TOP TRICKS to getting soft and creamy skin tones in Lightroom

December 16, 2019

Hey guys, so today I wanted to show you how I get creamy and Beautiful skin tones. I wanted to show you how I quickly edit. These are the presets that I made that I match my film with So we’re gonna go ahead and get started. So I’m gonna give you guys a few little tricks So let’s just pull it like a basic Put this up a little bit Okay, so let’s just edit this photo really quick So right now I can see that it’s a little bit too blue Which means it’s a little bit cooler than what I usually edit with so I’m gonna Put it here And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this image, I really like it But I do see like it’s a little bit too cool in the end right here so what I’m going to do is grab a brush and Let’s double click the effect so you can What is it reset everything and I’m gonna go ahead and turn this up a little bit and start brushing over here And I don’t know if you can see the difference, but let me show you how it looks If I yep, so I think about here. It’s good So yeah, that was a little too cool for me there Okay, so we’re done there and her skin tones and his skin tones are pretty good Right now so I really wanna see I chose the worst photo. So let me pick another photo really quick I say worst photo because this is like a really good photo and they’re freakin cute. So yeah, like Their skin tones are on point. So Yeah, let’s let’s pick another color really quick. Okay, so I went ahead and added this Beautiful image right here and we’re gonna go ahead and try to edit the skin tones of this one So let’s choose this and then we’re gonna bring it up And it is a little bit warm, so I’m just gonna go ahead and play with this for a little Put the lens correction and Then you can see here. I created like different presets based on like The highlights and the shadows and if the skin tones look a little red you can click here Let’s zoom in Not that much And I’m just gonna show you the trick cuz these images have a pretty good skin tone and then with my presets they kind of like already pop because I already make those settings in the preset anyway, but here’s a good trick to get the Images to look are the skin tones to look a little bit creamy All you have to do is basically play with your hue and luminous slider so I’m just gonna show them and show you really quick. Sorry. I’m like stuttering. Why why? What these Beautiful things do so, there’s two ways to do it You can play with the orange red and yellow your skin tones are always gonna be orange red and yellow no matter what? Type of skin you have these three sliders are basically skin tones. So watch what I do if I turn this See how the skin tone changes the hue That’s a little bit red and then the yellow sometimes they have a hint of yellow in their skin So you can see like it changes a little bit So if image is like to read this isn’t the red right here and you can change it like if it’s too red You can move the slider to The orange and it’ll fix that so see how it’s getting a little bit creamier but you’re gonna be careful because if you have anything else that’s red like there’s red here on the flowers and On her lip, it will change it. So you have to be very careful there. The thing is that if You want it to like pop the image to pop you can play with the luminance, which is how bright or dark These certain colors are so let me try it on here Let’s do purple so you can see like see how his tie is changing and it’s brighter This is a good trick also to like brightens a few things up in your image that are like, you know Really hard to brighten up or like I’ve tried everything. I don’t know what to do. Yeah use this. This is awesome Okay, so let me show you her skin if I go all the way up And if I go down see how it’s changing The orange is basically all skin tones, but sometimes they do have red. So let me show you Hello And sometimes the red bringing the lunes down on the red kind of helps Give the lips between the lips and the skin like some contrast which actually makes the skin look a little bit More creamier, so that’s a good trick there. Um, and then the yellow you can see The backgrounds a little bit yellow so it’s like Shh. Okay. Anyway, another thing you can do is If you don’t not really sure like okay, where should I you know brightened or changes a hue you can choose this little baby right here and you just click it into these arrows pop up and then You literally press the button So I’m clicking click and then as I’m pressing the mouse, I’m gonna go down To change it. You can see how it’s moving down or I’m gonna go up to go the opposite way The difference there so you can do that as well. Let me show you what it looks and luminance. Let’s do the tie again down up And then Let’s do here. Let’s do the hue See how it’s changing. That’s pretty cool so yes, that is basically how I get creamier skin tones the good a good number would be Around here for the hues and then luminance bring that baby up a little bit not too much You know, you don’t want to like overdo it But certainly like 15 10 15 20 something around there makes them look a little bit creamier And a little more hint of yellow in these little areas Especially the red and orange will make it a little bit creamier, too. So anyway, thanks for watching my tips and I hope you enjoy

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