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Videoblogging with Movavi: How to create your own Beauty Vlog

November 2, 2019

Hey there! I’m Daria and you’re watching the Movavi
vlog. Today I’m going to show you how to make
your own beauty vlog. Most frequently, beauty vlogs are hosted by
either gifted self-taught individuals or professional makeup artists. So we turned to a pro. Meet Nastya. Hey, guys! My name is Nastya. I’m a make-up and hair artist,as well as
a wedding stylist. On YouTube, there are many posts from newcomers
to beauty vlogging, as well as professional beauty experts who have deep experience in
this area. Hopefully, this episode will useful to everyone
interested in this topic. Well, then. Let’s take a trip inside the world of beauty. It’s time to discover how to make beauty
videos. Appropriate lighting is really important when
it comes to shooting a beauty vlog. You have probably noticed that the same makeup
looks quite different in daylight compared with artificial light. For our shoot, we’ve chosen this selfie
ring light, which is designed specifically for use by makeup artists. If you’re a beginner in beauty vlogging
and don’t have this device yet, no worries. You can use a window light instead! However, you will need to set up the spot
right next to the window-sill so that the light spreads across the whole face evenly. However unintuitive it may seem, it’s better
to shoot when it’s cloudy outside, rather than on a sunny day. Use ordinary lace curtains to diffuse light;
your face will be lit evenly, without unwanted patches of light or reflections. Unfortunately, the front camera of your phone
won’t be good enough for a high-quality beauty video, though. Unlike for a daily vlog. You’re going to need a camera with a video
function or even the regular camera on your phone. But you will have to know exactly how your
face fits in the frame and your general overall appearance, otherwise the result may come
as an unpleasant surprise. The easiest way to avoid this is to use this
simple trick with a mirror! As soon as you’ve shot a video of the whole
process, it’s time to get down to editing. For this purpose, we chose Movavi Video Editor. We have a video clip that lasts an hour. Clearly, only your greatest fans will watch
it for as long as that. Let’s make it shorter now. A one-minute video tutorial will be enough
for us. On the timeline, you can modify the length
of your video, cut out unwanted parts, and change the speed of the video playback . Let’s leave the beginning, where our beauty
artist is greeting viewers and describing the tutorial theme, for the moment. We can make a freeze frame to demonstrate
the way the model looked before the makeup application. For that we have to find the right shot on
the timeline and move the cursor there, click the right mouse button and select “Insert
Freeze Frame”. We’ve already uploaded a detailed video
on how to do this, so we’ve left the link in the description. Now, let’s set the length of our freeze
frame. To highlight which products will be used for
our make-up, we can make a freeze frame once again and add some titles to identify the
products. We won’t do it right now, but when we need
to use them in the video tutorial. Like this. To show your subscribers the do’s and don’ts
of makeup, use the split screen function. We ’ll need two videos to do this. That’s how it looks in reality. We advise you to use a vertical position. And we can’t do it without a green check
mark and a red cross? We’re moving on to the “Callouts” tab
and getting them from “Sketch”. Changing the colour will be a piece of cake! Check out one of our most recent videos to
learn how to set up a split screen. The link is in the description. Let’s add up a few stickers to make our
beauty vlog really vibrant. For instance, when the “after” image of
our model is almost complete, we can add a “Wow” sticker from the “Comics” collection. When the makeup is done, we can use the “Fire”
sicker from the “Objects” collection. Now, we just need to insert the “Before”
and “After” shot to see the difference. For this, we’re going to turn to the split
screen function once again. Done! Now we can save and upload the video to YouTube. Isn’t this fascinating? It’s surely the right time for you to shoot
your own beauty vlog if you’ve thought about making one but didn’t dare do so. We hope you become a YouTube star and get
yourself an army of fans. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you. If you missed our most recent video tutorial
on vlogging, here’s where you can watch You can also join our subscribers by clicking
here. Don’t forget to click on the notification
bell to be the first to learn about future videos as they become available. Until the next time! Bye!


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    Hey, I just bought the movavi editor but I accidentally bought 2… I sent a email to the support center and got nothing.. and I got a loved comment thing before on this channel so I know you guys read the comments. On the email I was basically asking if it was possible to have a refund on one of them. If I get nothing back then I'm doing a giveaway on my channel and giving away the extra activation code. I love the program btw..

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    We need morer text effects and 3d text. Please consider to include this in the future.

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    Good video. I think we need more elements type additions rather than stickers in video editor. These sticker era gone now as tons of the apps have them.
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