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VMaker App – Overview & Tutorial – Best FREE iPhone Video Editing App 2020!

December 10, 2019

Hey everyone And welcome to an overview and tutorial for what could very well be the absolute best free iPhone video editing app that exists right now This app is called V maker and for being free, it has an extensive list of function and features So without any further delay Let’s open the app and start our creation by pressing the red plus sign as you can see we can select videos photos collections as well as materials And there’s even a camera icon up here to open up our camera and make our own videos in the app itself So let’s close the camera We’re gonna press the plus sign again and select these first three videos which as you can see it labels very clearly for us the order that we press them and it even modifies it as We modify our selection So let’s press this check sign right here and get into the editor itself as you can see the layout is somewhat similar to splice another video editing app that I’ve gone over recently and It functions somewhat similar to splice as well at the top. We’ve got a back arrow We’ve got a help arrow which gives you tutorials and things of that nature but because my phone is in airplane mode We can’t connect to those we can also push done. Then this gives us our export options, which we will get into later Moving downward we’ve got undo and redo arrows then in the middle We’ve got a number that indicates where our playhead is currently at So if we move this over you’ll see that it tells us exactly Where we are within the video as well as the total length of the project Itself, and then on the far right side, we have the option to change our resolution and the fill of the background This is amazing Look at all of these different resolution options that you can select Directly within your project and fluidly so we can change it to a square We can also change it back to sixteen by nine We can change it to nine by 21 as well as four by five and then go right back to sixteen by nine and it Dynamically changes instantly we can also change our background color to white It starts at black and then we can change it to a blur with the background This works best if we’ve got a square you can see that it zooms in on the video itself Blurs it for the background or we can press full and make it take up the entire screen So let’s go back to sixteen by nine with a black background and close it by pressing it again Next we move down to our timeline, which is very very similar splice We can scrub through our timeline here just by using our finger on the video or the audio layers themselves We can also zoom in and out with a pinch to zoom in or out Function and if we look down below our video layer, we actually have an audio waveform and this is an absolutely amazing Addition because sometimes having an audio waveform is just an extremely helpful way to edit and find key points in your video Extremely fast just like right here You can see that there’s a jump in our waveform, which means that something is going on and sometimes I can help you edit So over here on the right side at the top of our timeline We also have a button that pretty much just cycles through our different elements within the video Which is something that we can get into later just because we don’t have very many elements yet And then just below that we’ve got a plus sign that allows you to add more to the project just like we saw when we first Imported then below that if we click on the video We have the option to cut adjust adjust the speed We have the option to remove it freeze-frame it this is an amazing option as you’ll see when we go over it trim playback or Duplicate so let’s start with the cut option. So it says the segment should be longer than point zero five seconds Basically, this is a split option that allows you to just cut the video exactly where the playhead is at and because we have this number up here that indicates where exactly we are in the Timeline it can be very helpful in precisely splitting your video So say we wanted to do some sort of slow motion to where we only want a specific Part of the video to be in slow motion. This is our starting point of the slow motion This is our ending point we cut the video there. So this middle portion is our slo-mo we may have to zoom in a little bit to get specific with the selection and we press speed and we can change the speed here to either speed it up or slow it down in this method of splitting the Video in very specific places can also be used in a ton of different other functions of this app So hopefully this can help you and answer any questions early on in the video Chances are if you want to specifically select something or cut something out using the cut function is going to do it for you So now let’s move back to the first part of this clip and let’s move to the adjust option Here is where we can zoom in or out or Even rotate the video or Flip it horizontally or vertically we even have a recover option here This is pretty cool as it reverts it back to the original so we’ll reverse flip it vertical flip it rotate it one more time and We’re back to our original spot. So let’s just zoom in and push done next We’ve got the speed option which I talked about with the slow motion. So let’s actually use it here and Slow this video down 2.25 percent Push done. We’ve got the remove option, which I will just Undo that because we didn’t actually want to remove it. So moving over from the remove option. We have the freeze-frame option So let’s add this to our slow-mo quite literally this adds a freeze-frame or a screen shot Exactly where we put our play heads So let’s add that freeze-frame and now we can talk about trimming which just so happens to be the next option over let’s press the trim button and it Automatically brings it up with a window To trim from the beginning or the end and all you have to do is touch this thick white bar at the beginning or end And it trims it for us We can also do a quick select which is pretty cool here in that it can select it at point two seconds point five Seconds one second or the original so let’s select half a second point two seconds one second Let’s do half a second and push done. We can also trim elements directly within the timeline itself And in order to do this, all we have to do is drag our playhead over the video element that we want to trim So let’s drag it over to the beginning here and then tap it again and as you can see those white bars that we talked about previously show up at the beginning which we can trim or The end but I’m not going to trim the end because that’s our slow-motion point if we scrub through here You can see it slows down right there and if we need to trim our freeze-frame we can either do it with the trim option here or We can zoom in on our timeline tap it again and the options show up so let’s just go with that and now we can press the playback button which is going to process our video and Make it so we can just play it back From here, we can duplicate any element within the timeline that we want to so let’s say we want to duplicate this first one Duplicate and it puts the next one Directly after it then below that we have another bar And this is our video editing options all the way on the left. Then we’ve got color editing options. It’s got a ton of Filters as well as the ability to adjust specific things within the video such as brightness contrast saturation warmth sharpness and adding a vignette Then beside that we’ve got a little magic wand that allows us to add a whole bunch of different effects to the image itself such as mirroring and Shaking and all kinds of different stuff Then we’ve got fade in options like opening there Then we’ve got screen options which are kind of like some mirroring things and duplication things and then moving over from here We’ve got a music note that designates audio and music and just to give you guys an idea of how much is here I turned Off airplane mode. There’s a ton of stuff movie