Tutorial de Adobe After Effects: Liquid Motion Effect

September 30, 2019

Welcome! Today we will explore a
very cool animation style, the Liquid Motion that I used on the channel’s opening sequence. I won’t use the traditional technique, with Cell Animation which I also highly recommend and find pretty cool, but I will show you a more practical way way to produce an animation in that style using only the native effects from After Effects. It will be faster and easier to adjust any part of the project even after the animation is ready. If you like this video, you know, click on the like button, subscribe to our channel and invite your friends and colleagues to subscribe too. Let’s get started with this technique into After Effects. To start, I have here a laptop icon, it’s already with the size I need: 1280×720, in Illustrator. I imported it as Footage and I will create a new comp with it. With the comp created, I also need a new solid layer, with a black color Using the Pen Tool, (I just need to lower the opacity first) I will
draw a path that will receive the liquid drops. So… it needs to finish here at the laptop’s corner Now, I’ll increase the opacity and here in effects and presets, rigth here, Stroke, I get the stroke effect, a commom effect in After Effects. Set it to six (6) To animate the stroke, I use the ‘end’ and ‘start’, ok? It is already set to ‘Mask 1’, I just need to set this to transparent Then, I set them to 0%, I go to the in point, add the keyframes, 20 frames foward and I set them all to 100% I need to adjust the speed curve too (Graph Editor) By pulling these handles and these too, ok? We’re not gonna se anything because we need to offset the keyframes a little bit Then, with the offset keyframes, the values won’t be the same, so we can see the graphics animated I’ll change this color to blue. And now, we need to prepare the project to have that liquid style And so these lines will look like liquid How we’re gonna do it? We’ll create a map distortion, first Let’s call this ‘Displace Map 003’ Here, a new solid layer, a black solid, ok? And, another effect everybody has in After Effects, the ‘Fractal Noise’. Let’s increase its contrast, and adjust here to ‘Dinamic’, the type and… let’s reduce the brightness value. Now, we’ll animate this effect. To animate it, ‘transform’, ‘offset’, we set a keyframe, We go the the end point and we animate it down, cause we’ll need the liquid falling… The ‘Evolution’ needs to be animated too, we hold Alt and click (stopwatch) Then we can open this box to add this expression ‘time*400’. So, we’ll see this crazy animation going on. It isn’t beautiful, but it’ll work in this project Now here, I insert the displace map. I need to turn its visibility off, because we’re not gonna need it and I apply, here, an effect named ‘Displacement Map’. We set the comp ‘displace map’ to be the map of displacement and we can change the values here, to 3 Now we’ll be able to see a lot from the effect we want. I just need to get back by 01 to keep it smaller. This drop here will be our drop So… We add ‘Turbulent Displace’. Let’s reduce the effect a little bit and also the size property. Now it’s getting a more interesting look. To make it even better, we add ‘Roughen Edges’ Select it and apply to the layer It gives a nice look… If I turn it off.. we’ll see that it looks strange And if I activate it looks better So, we have the first part ready with the drop going up and and getting in the notebook icon I duplicate it and change the color Then, I offset its in point Something nice here is we can simply change, for instance,
00:06:22,000 –>00:06:29,440
the ‘evolution’ of the ‘turbulent displace’ and we have a totally different look If I keep playing with the values, if I change it to 10, we’ll get a different look for the drops what gives us variety to the project After that, we select the Laptop icon, we’ll make it appear in our scene To do so, I create a new layer, a white solid layer. And I change the opacity down again Our animation needs to start from this corner and the it spreads out In my version, I used smaller mask as you can see in the project for download They would show up one after the other But here, I’ll use a bigger mask to make it easier for you to understand the process You can check how I did it in the project avaiable for download It will be there with this version we’re making in the tutorial I’ll show you this way with only one maske cause it’s faster and easier to get the idea of how to do it. Let’s go So, I draw this strange thing here imagining how it will be more or less Here, at this point, I start increasing the mask and I make it bigger here cause it will be the middle part (fast foward) so, this will reveal the laptop using a