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Top 10 Marvel Phase One Moments | Explained in Hindi

September 6, 2019

SuperSuper Intro Music So guys , recently I made a video on DCEU’s Top 10 Moments. After which most of you guys requested to make a video on MCU’s Top 10 moments. But MCU is not that short to finish it in a single video! Marvel Cinematic Universe has more than 15 movies which are divided in three phases. That’s why I thought to make a video on Top 10 Moments of all three phases. So guys , I’m Aman Sinha and today I will tell you about ”Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase One’s Top 10 moments”. Taking care of spoilers , let’s start. Number 10 IRON MAN GULMIRA FIGHT This was the moment in Iron Man movie where we realized Iron Man would never let happening wrong with anybody when he wears his suit , regardless being genius , billionaire , playboy and philanthropist. Especially , when the opposition is using his tech. The action of this moment is that much awesome that no Marvel fan could forget it. Especially , this scene. NUMBER 9 THOR VS DESTROYER The first Thor movie is directed that much good , that we can see Thor’s every emotional feature. But thinking of us and that of Mjolnir changes when we saw this scene. Here Thor may be powerless but he doesn’t forget his responsibility and stands in front of Destroyer without getting afraid. Plus , here we can see Destroyer fullfills his given command but he couldn’t withstand against the power of Thor Alongside in this moment , Mjolnir choses Thor as ‘Worthy’. NUMBER 8 IRON MAN & WAR MACHINE VS DRONES & WHIPLASH Iron Man 2 , Tony Stark opposes two villains , two sored friends and Palladium poisoning’s problem. The cherry on top moment was when Vanko released drones after him. We saw amazing action in this moment . Alongside , according to director , Jon Favreau , here we saw kid Peter Parker. But the most impressive scene was the War Machine and Iron Man team up who defeated all drones and whiplash. NUMBER 7 UNIVERSITY FIGHT SCENE The Incredible Hulk’s Bruce Banner was looking very poor and depressed. But this movie’s Hulk was very dangerous. And we saw his strength in ‘University Fight Scene’ where Ross’s army surrounded Banner and forced him to transform into Hulk. And cheap super soldier Emil Blonsky was sent to face Hulk. The suprising scene of this movie was when Blonsky stood in front of Hulk without getting scare. However , Blonksy got kicked in this bravery act. NUMBER 6 IRON MAN NUKE SCENE Like in every movie , the Government did wrong act in The Avengers. And good heroes get indulge in getting it right. In this scene of The Avengers , where whole team is facing the Chittauri Army , there is our Iron Man who redirects nuclear missile to Chittauri command center to save Manhattan. This scene is unique because it changes the thinking of viewers alongwith movie’s character about Iron Man. Although , Pepper should answer the call instead of watching the news. “May be it charges more in roaming” NUMBER 5 IRON MAN 2 MONACO SCENE In thia scene , We saw Tony’s awesome armor and Whiplash’s peculiar weapon with which it slices nearby things like vegetables. The speciality of this scene is the self-confidence of Tony which never back downs even after seeing himself losing. Damaging his strength and his armor a little , he breaks Whiplash’s weapon. NUMBER 4 CAPTAIN AMERICA VS RED SKULL Captain America : the First Avenger is a movie which gives courage to every one. Despite being helpless or backward , but if our dedication is strong then we can fullfill our deeds. But whose dedication didn’t work was Red Skull. In this fight scene we can see two super soldiers’ serum’s experiment brawling against each other but when Captain America broke the Tessract holding machine , Red Skull lost control over himself and holds Tessract in his hand. In this scene , we can see Tessract teleports Red skull somewhere because what is happening with Red Skull’s body , same thing happened to Thor and Loki’s body in the ending of The Avengers. NUMBER 3 PHIL COULSON’S DEATH In Marvel’s phase I , Agent Coulson has appeared in 4 movies out of 6. Which means he was close to every Avenger , but in this scene , when Thor is tricked by Loki and what he does with Agent Coulson . It is responsible for Assemble of the Avengers. This is literally turning point of the movie . However , Coulson fired “Destroyer Cannon” at Loki at his deathbed. NUMBER 2 THOR’S BANISHMENT BY ODIN This moment is awesome not only for viewers but also for the director. Here , Odin banishes Thor for being impatient. Alongside , if you look at this scene carefully , you can notice every actors have tears in their eyes. However , in reality everone had tears on the set. Basically , Anthony Hopkins who plays the role of ‘Odin’s is known for his classic acting. In this scene , he used this talent to make this moment more realistic. So guys before starting with NUMBER 1 , I’ld like to tell some key moments which couldn’t make their way in this list but they were awesome in thier own way. Those key moments were Tony’s escape from cave ; Harlem Fight scene ; Captain America becoming super soldier ; Destruction of Bifrost ; Argument between Avengers ; Tony and Loki talk ; Bucky falling from train ; So guys , these were some honourable mentions. Now lets talk about NUMBER 1 , AVENGERS ASSEMBLE After the destruction of Helicarrier , after the death of Coulson and after falling of Hulk and thor on Earth , Avengers got assembled. In the whole movies , every hero went in ups and downs and then got united in New York. This is such a awesome moment that no fan can’t forget this event even willingly. From Avengers fighting with Loki till destruction of Chittauri Base , this event sticks the viewers with itself. The key moments of this event are Bruce Banner becoming Hulk , Captain America telling their roles to everyone , Barton hitting an arrow at Loki and Hulk beating loki vigourously. So guys , this was our list of those Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase One’s Top 10 moments And if we’ve missed any detail or you have come to know a new fact about Phase I , so please tell us about it in the comments. Alongside , also tell us which is your favorite moment from these moments. Above that, for latest Superhero news and updates related to our videos , don’t forget to follow us at FaceBook , Twitter , Instagram and Google+. WE ARE EVERYWHERE! So guys if you want to know about what are these phase , I’ld like to recommend you our Marvel Phases’ playlist. And If you want to buy this T-shirt , you will find its link in the description. And if you like this video , don’t forget to like and share this video. And for more Super content , don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Thank You Guys! This is Aman Sihna AND YOU ARE SUPERSUPER!! PEACE !!!!


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