Video Tutorial: Managing Files on Chromebook

October 2, 2019

RAYMOND: Hi, I’m Raymond. And today I’m going
to show you where you can save files
on your Chromebook and how to manage them. First, I’m going to explain
where you can store your files. You have two options here. You can store them in the cloud
or you can store them locally. Your Chromebook can save
documents, PDFs, images, and a variety of other
media in these two places. To save your files locally,
use the Downloads folder on your Chromebook hard drive
or an external storage device, like a USB drive. But keep in mind that
the Downloads folder is meant for temporary storage. Now, let’s walk through
how to save and manage files on your Chromebook. To save a file from the
web, two-finger click and choose Save As. This gives you the option to
save the file to the Downloads folder or in your Google Drive. Now, you can use the Files
app to access and manage your files. To open the files app from your
desktop, click the Launcher, and then the Files app icon. On the left side of the screen,
choose the file collection you’d like to browse, such
as Downloads, My Drive, which is your Google Drive,
your external storage device, or another
cloud-based storage option. To find a file click
Search and you’ll see the search results from
the folder you’re currently in. To upload a file to the
cloud, drag it from Downloads to My Drive. To move any of your
files, just drag and drop. And for easy access, you can
pin the files app to your shelf by doing a two finger click
and selecting the Pin option. Now, you know how
to save and manage files on your Chromebook. If you need
additional assistance, visit the Google Help
Center or the Get Help app.

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