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Tutorial How to Make Chocolate Banana

February 17, 2020

Oh Hello everybody in tonight’s Bureau. I’m going to make chocolate banana But before I start I really do that’s myself My name is the 750 can call me the see I am placed and I’m screwed in genetic Illuminati Okay, everybody. We’re just done Chris of up every paper out introduced Three bananas Velocities 1200 sugar sufficiently 100 grams of But floor what are sufficiently endlessly chuckling I will forget After preparing of the ingredients I will prepare what questions you as well namely sparked night To contain us and think penny if you have prepared the ingredients and then chillax prom to reset for For the four and water into the containers Second part in no sugar Still only small Then side the banana in the smile There is the oil To fry the background it is fraudulent video The remote brass Has been with practice And this superb Arunachala verticality ready to suffer

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