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[ UPDATED ] How to make your own thumbnail

December 16, 2019

Hello! I made another video on this one already and Filmora AGAIN. So… I’m gonna put the link of the editor in the description. Now… Ge… Uh that’s the thing. Let’s just… Hands up And create a new image. The width: 1280 Height: 720 Transparent: Yes.
Remember that okay? I – I already put in the stuff in it. But i’m NOW gonna make another thumbnail of another video. So now… You find the thing. Eyahhhhhh… I want to put that in. So i’m gonna let – I’m gonna show you how to it. First go to here. New tab. (K.O-ed the microphone) Write in anything you want like… Hmmmmm… Portal 2. *Click like mad* Like this. Except that eight hundred. Now… Click on “images” Uh-huh and then… Click on whatever you want. Like… this. Now… Right click on it. Save image as… And now just click save. Now… Ctrl O Or you can just click here and open image. Now…. Find the picture. You can find it like this or you can just spell it. Like this. You can just remember the name. ????? Now… Ctrl A Ctrl C And X this out. Click no. And then V. Now we pasted it. Now… You want to add something in. Click the A and I clicked it already. Now… Click on whatever you want. And spell whatever you want! As well! Now… I’m gonna spell… And you can put in the font. I’m gonna put in this. [WIP] (More later. Im having a break time)

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