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use ADOBE STOCK like a boss | QUICKLY FIND and download images in PHOTOSHOP

January 16, 2020

How to Quickly Find and Download Adobe Stock
Images in Photoshop Hey everybody, it’s Colin Smith here from
PhotoshopCAFE and what I’m going to show you today is how to create a design layout using
Adobe Stock and we can actually take these images and we can try out different images
without having to purchase them. I’m going to cover a few different things
in this tutorial. The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going
to show you how to find the images you want from directly within Photoshop, then I’m going
to show you some of the more advanced features on the Adobe Stock site for searching and
sifting through millions of photos to find the ones you want. Then I’m going to show you how to create a
layout right here inside of Photoshop where you can try out different images and see what
you like. And then, finally, if you choose to use it
in the end, I’m going to show you how to license those images. All right, so let’s get started. What we’re going to do is we’re going to do
some kind of a design based on travel. So what we want to do is we’re just going
to open up our library panel, so we’re just going to go under Window and you’re going
to choose the Libraries. Now this will be in CC only. If you have Photoshop CS 6 and you don’t have
CC or a different version, you can go directly to the Adobe Stock site, so just move forward
into the tutorial. But what we’re going to do is we’re going
to do exotic location. That sounds like a pretty good thing to be
searching for, so we just type that in there. Now what we can do, we can drag the library
off and if you really want to have a good look, we can drag it out like this and change
the size of it and we can scroll through and find some different types of locations. Now if you’re finding something that sort
of look like what you want, like this is maybe kind of cool, you can right click and you
can choose Find Similar. Then what it’s going to do now is it’s going
to update with all these similar types of photographs so we got this really cool kind
of waterfalls and things like that. All right, so what if we just want to kind
of maybe try one design and I’m just going to close this down a little bit. This is pretty cool so we’re just going to
drag this in here and we’re just going to resize it to fit, so I’m just going to hold
down the Shift key and drag it out until it fits on my screen. Hit Enter and then we’ve kind of got this
little bit of mock-up. So what I’ve done is I’ve created a few things
on here just a little mock-up. So I’ve created some text here, a little quote
and then I just made a logo “S-Cargo Travel.” We can try different types, so what we can
do is we can right click here and we can choose to view details on web. So now we’re going to go into the Adobe Stock
site, so let me just bring that up here where we have more options. So we can see here, this is what we have. This is the image we were looking at and click
on there. You can look at the different photos from
that particular series and we can see that they are there. We’re just going to click on Show More and
we can see here these different photos from this location. Now there’s other things that we can do. Let’s look at the options. So, if we go up under Filter here, why don’t
we put in exotic location? So we’re just going to hit on there and it’s
going to show us our locations. Now let’s hit on the filtering. So under the filtering here, what we can do
is we can choose to just use photographs. Notice that there’s vectors and illustrations
as well that is available. So what we can do is let’s change it to–
We only want to show things here in landscape mode and I want to have one with some people
in there because I feel like for travel, it just makes it feel a little better with some
people. So what we can do is we can click on Update
Now. Okay, so here we go. So we can scroll down there and we can see,
you know, hey we got some different people in here. They’re enjoying themselves; maybe you want
to see more of someone sitting on the beach, so we can select that. Just click Find Similar. And now, here we go, we’ve got more people
sitting on the beach. So, that’s kind of cool. Well what if you wanted something different
though? You know, like maybe you want it in this particular
color. We can actually go under here and if we choose
something like, I don’t know, we’ve got different types of colors here. We could choose maybe a red and then we’re
going to update this and now we’re going to see just our travel ones with those red colors. See that? You know we could change the color to something
else, such as a green, and then we can make sure it travels there. Hit Update and now we’re going to see stuff
with more of the green background, maybe more of an aqua kind of color. That looks nice. Let’s update that. And, of course, it’s going to take us to this
beautiful aqua waters, so you can see that we got this travel shots now with this beautiful
water and maybe we can find something, you know, that’s a little bit more that kind of
a style so we could go there. And, of course, we could choose more from
this model or more from this series. This series here shows more from that particular
shot, so a lot of the times, it’s the same photographer. So, it can give you a similar photograph from,
you know, maybe a different perspective or a different angle. And the other option we could do here is,
you know if we just want to click here, and we could see here we could see more from this
model. So we can see, you know, maybe you like that
person that they’re using and we can see the other pictures for that particular model is
featured. All right, so let’s try something a little
