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Video editing/gaming PC build parts list

August 12, 2019

hey Internet Gordon uh PC world to an
end this Friday to see our latest build November 30th 10:00 a.m. Pacific our
YouTube channel twitch maybe even lively if we can get
somebody can punch them in the face but this is a bill that’s unlike others were
mostly theoretical this is a real one this of course is Dan my Sokka you know
every time any of our PC world matters of idios he’s usually in the van behind
the camera working everything he said I’m sick of my machine at home gonna
upgrade it finally gonna use some of those Elena super secret deals yes
holiday child mail out helped me a lot what so what’s in your box now all right
so my computer is from 2011 it has an i5 2500 K 8 gigs of RAM I upgraded the
video card maybe a couple years ago to a 970 ok it has an SSD which I upgraded at
some point to a 500 gig SATA base two and a half inch you know rusty no and
then I have a 2 terabyte spinning disc ok there as well
I think that’s basically it so then you basically have a machine
it really feels like a lot of people have those Sandy Bridge CPUs are great
quad core nor hyper threading yeah but 970 now you’re just sick of it and what
do you do mostly a lot of video editing from home when I work from home and some
games Oh God and I it’s you know it and it’s fine and I can play games you know
okay obviously nothing’s on high or ultra okay um and the you know takes
long to render out but you know it still runs so I’ve been using it okay so you
would say 50% games at home or 50% video 60% 70% gamers you like a 70% gamers
will say well split it evenly between actually playing games he’s trying to
get right out from the IRS Eddie Dean and uh you know browsing
browsing watching twitch you know just hanging out
75% gaming machines so what do you got would you guys so let’s start off with
psu so I wasn’t originally planning on buying a PSU okay and by the way he
bought all this stuff almost all this I bought pretty much everything on Black
Friday or Cyber Monday the whole kind of last week of deals essentially and so I
was originally not gonna buy PSEO is gonna use all one but then I saw good
deals and I was like it’s but the one I have is 7 years old
I should probably upgrade and replace it I don’t know what well I’m curious about
your thoughts but I got this one I’m being aged for 60 bucks and if you went
and bought it today on PMA it should be 130 dollars how big is it parse player
this is I think 750 yeah and then the one you currently have
I think it’s 550 but it sold so why you know having an idea what you’re gonna
put in there I I do think you probably need a bigger power supply so and that’s
pretty good 60 bucks for an EVGA 750 is yeah
is it modular of course everyone I don’t think you can find a non modular you
have to you have to look for that good ok guy 60 bucks the field year I was
because I was gonna say uh but you know $60 I would I was thinking it who I
should about one for six next to the CPU is a big deal that’s what I think
everybody wants to know what you went with
I did Dan asked me a lot of advice yeah didn’t take any of it would you go with
well you can 8700 K so this was I’ve been debating for months between going
with the 2700 X or going with a 8700 K build as you know is the what 75 to $100
more price difference when you throw in a fan worth they said you know what I’m
just gonna do it because it is better it is faster for video editing
for the apps that we use specifically so I figure and for games too I was like
you know what and the rare kick I don’t do need those extra few extra threads
I’m barely ever in that in that world so I’ll pay a little extra and get paid so
my advice to Dan would he asked me earlier is 27 3 X 8 core 16 thread
versus six core 12 threads there’s a lot of advantage especially you know when
you first look at ego a video editing video editing more cores more course
more course well premiere really doesn’t use that much and actually there is a
really good reason because we did talk back and forth about this there is a
really potent reason to go with 8700 K over 2,700 X even though that was my
first pick and that is QuickSync yes so the IGP built into the CPU is used by
a lot of video editing applications Intel’s done a lot of work to get quick
sync into a lot of apps especially premiere it pays huge dividends when use
it for certain codecs certain resolutions so there’s good argument for
and I feel like there’s just gonna be a lot of future support for Intel which I
can rely on and if you’re someone like me and I kept the last computer for
