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Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #114 (React)

August 21, 2019

– Yo, stop!
Please stop! Stop! This is too much!
– That’s gonna be me in a couple of minutes.
– I can hear it. I can hear the spiciness. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) It’s time for
another laugh challenge. – Time for another win
is what you’re saying to me. – All right. I’m notoriously
bad at these. (chuckles) – (FBE) If you laugh or smile
during a video or in between a video, you’ll get a point.
And to win the game, you need to get the least amount
of points as possible. – Honestly, if I ever
win one of these, and I’m hoping that happens today,
I will be so proud of myself. – I’m just gonna try to be sad,
just think about all the sad stuff in life, think about global warming. – (FBE) Today’s episode
will have a slight twist. – Okay.
– (FBE) For every point you receive, you will have to take a bite
out of the spiciest chili peppers in the office.
– What the [bleep] does that mean?! I’ve seen the chili peppers
in this office. We’ve got really spicy chili peppers.
– I’m having ghost pepper flashbacks. – (past Jonathan) It’s [bleep] hot.
I’m sorry. It’s so hot. – ♪ I’m stuck on this roof ♪
♪ It’s burnin’ and… ♪ – (chuckles) Just, like,
are you [bleep] kidding me? Two seconds in?!
(buzzer) – ♪ I’m stuck on this roof ♪ ♪ It’s burnin’ and [bleep] ♪
– Ooh. (snapping) – ♪ There’s smoke in my eyes ♪
♪ There’s smoke in his eyes? ♪ ♪ Yes, there’s smoke
in my eyes ♪ – This is so hard already.
This is the worst. – ♪ What the [bleep] is this? ♪
♪ IDK, ay ♪ – (wheezing laughter)
– ♪ Jumping on the roof with this one ♪
(buzzer) – ♪ Jumping off the roof… ♪
– Okay, mixtape was too fire. I get it.
– I’m gonna look for that video and send it to my friends.
That’s hilarious. – ♪ The roof, the roof,
the roof is on fire ♪ – Oh, I’ve seen this.
I’ve seen this. – ♪ Take me into your… ♪
– (laughs) Yo, stop!
(buzzer) – ♪ Take me into… ♪
– Mm, I’m not smiling. – (FBE chuckles) Yes, you are.
– That was just… – (FBE) That is so a smile.
– (inhales deeply) SON OF A–
(buzzer) – ♪ Take me into your [bleep] arms ♪
– (deep breathing) That was hard!
– Pretty good. (sighs) It’s not great,
but it’s pretty good. – Aww, Toy Story. – No, not Buzz and Woody. – (Woody) This is the part
where we blow up! – (Buzz) Not to– AHHH!
(kaboom!) – (chuckles)
♪ (“You’ve Got a Friend in Me”) ♪ It’s worth it.
I don’t care. That meme is great.
(buzzer) – (Woody) …blow up! – (Buzz) Not to– AHHH!
(kaboom!) – That is funny.
(monotone) Ha, ha, ha. – That was just sad.
– (deep breathing) Okay, we’re fine.
We’re fine. It’s not funny. It’s not funny. It’s not funny.
It’s not funny. It’s not funny. – Would’ve been
a lot quicker franchise. Shut up.
– (FBE) Is that a smile? – No, shut up. You’re smiling.
– (woman) Ahh! (speaking foreign language) – (snickers)
– (FBE) Yes! – I envisioned the puppy
flying through the air. (buzzer)
– (woman speaking Chinese) – (FBE) Is that a smile? – (chuckles)
The dog was like, “Oh, helll no, bro.”
(buzzer) – (laughs) Okay! Okay, okay!
It’s the dogs! They get to me! (buzzer)
– (inhale deeply) [Bleep]. Oh my gosh.
– She just looked at that like, “You hurt my soul.” – Oh, I’ve seen this.
– Oh, I love this video. – Oh, no. Oh, no.
OH, NOOO! – Oh, yeah. Been here.
– Just snip. – No.
– She’s gonna cry, and she should.
– Yeah, now you look like Lord Farquaad.
(laughs) (buzzer)
– (gasps) – (girl) AHHHH! – (snickers)
Why the [bleep] did she do that?
Oh my god. (buzzer)
– (girl) AHHHH! – (laughs)
(buzzer) – (girl) Mom! Mom! Mom!
– Oh, she’s realizing what she’s done.
That’s life. It’s a lesson
we all have to learn. – Oh no, child. No.
– (girl crying) – She’s so sad,
but she kept rolling. That’s how you know
she’s gonna be a YouTuber. – (mom laughs)
– (girl screeches) – The way that
her mom’s laughing. No! (laughs)
No! I almost had it. (buzzer)
– (girl crying) – (chuckles) The fact
that the mom started laughing. (buzzer) – I watched this video
so many times, and her mom cracking up
just [bleep] kills me. (buzzer)
– The fact that the mother is laughing is just gold.
It’s gold. Yes, parenting goals.
– (mom) I sat here and posed for, like, 10 minutes.
Let me see the product. – (boy) But…
– Oh my god. I love this video. Dammit!
– This is so funny to me. (buzzer)
– (mom) …posed for like 10… – Aww. Adorbs.
– Oh, this is gonna be good. I can already feel it. – (mom) Is that me?! – (snickers) (laughs)
– (mom, amused) No, no, it’s nice. – The mom is laughing too!