luma matte. Let’s do this last part here. I get the ‘convert vertex’ to keep it here, rounded, ok? Let’s rotate this here, til it gent to this point to cover 100%… just need a little bit here Now it’s time to animate this mask To animate this, I go 20 frames foward and reveal the mask We’ll animate the ‘mask path’. Before of that, I’ll add the distortion and then we’ll be able to se it becausa We drew this different shape, I’ll add the ‘displacement map’. I can copy it, simply CTRL+C, from the other. And paste it here. Just need to scale it up here Also, we can adjust the ‘horizontal and ‘max vertical’ So, it distorts it in a nicely way Now, we animate this, we get all this vertex points Select all of them, and you’ll see the animation happening It looks like the liquid is really forming and we can drag this to the upper part Let’s drag this more over here We drag this, the middle part Right here. This points, more over here, so this will show up first And the reveal the everything else I’ll ease easy with the F9 key, drag the layer to the top of the laptop and these two below the laptop This we’ll use as ‘Luma Matte’ If we want, we can place it more foward to make it slower, cause the we can see the animation going on We can link with this till we get a more interesting shape to let it with a liquid style, randomly revealing it to sell our idea So, this one I’ll call “Reveal” I duplicate, go 1 or 2 frames foward and this one below, I apply a fill effect, to make it yellow, ok? Soon we’ll adjust the in point that needs to be when it’s getting here the intial drops So, these are ok We need the ‘displacement’ and the ‘turbulent’ effects again. I’ll apply them to the laptop, directly to the lapto, but… let’s… reduce these properties a bit, we lower the size here the ‘amount’ too, a litte And I’ll copy this to the yellow laptop too. In the yeallow lapto, we can see a little border line So, I ended up copying it sooner, it wasn’t the time I’ll animate these properties here that I applied in the laptop So they will make them appear 100% and her they’ll have… We use ease easy (F9), it’ll have some kind of animation here that will help this liquid look Let’s make it faster here This ‘size’ property, let’s finish it sooner Now I can copy these to the other laptop At this laptop underneath, you’ll see a little border To take it out, we can use ‘minimax’ effect. I’ll apply it here I select ‘minimun’, I’ll put it up, ok? And I’ll select ‘alpha and color’, then, It shrinks some pixels from the border, so, the underneath layer becomes smaller Now, that border is hidden, ok? To help our animation, I’ll duplicate these These liquid trails going down following the flow of the animation To do so, I simply duplicate what we did with the first drop I’ll change it foward Oops, wrong button… I’ll delete this last one and what is nice is because we used this technique… We don’t need to redo or we don’t need to draw new trails with a frame by frame cell animation We just need to come here and adjust the mask path, we duplicate it and change it a bit. If we need a thicker trail I just change… First I’ll change the color… Foward with the keyframes and then I can make it thicker here, for example, the brush size of the stroke effect, look it I already have something an intersting look Also, I can add a keyframe at the brush size right in the middle distance between those I get back here and I reduce the brush size, for example, 1 and here 1 at the end too. The reason for this is… It starts… let me use 10 here. It’ll begin smaller it grows and then srinks, ok? Now, we just need to duplicate, change the position of the mask paths We change the colors as needed And, if you want, you can animate the ‘evelution’ and these options too And so, you get a better movement by adding more of them The animation gets a better flow, ok? I’ll speed the video up and you guys can follow it, but I want you to make your own version, ok? Then, when you’re happy with your result you… I’ll adjust something here and I’ll offset this back one frame and these top, just a little bit It’s ok when you get a nice result, in my case I think it’s nice Now we can take a look at it, we watch the preview I think this can come a little earlier, let’s check it And so we’ll see the colors. Some of them I’ll leave with another timing Just some of them… And some a little later Now it is a question of adjusting the in point of all these strokes If you want to, that brush size we animated from 1 to 8 and back to 1 You can change the size of the middle keyframe to make it thicker It’ll give a better result, ok? From the Liquid Motion point of view the project is almost finished I’m just going to show you how something else, how I did… Just something I did to