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Video Graphic Overlays Made In Canva Tutorial

September 1, 2019

In today’s video I’m going to show you
how to make video graphics overlays and we’re going to do this in canva. So stay
tuned. For those of you that don’t know what
Canva is, Canva’s a website that lets you design graphics really easily. So you go
to and it’s gonna give you several options. The first one that you
are going to pick is going to be the YouTube thumbnail. The YouTube thumbnail
is 1280 by 720 which is the standard size of YouTube videos. If you want a
different size for your video, you can put the custom dimensions in the top up
here. To save time I created three different styles. And I’m going to show
you how to use those in your video. Now a little caveat here really quick, these
are not real businesses. These are totally made-up businesses. I just came
up with something. If this business exists, I don’t know about it. And I’m not
representing them in any way. So, the first business I made up is
called B2B R Us. In other words business-to-business R Us. And there for
marketing your business. And as you can see I put a little picture on the
background. And I found a nice picture here of a computer laptop. And I
stretched it out to a really nice size. And then I put some wording over here to
the side just to kind of brand it. And then right here where the screen goes I
put a square. And because it has back black all the way around it, usually I
use black, but because it already had black here I went ahead and went with a
gray. And this is going to be my first template for putting video in. And
because the way this is shaped this is probably going to fit just a regular,
landscape style video. The second one I made is a little bit different.
This one is called women of the world., again I don’t know
if that’s an actual business. But what I did with this one, was I made a black
area here where the video is going to show. But I left this all blank so in my
editing software I can actually throw words in. Throw text up. And I will show you
a finished version with text going across the screen. So if you’re talking
on your video and you want to put talking points up, you want to put up
notes about what you’re talking about, websites, anything. Even a picture. You can
actually leave a big blank area like this to have that on the side. And the
third one I made is made for those people who are using their phone. They’re
using their phone so they’re doing their videos in portrait mode. And I got a cute
little background here. Put up princess canine designs. Again, I don’t know if
this business actually exists. I kind of hope it does. Because I think princess
canine design would be a really cute business. With all kinds of fancy dog
things. And again I took an image of the phone and put it up here. And I put this
was a black in the area right here. Now if you have the paid version of Canva,
you can go ahead and cut this out and make this transparent. And the same with
this one here right with the black. You can actually take that and make it
transparent. And on the first one ,this computer screen right here, you can cut
that out and make that transparent. But for those of you that don’t have the
paid version of Canva, I’m going to show you a little shortcut. Now I’m going over
to and we’re going to create a new image.
And we’re going to create it the exact same size as our other image. So let’s go
1280 and the height 720. And make sure to click transparent, and click OK. Now this
is your transparent background. Now you take
and open. Let’s open one of the images. Open image. Let’s do the big video one so
you can see that. Open. Now I’m going to take this and I’m just going to go into
edit, select all, edit, copy, Now I’m going to close that. And then I’m going to click on this
window and go to edit and paste. And it fits perfectly right in there. Now I’m
going to reach over here to the wand tool and I’m going to click right here
where I want my video to go. And just hit the delete button. And then I have a nice
clear transparent background. And then of course I just download it. Now as you can
see in my folder I’ve already made the transparent backgrounds. And I also have
the ones that are non transparent. And I also went ahead and made a video. I’m
going to go ahead and take you in and show you how to apply the video graphic
to the video in DaVinci Resolve. Okay, here I am in DaVinci Resolve. And that is
the video editing software I like to use. So let me show you how I did that. A
friend of mine, her name is Monique and she is with Silver Paw Studio, she’s a
pet and people photographer in Fort Collins Colorado. She has graciously
allowed me to use some of her livestream footage, from her Facebook page, to
demonstrate some of my video tutorials. So let me show you how I’m going to do
this. First I’m going to start, I’m going to grab one of her videos. And I already
cut it way way down. And I’m going to drag it down here. As you can see there’s
a little video here. Now the first thing I’m going to do is,
I’m gonna click on the sound. I’m gonna turn that way down. There we go. Okay. Now
as you can see, she’s already got some overlays on her video. But I’m gonna take
and make this one. Grab this graphic that I just made right here. And I’m gonna
stretch it out the full length of that video. Now it looks a little funny
because of the fact that she’s kind of off centered. So I’m gonna click on a
video, and I’m going to zoom it. And this is gonna be a little funny. Don’t want to zoom it
that way. I want to zoom it so it’s more the size of the screen. And I’m also
going to reposition it over. You move it a bit more so that she’s a little more
centered in that screen. There we go and there we go. And that looks pretty good.
So I’m gonna rewind this here. Just to see how it looks. And let’s do play and see
how that looks. And so that’s what the video would look
like once I put it out. Now let’s do another one. Let’s do the little cellphone one. Let’s do, for the
cellphone when we’ve got this video here where she was outside and she was
talking on her cell phone. So I’m gonna take the cell phone one that I made, and
drag it him. And Yikes. That looks just a bit too much. Let’s back it up a little
bit, turn the sound all the way down for demonstration purposes. And I’m going to click on the video. And
I’m actually going to zoom it out a bit. Till it looks about right. There we go.
Now when you play that, let’s see how that looks. See if it’s centered pretty
good. And so that’s how it would look in her final video. So if you do a lot of
portrait videos, this can really come in handy. And let me show you the final
video. Let me close out of this. Don’t save those changes. And this is a
final video I made of all three of them so you can check that out. This is the first one with the little
keyboard and I put the B2B R US marketing over here. And you can see I
just put a little square on there. Put a nice picture behind there with the
computer. And you can see how I fit the video in like it’s being shown on the
laptop. And this one here I move the full video kind of over to the side. And I put
some text going across here. This is so awesome. My video rocks. And you can put in
whatever kind of text that you have that goes along with what you’re saying. Give
me cookies. And then the third one, the cell phone one. And this is really
great for those of you that use portrait. Now you can use this not only on, on
video editing. But you can also use it as an overlay on livestream. Let me see if I
can show you an example of that. I’m actually using OBS to shoot this right
now, so this might look a little bit strange. Let’s try it. And you can see my
usual thing down here. But let’s see what happens if I try to throw one over the
top. Go to image. And we’re going to call it overlay. Browse, and nope that’s not it. Okay so I opened the
business-to-business one. And I’m going to drag it across the screen here. So now you’re kind of looking at it
where you’re looking at my screen and you’re looking at it through the
computer screen here. So when you actually have your camera up, your face
would be in here. You could stretch it around before you go live to make sure
that your camera is showing up in that spot. And you can do that with any of
these overlays. It works just as well on streaming if you’re using OBS to stream.
But you can also use it in the finished product if you’re redoing your videos.
Like if you were doing it live from your phone, and you want to upload it to
YouTube, and you have all the extra space on the side. that’s when these really
come in handy. So I hope this video helped you. If you have any comments or
questions, please drop them down below. If you found this video helpful, be sure and
give us a thumbs up and subscribe for future broadcast. Thanks for watching.


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