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VSCO Girl Editing Tutorial: How to edit like a VSCO Girl – dripping bikini, spongebob sky, etc.

September 29, 2019

VSCO Girl Editing Tutorial: How to edit like a VSCO Girl – dripping bikini, spongebob sky, etc. VSCO Girl Edits App: Picsart Bath Bomb Sky Open the photo you wish to edit in Picsart Search “bath bomb” on Google and import the photo you like best Reduce the opacity and begin removing the excess areas using the eraser tool Remember to increase the opacity when you’re done Sponge Bob Background Search “spongebob sky” in the stickers section within Picsart Place the sticker over the sky area, and reduce the opacity Start removing the excess using the eraser tool Don’t forget to increase the opacity when you’re done Galaxy Click on “brushes” and select the purple galaxy brush shown in the video Start painting over the sky using the galaxy brush Stars Search “stars” in the sticker tab Using the eraser tool, remove the parts covering your subject Ribbons To find already existing ribbons, I searched “VSCO” in the sticker tab Place them in a pattern that you like Erase any excess Add any more stickers that you like Sunglasses Import an album cover to overlay Reduce the opacity and start erasing the excess I imported the same image to overlay different sections on the sunglasses Increase the opacity when you’re done Bikini Drip Import photo of your choice Select the “draw” tool and change the colour and size of the brush Begin shading in the bikini Select the brush once again and decrease it’s size Zoom in on the bikini and make small drip outlines. Shade them in when you’re happy with the way they look Select the brush once again, and chooseblack to outline the bikini and the drips Draw small drips on the bikini now. This will give it a cartoon effect Like and Subscribe if you want a Part 2 to this video Thank you for watching!


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  • Reply gymnastics e_c August 20, 2019 at 7:39 am

    Omg u are so underrated!! How are your videos so amazing but you only have 11 subscribers ?! Just so u know I think u deserve thousands of subscribers as I can see how hard u have worked to make these videos to such a high quality!

  • Reply islainthecity September 4, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    ♡ I've added some time-stamps so you can find the ideas easily!
    Bath Bomb Sky Edit – 0:20
    SpongeBob Sky Edit – 1:08
    Galaxy Sky – 2:11
    Stars – 2:47
    Ribbons – 3:15
    Sunglass Edit – 4:45
    Melting Bikini – 5:50


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