make the animation more intersting This notebook, it reveals itself and then it is here at our universe and suddenly it take knowledge of the gravity and it falls I’ll put it Ah! Another thing, I’ll get the background from here, it is already done It already has the color I want I’ll add a background, right? Ready, it happens now with a background color Just let me ‘fit’ it here, to make it bigger Then I select all of them, CTRL + SHIFT + C I’ll put here so, this will be the laptop I’ll call it ‘reveal laptop 003’ I move all of them inside, now it is on a preComp I’ll change the position and the anchor point near the base of the layer I let this first animation happen Here it is After it happens here But… For some reason Oh! My reveal is out of its position… ready! Now I think it’s ok oh, where is it? No, No, my laptop 2 No it is ok, we have the yellow icon reveal animation I was thinking that this first one We can… This one with the yellow color Maybe, we can move it, cause we will have two different animations of the liquid here And I think it is gonna be more intersting, we can change it a litte bit more Till this maximum here Here, more or less, and then… It will have a different animation, because it will take place at this region first, after that… the notebook shows up, so, It gives more movement to the scene I thinks it is cooler now To finish, we change the position of the notebook It will reveal the icon and suddenly the gravity will act on it and so It falls Change the keyframe tipy (F9) and let’s change the curve here. Let’s check how it goes now Just need to be a little faster The rotation too, a keyframe here at the rotation And so… 3 frames, or 2 frames and zero (0) Same thing, It gives a nice effect to it, it gives more evidence to what is going on with the animation To complete, let’s copy one of these It can be this one, we get back here It already has the color Here and it finishes here, more or less, Straight And it needs to be faster I think with this it will be ok A litte later Less here, just 4 And less here at the ‘amount’ Duplicate the layer, move the mask to the side. Let this one at the middle a little later Duplicate the first one again, move it here to the side, let’s move all of them to align at the center And I think we can make it faster Sometimes, just a frame, a few adjustments, in this case these faster animations They make it more intesting Now we can make the motion trail here to indicate that a movement happened. I just think the motion trail needs to be thinner, these lines here So, I’ll leave them with 5, 6, 7 until they appear Or, I can leave them with 10 and I can apply a minimax effect, ‘minimum’, ‘alpha and color’ and… Then it also makes it thinner Then, that’s it Aboute the After Effects’ logo, I’ll show it here But, basically, I used a matte Let me open it first and we’ll see Basically, it’s the same matte as we use for the laptop, but I used many parts So, many parts are being animated here It can be done like this, but it would be complicated to show at this tutorial This way is nice too I only did it starting, rotating the layer here They are all starting at the corners, one starts in the middle, another one here This way, the logo is revealed This simple What we could do in this project, we could start it here. Actuallly, We can get this reveal we created and apply the After logo At another composition and we add this matte. So, you can animate the way you want to That is what makes this technique so nice, after creating the first matte you can reuse it and you just need to change a few properties And you get a totally different animation This gives lots of possibilities for your animations Of course, you can add some cell animation elements to make it even better And, that’s all folks! I tried to bring to you a different way to make a liquid motion project using some native effects from After Effects Effects that you all have in your AE Only if you have a demo version or an old version of AE So, it is easy for every one replicate it Or to improve this project and so you’ll be able to deliver for your clients nice projects with Liquid Motion Effects, ok? This is what we had for today, I hope you all enjoyed it If you liked click here at the like button and subscrive to our channel, share this tutorial Like our page at Facebook, spread the word about Aedicas To make the channel grow even more That’s what I had to talk about Liquid Motion for now. I think I’ll make another tutorial soon exploring the transition that I’m using on the new series of Aedicas’ tutorials to make you know even more about this animation style I wish you awesome ideas and I see you at our next tutorial! Subscribe!

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