bit different. Let’s try our travel and let’s add a second
keyword. We’re going to do “travel” and we’re going
to do “city.” For the color, let’s grab something more in
the kind of a brownish kind of color, so it’s going to give us a little bit more urban and
now we’re going to hit Update and here we go. Now we’ve got travel more and that kind of
location. Okay, there’s another way that we can search
too, and that’s we can upload our own photos, so if I click here, I can actually upload
a photo, so let me find a photograph that I have and here I’ve got this boat that I
took myself, so why don’t we just choose this, and now we’re going to let it search based
on that. And here we go, so now it shows similar images
to that particular image of mine. Okay, maybe something like this here might
tell our story quite well. So what we want to do is we want to use this
photo. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going
to download this into Photoshop. So what we do is we click on here and notice
it says “Save Preview to Photos” because that’s the library item that I have selected, but
if we click on here, these are the different libraries that I’ve created and so I could
just pull this into one of the existing ones or if I want, I could create a new library. Let’s just put there “Travel” and we’re going
to hit “+” (Plus) there and it’s going to create that library right now and it’s going
to save that. Notice it says now it’s saved to there. So under Photoshop, let’s go down to the travel
and there’s our photograph right there. So why don’t we take this. We’re going to drag that in and let’s resize
it, hit Enter, and you can see that we’ve kind of looked at it and it’s kind of looks
pretty good. Maybe we’ll do something with our Wanderlust,
maybe we’ll do some kind of, I don’t know, let’s try a Soft Light there with, maybe,
an Effect in there, so let’s put in a little bit of a Shadow, put a Drop Shadow in there. And we can just drag that Drop Shadow around
this and let’s bring Opacity down a little bit just so it kind of shows through a little
bit. All right, so we’re just adding a little bit
more. All right, so why don’t I just do another
little thing. I’m just going to create a gradient, so I’m
going to create a new layer here and what I’m going to do is I’m just going to grab
a Black to Transparent gradient and I’m just going to kind of pull it up a little bit there
we go at the bottom there, and resize that text. Let’s just move it around a little bit just
so it kind of shows through a little bit. In fact, let’s bring the Opacity down so it’s
not quite so dark. There we go. And at this point here, let me just resize
that. So I just hit Ctrl T, by the way, for Free
Transform, and that would be Command T on Mac. And I’m just dragging the corner down and
just to make it fit, so I’m just going to drag it down there. That looks nice. All right, so at this point here, if you decide
that you want to use this, you know, you could show it to your client or whatever or just
for yourself, and you want to license that image. Then, all we need to do is we just right click
on here and choose License Image. Okay, so at this point here, you know, you
can have a subscription to Adobe Stock or you can buy the images one at a time if you
want to replace this with the un-watermarked version. Also have a look at the link underneath there
and I’ll give you a link to this particular image on my website also, where there’s some
authors that you can get 10 free images from Adobe Stock. So let’s click OK and you can see what’s happening
right now, that updates and now it replaces it with the high resolution version so you’ll
notice the quality increased nicely and the watermark disappeared. So, if we’ll look at it right there, we have
completed our design. So there we go. That’s how we create a layout using Adobe
Stock. Now this is something I wish I had 10 years
ago because I just remember how difficult it was to find the right images even for making
mock-ups and different things like that, and especially finding the last image, I remember
back in the day–don’t laugh at me–when we used to have to buy bulk CDs. We’d buy all these image CDs and DVDs and
we’d zip through them and it was very difficult. But now, it’s very easy to try out the different
images to search and locate the photo that you want. Tell me if you like this video, hit the Subscribe
button. I do a new tutorial every single week in Photoshop
and Lightroom and different types of gadgets. Also hit that Like button right now. I’ll really appreciate it. And add a comment if you have any questions
or any comments, let’s get a discussion going. So thanks for watching. Until next week, I’ll see you at the CAFE.


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    You have the weirdest accent! Thanks for the tute.

  • Reply Kevin Leong March 24, 2018 at 3:26 am

    From my libraries how do I download my images? I only see download and save to my library but I don't see a way to download it. I have gotten my images that I want how do I download them to my computer?

  • Reply Kevin Leong March 24, 2018 at 3:37 am

    From my libraries how do I download my images? I only see download and save to my library but I don't see a way to download it. I have gotten my images that I want how do I download them to my computer? I am on the Adobe Stock Image website under libraries and I am looking at my photos that says they are licensed but I am having trouble with downloading from the website to use on my own website.

  • Reply flat ironman June 18, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    How do you upload vector files? I tried the different sizes. i couldn't find the PDF view check box. I get a file error every-time .

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