– (mom, amused) No, no, it’s nice. It’s so nice. – (laughs) I can’t.
Oh, no! I really tried. No, no, no!
(buzzer) – (mom) Oh, I’ve
never looked better. – (snickers) – (mom) Ooh, where were you?
(buzzer) – (mom) Where were you
when it was time for senior photos? – (boy) Then why was Daddy laughing?
– That’s so cute! Oh my god! – (FBE) I think I saw a smile.
– Nah, you were looking at the video. No, I don’t– no, I don’t wanna do it!
I don’t wanna [bleep] do it! This is such [bleep]!
I’m not doing it! (buzzer)
– (boy) …laughing? – (woman) Daddy don’t know
what he’s doing anyway! That’s how you–
– (wheezing laughter) Yo, stop! Please stop!
Stop! This is too much! (buzzer)
– (woman) That’s how you say that’s a great drawing in French. – (chuckles)
– (man laughing quietly) – No!
(buzzer) – (woman) That’s how you say
that’s a great drawing in French. – (wheezing laughter) It’s true.
(buzzer) – (guffaws) He’s dying!
(buzzer) – (man laughing quietly)
– Dads ruin everything when it comes to that stuff.
Dads can’t hold it together. – It’s so funny.
I had to send it to my mom, and I was like, “Did you have
any moments like this when I was a kid?”
– That would exactly be me as a parent. I–
because it’s a [bleep] drawing! We all know that it’s [bleep],
but you’re trying to be supportive! ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– (Billie whimpers) – Billie!
– Oh, Billie Eilish? Teens React fan, by the way.
– Back to the spicy theme. – (Billie) Ooh.
– I’ve seen all Hot Ones episodes. I love this show.
– (exhales shakily) Oh, no. Honey, no. – It makes me cry almost
thinking about that. – (Billie) That one
didn’t even taste good. – (Sean) No.
– Me in 10 minutes. – That’s gonna be me
in a couple of minutes. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – I wanna be on that show.
– I don’t know how far I could make it on Hot Ones, but I kinda wanna try.
I’m assuming it’s kind of similar to what we’re doing today. – This video was everywhere.
– Oh, I think I’ve seen this one. – Oh my god.
I love this video. And I know that they were
in such excruciating pain, but this is so funny to me.
– Nope, don’t do water. Milk. – (left girl coughs) – Poor babies.
– (right girl coughing) Oh my god!
– What the [bleep] is going on on the left?
– The girl on the left needs help. She needs help.
She is dying. – (left girl shouting) – Yeah, you still want milk.
I don’t know why she thought if she chewed like this…
that was gonna make a difference. – (Shaq) Oh, it’s hot.
– Dammit. I can’t not laugh at Shaq. – (Shaq) Anybody got some milk?
– Give that boy some milk! – (Shaq) You win, Chuck. God.
Hoo. Water made it worse. – Haha, he’s fu– (gasps)
Ohhh, no! (buzzer)
– (Shaq) Water made it worse. – [Bleep]. Shaq is too funny.
(buzzer) – He had to leave set.
– We finally found the big man’s vulnerability.
It’s spicy things. Oh, no. – He’s not doing good.
– (man) Were you physically ill after that?
– I don’t wanna be Shaq. I never wanted to be Shaq.
That was never my dream. Look at him. He’s dying!
(buzzer) – (FBE) Now it’s time
for the chili peppers! – I didn’t ask to be born.
– Oh, f… [Bleep].
You gotta be kidding me. – (FBE) The amount of peppers you eat
will be dependent on the points you received during the challenge.
We will also be giving you a glass of milk to help
with the spice levels. – Thank you. You guys
are so considerate. – (FBE) If you’re able to eat
all your chilis without drinking the milk, we’ll take
three points off your score, giving you a better chance
of winning. – I’ve gone my entire life
being a loser. I don’t need to stop now.
– So, this is nothing. It’s like Bugs Bunny. – I’ll take it… to go. – (gags)
– It’s like right away– (coughs) It’s the [bleep] seeds.
– God bless anyone who has to eat any of these.
Ooh! – Yeah, I’m gonna need
some more milk. – (FBE) All right.
Onto the habanero. – My evil little pumpkins. So spicy.
– [Bleep]! This– it’s just like,
I can hear it. I can hear the spiciness. – I couldn’t get it!
Okay. I could use some ice cream.
I could always use some ice cream, though.
– [Bleep] me. – Oh, [bleep].
– Oh my god. These little red [bleep] looks so angry!
It’s so [bleep] gross. I don’t need milk.
I don’t need milk. I don’t need anything. Bro, it’s so hot. – (FBE) Let’s give him
some more milk, please. – That’s a great idea.
– (FBE) So… technically speaking…
(ding) – I have zero points, baby.
– If you want something done right, you send in big Shar.
I get it done. – (FBE) You didn’t drink
the milk at all. Congratulations.
Which means you are one of our winners for this challenge.
– Yay! That’s good, ’cause I needed to keep my title.
I can take these home, right? ‘Cause I got some salsas
I have to do for later. You know, I gotta–
thank you, guys. Thank you for not letting me
go grocery shopping. – Thanks for watching me
try not to laugh on the React Channel. – Subscribe for new shows
every single week. – Got a funny video we should see?
Let us know in the comments! – Peace out, everybody.
– Thanks for watching this video. If you enjoyed it,
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There, you’ll be able to catch up on everything casting-wise,
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