VideoPad Video Editor Tutorial | Adding Effects and Changing Clip Speed

October 10, 2019

To add effects to your clips, select a clip
and click the Video Effects button on the toolbar or the FX button on your clip in the
sequence. This opens the Video Effects window, where
you can select and adjust the effects that you add to your clips. You can preview the effects in the Clip Preview
window. If you are working on multiple tracks, use
the View button to select whether you preview only the clip or the other tracks as well. Click the Add Effect button in the toolbar
and select an effect from the list. The effect will appear in the Applied Effects
list, along with any parameters available for you to adjust. Some effects have presets that you can select
from using the Select Preset dropdown menu. Preview the effect by clicking the play button
in the Clip Preview window. When you are happy with the effects that you
have applied, close the window. All your effects will be saved and you can
come back and adjust them later if needed. If you want to apply the same effects to multiple
clips, select them in the sequence, then click the replace effect chain or append effect
chain button on the toolbar. To adjust the speed of your clip, select the
clip in the sequence, then right click on it with your mouse. Select “Change Clip Speed” and the speed
change dialog will appear. To speed up the video, change the value of
the speed percentage. Setting it at 100% plays the video at normal
speed; slow it down to half speed by setting it at 50%, or double the speed by setting
it to 200%. And for fun, check the reverse checkbox to
play your video backward. For more VideoPad tutorials, visit the address
shown on your screen:

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