travel food daily sports fashion Halloween and there’s just so much here. Even our iTunes library We can select from in in regards to any of the audio within this app because I know I’m going to get questions on this I would not count on any of it being royalty-free or being able to use any of it within your monetized YouTube videos So moving on from the music option Let’s press the X in the top corner and then select the audio Option just beside it and what this is is something that a lot of people have asked for and this is the ability to add the audio from another piece of video Into your current project. So if I wanted the audio from this clip right here, all I have to do is select it Press the checkmark and then select the starting and ending point of the audio from the clip So as you can see, it’s longer than our project so it extends out here and it’s kind of confusing at first So this is something that you’re just going to have to mess with and get the hang of but what you’re wanting to do is Select the starting and ending point and add it into your project from there just by pressing done and as you can see, it’s adding another audio layer and all we have to do to such between them is Press the two different ones. So since this is opened up for us This gives me an opportunity to talk about this little pencil icon. This is the universal editing icon within the app So if we go out of here And we press save we can press that little pencil icon to get back into editing our project let’s press the music note and as we can see we have our two layers here and we can edit this layer and it’s starting and stopping point just by pressing that icon and the split function here is Exactly the same as the cut function for the video Just thought I would let you guys know that we also have the ability to edit the volume and we can even add markers into our audio Just like this which is pretty awesome and could help out a lot And as you can see, they show up in our project. That is super awesome We also have the option to remove it completely So from here, let’s press the sound option And as you can see, there are a ton of sound effects in here. We’ve got animal to start traffic cartoon daily sport transition Natural and thriller and as you can see here, there’s many different options for sound effects to choose from in each category So let’s get out of here and move on to the next option which is the record option which is quite literally Exactly what it says. It’s going to record your voice and then you can add it into the project and look at that It’s e been playing through it while you’re recording so you could even narrate this if you wanted to so, let’s press stop I’m gonna push done Done and you can see that our recording shows up in our layers and when we add different sound effects Those are going to show up in our layers as well. So beside the music note We’ve got a tee for all of our different text options. We’ve got headlines subtitles Decoration and stickers. Let’s go back to headline and add a headline we can pick from these different fonts Basically, and then we have to press apply for it to be applied to our project to edit this All we have to do is touch it then touch it again to edit the text itself Let’s just delete it so that it’s all on the screen, press done As you can see we can select from the different fonts that are in here and then there’s some fonts that we can download As well which can be downloaded for free that fast. We can also change the size of the font We can change the color of the font we can change the border of the font if it has a border as well as edit the Animation, so it’s got fading in we’ve got moving in and out and we can even customize this we can add all of these different customization options such as the fade the move to shake the rotate or the flip all Individually as we wish and we can select Whichever ones we do and don’t want on the entrance in the exit of our text element Which is an amazing level of customization for a free app So from here we can add subtitles all of these are kind of similar so moving through these let’s add a subtitle just to have one as well as a decoration we can add in the date and the location or Just the location itself and when we add this location and we tap on it to edit it We can actually pick our location by letting the app see where we are or we can edit it and make a custom location So let’s just make Earth 2.0 because why not? We can also set the beginning and end as we have been able to with the audio and explained previously down here We’ve got different animation options just like we’ve talked about previously which we can set individually on each different element that we add into the video and then from there like I said There’s tons of stickers that can be added. Like I said earlier. I wanted to explain this button So this button brings up all of our different elements within our timeline so that we can select them So first it brings up our original video and we can select specifically what we want to and change the starting and end points after That we select it again and it brings up our music elements, which all we had is that recording that we did then we press it again and it brings up our decoration which is all of our text and stickers and subtitles and headlines and things of that nature and all we have to do to get to those is Select the different icon here and we can edit it from there and then if we press it again after decoration we’ve get all of our different elements in our project and that brings us to the last and probably most important function to talk about within a video editing app and that is Exporting, and we press done it brings up in an interface for choosing exporting options first We can choose a number of different resolutions all the way from 360p up to 4k and it gives you a recommendation of what it could be for So let’s pick HD then we can pick our framerate all the way from 24 up to 60 and as we change this as you can see down here under video size It’s giving us an estimate of how big our video file is going to end up from here We can just save the project which is going to return us to that Original window and then to cover something that I forgot real quick here And that is this watermark in the bottom right hand corner. You can actually turn that off just by selecting it There’s different options down here, which I don’t think anyone will choose we’ll just turn it off by pressing the switch there go back to our project and when it comes to actually Rendering the video and showing you guys this video exporting. I was having a ton of trouble Let’s see if it’s gonna work for me here. We’ve got 1080p 60 frames per second I think the problem is that I’m editing 4k 60 frames per second video on an iPhone 8 Which is now an older model iPhone that I’ve had for over two years I don’t want to make any excuses though If you have trouble with this, you may have to try and try until it works Which I hadn’t had any problems with it until today’s update. So hopefully they get that fixed But let’s press safe to album and see what happens. It’s just going to force quit on us here So with that being said I showed you guys how to do everything in this app Hopefully they get those bugs worked out and it gets fixed soon Hopefully this video taught you everything that you wanted to learn about this app and hopefully when you’re watching this all of the kinks are ironed out and if you do have questions about the app or there’s something That I missed Please leave it in the comments down below or I try to get back to everyone as fast as I can and answer everyone’s questions And help to the best of my ability I want to thank you guys for being here and watching I know you’re probably new to my channel and never been here before Consider hitting the subscribe button down below. I make a lot of BMX videos, but I think you’ll enjoy them So thank you for being here. And hopefully we will see you tomorrow for another video. Good. Bye ja


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