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Vevo Adobe Creative | ADOBE | photoshop tutorials | 2017 | use of smudge tool

October 30, 2019

hello everyone welcome to my channel
here all I talk about Photoshop so here I’m using Apple laptop for that I have
no Photoshop the disclosure and I have many more stuffs for you to know about
like illustrator vector images we effects and other softwares that I have
done to make you aware about all those things that how an artist reaches their
goals by working hard let’s do Photoshop how we create things
how we used to are we moved images and other items that I will explain here and
in this video please subscribe after watching our Channel and please make
available take one above on the right side of the
taps bar then click on your file then open file like this here I’ve exposed a
me you know what’s a great painting that I’ve already made
first you have to take a copy of background layer like in the three image
I use come on kita and pressing over the G tab will happen laptops and you can
use for operating another operating system you can use ctrl + G if you have
any other laptop like Sony Vaio Samsung a normal laptop so even use ctrl + G in
this Photoshop or Photoshop newest version – over at 17
so in this we have taken the copy of the
background layer by pressing keys control gear and Jes together and naming
the background layer and the copy let’s come to the point I just want something
get a change in picture I for that we can use much tools I’m using this first
tool I have circular shape can be made as we get large and even small up to a
single pixel so that put that on the keyboard press the open and close make
it case to get happen accordingly on your own if you want to remove the
colors like the area were mark on it so for the removal of the us smash to then
also for dissolving colors here you can see over there
the color gets better dissolved and also the black hairs or back heels of Emma
Watson picture solve the horn remark and remove that was mark that I have taken
over there and if just watching like this
remove these water Mars and other ocean by filling it with colors and
settings dissolve tools must you use YouTube for this purpose is very helpful
for me sometimes like this like take takes another picture I use what’s to
like on my way so use your accordingly on your own you
don’t use like I this I just I just told I just need something tutorials like
this and making a video for linking people no I
want just people children who can wants to learn about first job and think that
they can do some creative now if I want a particular year to choose being a
magic wand tool to select on it like this I’m I’ve chosen over here the blue
shade the idea I have taken over there and using come on or come on kissing and
Jade put together using these keys pressing come on sorry I forgot that key
it was pressing come on and get pressing you together or an apple laptop sour
orange using if you’re using opening some other operating system like this so
use ctrl + u for colors and you bar their hue bar will show this is but
don’t forget to select your a that I have taken over the other shade of blue
colors now take to colorize on you are you watching the change in the colors of
section area and they’re just saturation and lightness according to your own
and see the change in the color now making more selections getting over
their yard and new panel again and just colorize ignored
see how I does is or tracing colors we need to choose your levels and then
again clicking on the copy of the background here here is your picture
counter phrase now if I just want a realistic image I just think about the
girl tool here above on the filter tab then take on the play over the hill I
chose very blur now you can I just like on your own with
these effects we can change the image portion position and it can give the
fully blurred image it made my picture elastic not wow why what I want I just
need like this that I made my picture very creative and as you see in the
background I mean explain my one main motive was
explaining create the using of these two tools please try this at home and I want
you to try this don’t forget to subscribe like and share please comment
on the video ready you hmm

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