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Truck Driver’s Licence #1 In Cab Inspection

January 28, 2020

Good Morning Everybody, welcome to Trans West, Lachine’s terminal, we are going to present you the first part of our Road Test So now, we’re better inside the truck, warmer So we will to show you the first part of our License, which is in four parts First part is the In Cab Inspection Inspection of all the important things before we leave. I’ll present you that, step by step So the first thing we’re gonna do is take care of the truck immobilization, so my wheels are chocked, my brake is on and my truck Is on neutral After that, start the truck Key on the left All the lights come on All the lights go out, except for the parking brake My oil pressure is at 25 Psi My air pressure is at 125 Psi, with the both air tank here Then we need to say, all my other gauges operates normally, so here DEF, Fuel here Water temperature, battery voltage You know that and here it’s the pressure we put on the brakes PSHHHHHHH Here, second fuel tank Oil temperature, trailer’s brakes application Suspension pressure and of the fuel filter And turbo pressure Then, go on the steering, indicators, etc.. Left indicator work, right indicator work My four ways works and my highs beams works too Then we move on to the steering wheel part, the steering wheel doesn’t have excessif free play It responds normally to the left responds normally to the right, you need to turn the steering completely and he is secure Go on the windows and mirrors We need to say that our driver’s windows has no damage The windshield has no damage craks or ships My passenger side windows has no damage, then go on the mirrors My driver’s mirrors has no damage My hood mirrors has no damage and my three passengers side mirrors has no damage too. It’s very easy. Then, the part of wipers and washers My wipers works on low speed and high speed My wipers and my washers give me a clear field of vision And say, I don’t have missing or loose wipers blades Now, heater fan part, need to run the ventilation on all speed to the maximum and all level in the front at our feet and on the top When we feel the air everywhere, you can tell that the heater fan works on all speed and all level Then, go on my seat no visible damage and stay in initial position My seat belt has no visible damage it locks, unlocks and keep the driver secure in the seat My tether belt has no damage and secure to the seat This side too And here, it is secure to the cab A little part on the door, my door open That is closes and stay closed To finish the In Cab Inspection we need to talk about safety devices, so, first aid kit juste here secure in the cab, a fire extinguisher charged in the green and secure next to my seat And three triangles who has no damage and secure in the side box That’s it for today ! You need to know All that I just told you there, it can be different in every school and every place, for exemple where we’ve been training and where we pass our license, there have small things that can be different But it’s basically the same thing We done for this video, I’m going to leave you now, I’ll see you at the next part and I’m going to practice the back up.


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    Ca c du camion PS le meilleure cousin du monde

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    Franchement pour une première vidéo de se genre là, vraiment propre et sympa à regarder ! Continuez comme ça 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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    C’est pas si différent de la France

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    Bonjour les jeunes bon courage et merde pour votre aventure

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    Super vidéo
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