seven years you know that extra a little bit you know in the long run I think
will paid for itself so the extra you just yeah dan is one of those folks that
it’s it’s hard to live down years of FX and AMD
we’re not stellar and I had I had an Athlon 64 in the past so you know but
it’s just you know I feel like I wasn’t asleep earned but I feel a slight
dissatisfaction with going that route alright so okay and I got this so for
this one I had my dad with he was gonna be in Orange County so he went to Micra
Center and got this so this is 329 you know on Amazon right now it’s 369 but he
was you know and then I saw him for Thanksgiving so he brought it kind of
the timing worked out you know and Ed lookin at micro Center if you hear this
take my idea take a casino bus where you just pack up
people old folks yeah I’m the casino just pack up these you got these party
buses you load them up a nerd you drive down to a micro Center just so they get
their walk in CPU special then you drive them out yeah it’s like instead of going
to Reno or Tahoe it just goes to micro Center now you see him all the time
right here we get cast Creek I’m sure wherever you are yeah if you’re I mean
you could parent you go to a casino and you go to micro Center yeah yeah that’s
it prime rib and CPUs yeah nothing gets better than that okay all right what’s
the 329 micro Channel well it’s but you made your dad do it so this wasn’t the
big deal on its own but because then I also got this a motherboard from micro
Center because if you pair it with a CPU you can make sure $30 off okay so this
one was on sale for I think it would’ve been 150 but then I got another $30 off
because I got the CPU so together you know kind of save $90 off the whole kind
of package and you do have some upgrade room because it’s the z3 70 yeah
you could go to an 8 core Intel CPU if they ever get more affordable and then
there’s crazy rumors of a 10 core so there’s a little bit of wiggle room yeah
this one has Wi-Fi built in which I don’t I already have a Wi-Fi card so
it’s not that critical but are you using Wi-Fi on your Moschino home i am i don’t
play competitive games anymore i play slow you know slow games that it doesn’t
matter play any games on I might as well be playing world of warships
that’s absolutely you cannot play world of warships on Wi-Fi that’s not gonna
cut it and then I bought just a regular fan so
ok hyper evo-devo master 20 bucks 20 bucks 10 it was on sale for 30 with a
$10 mail-in rebate so I have to deal with the mail in rebate sure but I’m new
8 20 bucks I was like ah it’s a pretty good deal so you know you really can’t
beat it it’s a fantastic cooler for the money yeah so it kind of also helps make
that Spence on the CPU not as high because of
the you know so you’re looking at three how much is you but so 329 plus CPU 350
yeah it’s pretty good yeah 27 X is this is this pretty good Steel Toe on ya
ready but I feel like it was like it’s 200 and it’s like two hundred thirty two
hundred fifty dollars for the 2,700 2,700 ax pretty good once you find like
your deals okay so here’s a long story maybe not that long but this one I got
for three hundred and ten dollars on Amazon Prime day because I was plying on
upgrading my computer a while ago and then I never kind of got around to and
then you know says like oh so what is that so this is two terabytes
oh so this is gonna be kind of all my games you know all the secondary stuff
okay um semi long-term storage for for projects okay because I already have the
500 gig in there so that would be kind of my working drive and then as things
and I’ll have that one backed up to my man keep your hard drive in you’ll keep
I’m gonna get rid of the the Spain disc really cuz I have this I have a 500 gig
and then I also so this was 310 but so I basically I didn’t save any money on
this one because prices haven’t come come down I mean if you look at it right
now it’s like 325 bucks okay maybe I say $15 but on Black Friday you probably
could have gotten this for like 250 or something like that or something close
to that so what you know long you know if you’re
gonna buy parts you should probably just say crucial crucial yeah okay yeah B or
MX 500 and okay know how to drive yeah so this is gonna be so you’re gonna
go okay and then what’s your primary storage guess so my primary kind of
running everything is gonna be this which is my own BME
okay I’m got to this is 500 gigs so pretty good space I got this for a
hundred bucks Amazon normally 143 if you bought today Elena found this one she’s
like hey there’s a good deal and then like the next day she’s like now it’s
$90 so I’m gonna say another $10 how they waited
