TOP 5 NEW features in PHOTOSHOP CC 2018

October 23, 2019

Hey Cafe Crew, it is Colin Smith here from
Photoshop Cafe and Adobe’s just announced Photoshop CC 2018, the latest update to Photoshop
CC! I have got 5 of my favorite features, I am
going to show you right now. The first one is ‘Light Room’ photos. If we click here inside the opening window
of Photoshop, it will now sync with our ‘Light Room’ photos in the cloud. Now there’s been some big updates to ‘Light
Room’, check that out on another tutorial but I can actually go in here and I can view
my photos that I have got synced on ‘Light Room’ and access them right here within
Photoshop. So, that’s tip number one. Tip number 2, let’s open up this photograph
inside of Photoshop, inside of Camera raw, okay, so what we can do is we can just adjust
this, let’s get it the way we want it but we want to darken our background down again. Now, we know we have got a quick select brush
and we have been using this for a long time but there’s a new feature in here that I
am going to show you. The first thing we are going to do is I am
just going to turn on the mask and I am just going to paint this quick selection right
over the whole area. And normally that would be a recipe for disaster
but not in this case because if we scroll down and we turn on order mask, now, we have
a thing called range mask and we can go by color or luminance. We are going to choose the color and this
little eye-drop will be selected. Now I can just click and drag to select that
blue region right there and notice that the motorcycle area now became deselected. You can also adjust this color range by tweaking
it, see that. So, I am just going to turn the mask off now. Just go back up to our brightness and now,
we can turn our exposure down on the sky without losing it on the motorcycle. So that’s tip number 2. Alright, feature 3! An improved selective mask work space which
is great. So let’s just grab the quick select tool,
make a selection quickly around that model. Now, we are going to select a mask. So what I am going to do is, I am going to
inverse the selection by clicking invert and we can use a transparency to pull it down
a little bit. Alright, let’s show the edge right now. Pull up that radius. There we go, we have got an edge. Turn off show edge. Grab our tool here and this algorithm has
been improved that we are going to get much better selections now. Especially in these hard edged areas, as well
obviously looking good on the hair. Let’s just go around the hair there, all
the way around. And let’s just get our edge there. There it is, looking good, smart radius, and
now turn on decontaminate colors, new layer for layer mask but notice how much better
this is looking especially around these hard edges. In the recent one, these hard edges just really
didn’t look good and now, they are. And feature number 4, is intelligent scaling. So, when we resize images to go much bigger,
they can look a lot better now using preserved details 2. So here we go, we have got the same picture,
I have got in two separate documents and then we are going to resize these. We are going to take the first, double click,
first of all take it to a 100% and same here, double click there on the eyedroppers. You can see these are identical. So, let’s go select the first one and then
we are going to choose image and then we are going to choose image size. We are going to scale up by 300% and if you
didn’t know, you can use percent right there. And, we are going to use the automatic, let’s
use that or we can actually preserve details enlargement which was actually the best that
we had before. We click okay and notice, that’s bigger. Now, we are going to this one and we are going
to choose image size, 300% and this time we are going to use preserve details 2. So preserve details 2 actually uses machine
learning or deep learning or artificial intelligence to actually recompose that photo. So, let’s have a look now. Let me hold down the H ley, click and drag
and as using our Birdseye to get a there and have a look. Okay, so we got that. Now, why don’t we have a look on other ones. I am going to choose window arrange and then
we are just going to choose match zoom and location, alright, so here we go. We can see what we have done. The one on the left here is with the regular
and one on the right is with the new algorithm. So let’s have a look at some details here. For example, look at the eyes, see how much
more detail there is in the eye versus that one. See how sharper there the hotspot is and you
can see these little sparkles there, look at those compared to the other one. Even look there see how soft that particular
one is? Versus that? You can see now we are getting much better
at scaling and of course, if we drop this down to fill the window. You probably won’t see much of a difference
at that magnification but anyway that’s really huge. No pun intended! Alright, new feature number 5 and possibly
my favorite feature inside of Photoshop CC 2018, is the ability to work with 360 degree
photos. So here is a photo taken by Russel Brown and
this is shot with a Reco theater on top of his DGI Phantom drone and this is actually
in Wyoming, we were there recently shooting the eclipse. So anyway, we now have the ability to work
on this inside a Photoshop. So all we need to do is just go under the
3D menu and we have got this spherical panorama and choose new panorama from selected layer. And now this is going to turn it into an actual
panorama that we can zoom around and we can see everything. There’s Russel right there. Okay, so as we can see the drone is in the
shot but what if we want to take the drone out of the shot? So, let’s take the field of view and we
are just going to drop this down to one, just the smallest. Alright, so we are just going to make a selection
around here, let’s just make a quick selection and we are going to use content to where fill. So that Shift + Backspace, that’d be Shift
+ Delete on Mac and content aware and color adaptation and click okay. We are going to let it fill a little bit and
now of course, we are just going to move this to get the rest of it. So, let’s make another selection over here. We could get rid of that hotspot in the sky
too if we want you know, the sun. Alright, so that going to be good enough for
rock and roll and now, if we look at this, notice that the drone is gone, so people going
around can look at this panorama. Now, obviously we can spend time and get this
absolutely perfect and I will do that in another tutorial. And of course we can take this, we can export
this out as a panorama work in Facebook and stuff like that and I will show you that in
another tutorial, don’t forget to check out the other tutorials I have, a little bit
more in-depth on the new features here, inside of Photoshop CC 2018. So anyway, if you liked this, smash the ‘Like’
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me know! So, guys, until next time, I will see you
at the Cafe.

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