up and slide your head through whoa, super stylish for pg Typical Catholic schoolgirl roll your screw as high as you can nike socks only Nike or adidas tennis shoes Liliana Cognex on GBA tubular casera, like our telescope Anibal Shakti Whoa, whoa, aren’t you teaching our daughter have it? Cause honey? No, no. No. I was just teaching her desk Oh No, you’re a fiscal girl, aren’t you No, how did your flask accept and I up Rhymes with and I’m Sorry, whoa wait screams geez When you’re too skinny to be plus-sized But you’re too chubby to be skinny and you’re not could I be enough that the curvy girls? But you’re not flat enough for the flat girls. It’s like where do I sit? I’m just a blob Good morning, my neighbors Good morning, everyone Come I’m not like other girls I only date boys with severe mental issues who have to use me and listen to magic go I was zebra-print because I’m unique Kota Tjuta Matunuck no chatter nothing to our Burmese borquita. Give me a new charter Dawa, huh? Whatever those rules aren’t real They were real that day. I wore it best because that vest was disgusting. Damn, bitch you is so rude girl That’s what pets are discussing Su-metal Mikhalkov kuru captain channel. Good morning, miss adverse yogurt. Oh, it means le fer this was it done? It does business them in ecology Dover Ibaka Dover lunchtime an art was a girl town I’d visit to me a favorite season Lotte order the goal cup guru Ha-cha-cha Tom demon and and ah Definitely theory TV that it Is your mom with chicken what because you’re excellent I will never be Annie girl or a soft girl or a girly girl You want to know what type of girl I am? I’m a girl that likes to eat That’s right. I’m a t-shirts and sweatshirts type girl. I need room in my clothes. Where’s calories? He wrote what the fuck Some dude came up to me outside and he was like you look hot and I was like, yeah, I am hi it’s not hundred and one degrees outside and he was like no you’re hot and I was like I know it’s a hundred and one degrees outside How old are you I’m 18 you’re 18, yeah, no way you look so much younger I thought you were like 14. You have such a baby face At least when I’m 60, I won’t look like I got hit by a bus. What was that? Oh nothing That first beat is right on time right on top like to say that that that that that to say that that that that that black this In the front of the house because I am in need Ha Ha Septimus a another go Hannah Jane Tennison angle look Y seasonally Locarno, let me know Sonoma


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    Liked it!

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    it is fun watching tiktoks!!

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    Great vasco collection 😍

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