day from where Amazon oh you know what you can call if you’re good enough prime
customer you can call and complain I did that yesterday yes but now I think it’s
too late cause of the day the deal is off no yes but shit I should have
thought about that but it’s kind of one of those things where I’m like you know
what out you if you go into prime day trying to get the very best deal on
every single thing chances are you gonna miss some deals and then you’re knocked
in it so I can’t complain nvme 500 gigs hundred yes and I also saw the the 870
Evo on sale for around a similar price and I was kind of debating between I
don’t know if you have any thoughts on the two I was like yeah they’re pretty
close pretty pretty unless you’re gonna step up to the pro line right it’s it’s
hard press I think a lot of the a lot of the nvme I see SSDs that are hard
performer it’s a little higher cost I am I I’d say it’s hard you’d be
hard-pressed to tell the difference in performance they’re all pretty good so
alright for memory because you can’t use your old remember folks not oh my god is
that even yeah it’s ddr3 your 380 or 3 8 gigs I think this is the most painful
part of this upgrade I think at least prices have I feel like prices come down
a lot from when I was thinking about buying so you know I may be the mound of
money I didn’t save on the SSD I’ve now made on you know ok Ram price I’m come
in so I got 32 gigs through speed is 3000 that’s because you do video editing
you do Photoshop a lot of things that might actually need that memory
footprint that yeah 16 is not gonna cut it so I was like I’ll step up to the 32
and this was 230 bucks okay which is not bad
and what is it normally 275 if you bought it today it’s cast 16 okay so
it’s not that he’s super fast so he’s carry 2 gigs of g.skill
oh but even more importantly he’s got lights I know I wasn’t I mean this is
not an RGB don’t you cuss on there mm okay so even though it’s the CPU is
only really 2666 oh well how do how much I was trying to figure out if it’s worth
keep on going up on speed when you don’t the marginal improvement
with that set is not it’s not very much yeah I mean if it you know I would run
that at at three thousand if it’s to go forward three thousand I’ve run it okay
so yeah I got this and it’s gonna be I mean going from eight gigs yeah
well also nvme is a huge step up for SATA and a lot of insert of felt
performance supposedly I argue this with our storage guy all the time
and I went in for store and for graphics our graphics I have this this is the one
way Dan is gonna cheat yeah this one I’m cheating because this one is on loan
from Gordon I have see if I I wouldn’t be buying a video card either way
because I have a 970 so that would I would just be like you know what you
would wait it out I put I mean it’s only two Jewish 3s years old so for me that’s
like halfway through a cycle so I would have just kept using the 970 but this is
gonna this is a 980ti so that’s gonna be a significant boost up yes yes maybe
once the whole r-tx stuff kind of email settles itself out and was it or nabi
comes out we’ll see right yeah we see where things are going with that that so
you’re going with you would have sat with a 970 yeah but you’re gonna borrow
this in the meantime to make yourself feel better
one thing though I will say that would not have probably run that well on that
system with all the drivers on a run with your 550 watt no-name power supply
I mean I would be concerned so I think that’s your 750 actually is a good pair
with this GPU upgrade if you had to buy today
I don’t yeah 980ti is go for it but safety had how much would you spend what
what resolution do you play at home well I was playing to me by God a monitor
recently that’s 1440 okay but again I don’t play like you know really much fps
stuff it’s mostly strategy oh you know and honestly I don’t need a crazy
framerate and I I’ve been fine with it so I’d even honestly debate the at all
video cards because I’m not gonna buy one I’m not gonna
500 bucks right now all right video card but that’s your price range that’s sort
of 1080 2017 range if I had to 64 but I look at price it just kind of makes me
sick cuz that’s like it’s so expensive well you can buy them used on eBay is
there all the Muslims would you buy a used mining card I with my money yeah he
would have to break a certain threshold if I get a 1080 for 200 bucks yeah
that’s worth gonna belly my people selling it around your bucks some of the
some of them are but I would not pay 300 for burned up mining car that feel man I
feel like if you’re buying at you if there’s a one very user real warranty
transferring you can verify it without getting burned I mean I don’t understand
