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TURBOCHARGE LIGHTROOM! How to speed up Lightroom!

November 4, 2019

What’s up guys?! How’s everybody doing?? If you haven’t been here before my name is Phillip Skraba I’m gonna teach you about
photography and about film, how to make it faster, better, smoother, sweeter. Today
we’re talking about Lightroom and how to turbo boost it just to make it really
fast, we’ll do that after the intro So today we’re talking about how to
turbocharge Lightroom how to make it really really really really fast! This is
a good thing because if you have as many files as me which is about 60,000 files and they’re all pretty big So Nikon D800, D850, Sony a7r iii, you can’t already take them all with you because they weigh about four
to five terabytes, now using something called Lightroom smart previews you can
condense those files down to about 5% of their original size which
means all my 60,000 files now weigh about 50 gigabytes and the cool
thing with this is that I can edit on the go I can edit in an airplane, train, the
cafe, and whatever adjustments I make to that image, when I connect it to the
original file – to the hard disk, all those adjustments are automatically synced
with the original file, non-destructively! Now that’s pretty cool so let’s dive
into Lightroom and show you how it’s done I’m gonna open up Lightroom here
and I’m going to import some thumbnails that I did for this episode, please
ignore the silliness. When you have your import dialog box on the right hand side at the top you’ll have build smart previews, if you click this once you start importing your files the smart previews will be automatically made The other way to do this is to select all your files, so command A, and go up to
Library, down to Previews – build smart previews now this is an option for
building smart previews for files that you already have in your library, it’s
extremely fast, this is real time so that’s 56 photos from the sony a7r 3. Now
if you click on smart preview it will show the size of your smart preview catalog for 62,589 images I have a 45 gigabyte file which is tremendously small compared to 4-5 terabytes of disk space Going through images you’ll notice straight away an incredible leap in
performance, zooming in, zooming out, jumping left to right through your
images you’ll notice everything’s been sped up This is how you turbocharge
Lightroom …and that’s how it’s done simple as that! now you’ll have all your
photos on your hard drive, you can take them anywhere with you, edit them, it’s
just… it’s mmm… it’s life saving! So anyway, if you like my videos press that subscribe button, somewhere down here ring that bell and I’ll catch you on the
other side.

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