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Top 5 TIME SAVING Premiere Pro Effects and Templates

February 8, 2020

Hey what’s up you guys and welcome back to Gal! In this video I’m showing you my top 5 Premiere Pro effects that will
save you time in your editing process. If you guys are creators you probably have
seen so many different resources online to create video now the resource that
I’m talking about in this video is Envato Elements. So all of the effects that I’m going to be showing you are available in
Envato elements so that means it’s one resource that you subscribe to monthly
and you get an unlimited number of assets now this covers stock video. photo, sound effects, music, video templates, graphic templates, fonts, even some
website templates if you guys need that so it’s really a one-stop shop for
everything you need to become better video creators so the first effect that
I’m going to be covering is color presets now there’s this pack on Envato
elements that is called 500 color presets and so there’s so many
cool presets in this pack what you can do is you can install them as presets or
import them as LUTS inside of the Lumetri color panel and you
can see which effect looks best on the video clip so you can go to cinematic or
aerial or any of these presets and apply them and see how it complements the
image what I like to do is actually apply an adjustment layer and apply the
preset to that so that way all the clips that are underneath the adjustment layer
get the effect applied to it. The second effect are drag and drop transitions.
Elements has a ton of transitions to choose from but I’ve linked to my
favorite ones down in my description box below one of them are light leak
transitions and these are actually mogrt files that you install inside of
your Essential graphics panel and then you can drag and drop it into your timeline
and then from there you can resize it and you can change the blending mode or
change the colors to match your scene and then there are glitch transitions
now these transitions you actually import the Premiere Pro project file in
to the project panel inside of an existing project that you’re working on
and then you can open up the folder preview the different transitions and
just drag and drop them between two clips in your timeline and voila you
have your glitch transition now the reason why these are great is because
you can add dynamism to your shot easily so if you need to transition from a shot
of you talking to some b-roll shots it’s a great way to add dynamism and cool
effects that way your audience is impressed by the visual effects and my
third favorite effect is Auto resizing titles or call-outs from the Envato
elements library so these are motion graphics templates otherwise I like to
call them mogrts and you install them inside of your essential graphics panel
just like the light leaks transitions you can drag and drop them in your
timeline they come with pre-loaded cool and modern animations and you can
customize it to fit your brand so if you want to change the font you can change
the font you can change the content and you can change the color and scale it
down and resize it and place it in the frame that you need it to be and these
exist forever in your essential graphics panel that you can use in any other
video which is super cool so I highly recommend checking out these mogrts
and now this brings me to my fourth favorite effect which are Instagram
scenes so if you guys are making vertical videos from long-form video
that you’re posting on YouTube what’s really great about Instagram scenes from
Envato Elements is basically it’s it’s own pre-composed video and all
you have to do is replace the text and the background video change some colors just like ammo Girt and you’re good to export and what’s really cool is that
you can save them to your camera roll and you can keep these scenes for all of
your future Instagram stories so if you’re looking for ways to really up
your Instagram story game and make them more attractive or appealing start with
these scenes don’t make it more complicated because it comes with
pre-loaded animation pre-loaded text animation it just looks a lot better and
of course you can just do regular stories on the fly from your phone but
these are more professional-looking and cooler for your own brand and this
brings us to number 5 which is logo openers
and logo reveal templates and Envato elements has tons of logo reveals so if
you’re editing in Premiere Pro or After Effects you can filter by After Effects
or Premiere Pro to find the right logo reveal for the episodes that you’re
editing and it’s really simple to edit for example I have one here and you can
see it’s this pretty cool techy intro and all I have to do is upload a new
logo and add my own logo and then update a URL or some sort of slogan and you can
change the font as well and then your logo reveal is done and you can simply
export it and save it to your hard drive that you can use with every video that
you produce for consistency so these are the top five effects that I recommend
for you guys to get started using Envato Elements with Premiere Pro and After
Effects, of course I encourage you guys to search their library you can download
an unlimited number of assets each month that you can use for your videos
including music and sound effects and if you guys are interested in subscribe or
like buttons they have some pretty cool YouTube animations that you guys can
download such as a thumbs up so that is it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed
it again everything that I’ve talked about is linked to in the description
box below Thanks to invite to Envato Elements for
supporting this channel and let me know what you guys want to learn next see you
guys next time bye!


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