like that’s eBay right how do you know your own ransom so I ended up spending
around just under 1,200 bucks on everything but it would have been you
know around 1450 so I saved around 280 bucks and that was 19% so by shopping on
Black Friday with these deals saved almost 20% build that’s pretty good you
waited specifically for the sales do this build yeah I feel like that’s if I
would just find one little piece at upgrade here and there I wouldn’t have
waited but I was like I mean I’m keeping my case and I’m keeping one 500 gig SSD
out of that so here’s my question there know we debated this we’re running out
of time I just want to get this yeah I probably would have thought about a new
case because it’s a whole machine yeah you’re doing an upgrade you’re doing
it’s essentially an a complete new yeah right you’re doing an inverse number
crap you’re taking all the parts from the outside inside three away and
keeping show very first serving I mean because the thing is you could take the
old machine is perfectly serviceable it is if you throw in a 50 dollar case yeah
you give it to somebody you know or you sell it to some drill I make it still do
that or I could buy a cheap an extra cheap case I can’t remember how much I
bought it for because I did have to upgrade it when I bought the 970 because
of you was too big okay um so I mean I guess I
saw that option but you know I I’m not gonna use it at home and then if I give
it to my parents so I think might make the most sense after that Oh dad but
then I got a micro center you know I have to support that so I computer have
to support yes so I get better off with just a laptop you know they don’t sure
yeah sure Chromebook yeah yeah so that’s even
though your dad went to Micro Center Church – all the way – microserver on it
was way he was already in Orange County so he’s your lawyer basically watching
this video see a fire okay sounds like a really good build what are you expecting
to feel are you gonna feel one just built ready you’re gonna feel like
you’re like jazz like holy smokes I can really feel a difference anything less
than that you’d be like I’ll be really curious to see how much render times
change because I I kind of did some preliminary benchmarks that we normally
do and I just to kind of get see like see how it compares but it’s you know if
I only get 15% shave off of my encodes that’s not that’s like not really I
would say that’s not a worthwhile build probably but if it shaves off half of
that very high expectations sometimes positions if you like I think it’s
actually doable though depending what you do yeah yeah so I think it’ll be
more than I hope I mean there’s a good chance that give you more than 50% yeah
I mean the computer app is slow it runs but it’s slow we’re just in video
editing you premiere interior shot a final cuts me off for on Windows folks
yeah okay so just feels slow yeah I mean when I
thank you have eight gigs of RAM thank you okay this yeah it’s gonna scream I
think yeah go to 32 gigs yeah a coffee lake from a Sandy Bridge
and you’re going to nvme from a SATA Drive and then you’re going from 97 to
98 plus I mean I always editing some poor key footage at home and it’s just
like stutters you know I’m playback so it’s like I can’t even you know do a
frame-by-frame edit because it’s like so slow I’m like
okay so I expect we have high expectations realizing their real
expectations they’re real but I would hope so you just spent twelve hundred
bucks on a new upgrades I mean it’s still I would say not as strong as the
computer is we edit here because here we have settings 64 gigs of RAM 1080i so
there’s a still a lot I think though that is actually the one man one
argument that you know that you have for coffee lake and the one argument you
have for Intel over a rise in the still so there’s a lot of quake sick out there
so we’ll see but anyway yeah tune in you got any last words
yeah I don’t think so I’m not going I don’t plan on getting drunk on the next
build wall hi it’s my own personal bill that’s near it no I don’t want this
splatter of Gordon’s in here I want you here but I you know
we’ll give you a face mask that were you wearing it’s a discount just to make
sure you all right we’ll see it’s my own money it’s not works money so you’ll
bring in your fully built computer will strip all the parts out put that in yeah
see that so Sandy Bridge folks who do video editing tune in Friday November
30th not 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. Pacific time
don’t ask me time yeah PSC I’ll bring the bear he’s gonna bring the parts
we’re gonna build a computer


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